The afternoon of Veteran’s Day in 1963, the President was caught lying on the floor of the oval office playing with his son. His secretary Mrs. Lincoln asked what would the press think of the of the President on the floor? He replied that he was a father after all.

For months after the death of the President, Junior would ask his mother and father’s secretaries, “Where’s my Daddy?” At 3 years old he wasn’t able to comprehend the finality of death. When he wanted to play he would seek out a male and ask them, “Are you a Daddy?”


"When, and what stage did you determine that you loved him?"

"I just kind of knew."

"Just kind of knew?"

"Right. Vaguely. Sort of."

"Just like that?"

"Just like that."

"Then let’s leave aside the stage where it happened for now. I’ll ask you about why it happened instead. Why did you fall in love with that boy."

"I just kind of did. I wondered if I loved him, and then I felt I did, and then I knew I did."

"Even vagueness has its limits."

"You can come up with any number of reasons why you love someone. Like they’re cool, or kind, or tall, or rich. There are all sorts of reasons you can say, but those are all lies. They’re just excuses you tell yourself to rationally justify your emotions."