I’m blaming not having watched Angel in years, but I was just on imdb and — how did I not realize that Eliot is Lindsey? How did I miss this?

Is it terrible that I’m considering a new au headcanon where Eliot’s dark past is that he used to work for Wolfram and Hart?

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i would have sex with you but youre like 10 feet tall how would this work

haha i love how people think its hard for tall people to have sex like nah it just means im better then short guys cuz i have more leverage

AR lets customers virtually preview furniture designs in store

Brick and mortar stores still have a few benefits over web retailers, with the biggest being the ability for customers to try out products in a way they can’t online. But they can’t even offer that bonus if the items aren’t currently in stock. We’ve already seen Poland’s A+D use augmented reality to trial store designs through lifesize projections. Now Vizera is leveraging AR to enable customers to virtually visualize products in a range of different designs. READ MORE…

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Parker/Hardison/Eliot, changelings

"I’m a thief," Parker says, and it’s the first time Hardison’s ever heard her not sound proud of it. Today, she sounds gutted, and he doesn’t have any words to help her. Technology is no help to him, not in this.

They all took it hard when they learned that the fair folk were more than just myth and children’s tales. “Fairies?” Eliot had said, with a curl of his lip and a crease of his brow that would have terrified anyone but the two of them.

Hardison had turned to the internet, as he always does, had pulled up pages and pages on their big screen and given them debriefs that sounded more like they belonged in some folklore and mythology lecture than in Leverage Inc. But this is the way the world is, apparently, and Hardison has always believed that knowledge is power.

"Glamour’s just a con," Parker says, when they get to that. Then her brow wrinkles, her mouth turning down in a frown. "But it’s cheating.

So they set about figuring out how to break glamour, how to spot the con, because that’s what they do. None of them were expecting to find it under their own roof, least of all Parker.

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Tag game: Characters who share the same personality type as you. (PREPARE TO BE AMAZED)

tagged by sinningsam~! omg thank you i really wanted to do this

If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.

Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five friends and let them know you tagged them!

Type: INTP ( analyst )

Felicity Smoak ( Arrow )
Armin Arlert
 ( snk )
Bruce Banner/The Hulk ( avengers/that hulk movie )
Ra’s al-Ghul ( batman begins )
The Joker  ( the dark night )
Brian Griffin ( family guy )
Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic) ( fantastic four )
Chandler Bing ( friends )
Kozume Kenma ( haikyuu!! )
Luna Lovegood ( harry potter )
( james bond films )
Alec Hardison ( leverage )
Brick Heck ( the middle )
Alex  ( modern family )
Adrian Monk ( monk )
Twilight Sparkle ( mlp )
Ferb  ( phineas and ferb )
EVE ( wall-e )
Mozzie ( white collar )

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Feel free to read Zoe Quinn’s reflections on spending a month being the effigy that misogynist, shitbag gamers chose to burn over their own insecurities.

The so-called‪ #‎GamerGate‬ turned out to be a series of manipulations and malicious attacks by Zoe’s ex-boyfriend, who leveraged the tension in the gaming community to act out his own personal agenda.

But Cracked’s editor says it best in the following quote:

"Gentlemen," we said amid the stunned silence, "do you realize that if what they’re saying is true, then this is still the most pointless fucking bullshit anyone has ever forced us to read?"

None of it was true, but even if it was, it would still be absurd.

So, as gamers all head back to bigger and more important political issues like “Which Pony is Best Pony?”, let’s all crack open some beers, sigh deeply, and read this post-mortem from Zoe Quinn herself.

(And to be sure, Pinkie Pie is best pony. Obviously.)

An Olympic channel is not going to solve everything at a stroke. But what it does is put a marker down and put a destination down for what we stand for.

It’s not just the notion of the Olympic Games — but the values and everything we stand for. And hopefully we can get in there and stretch the Olympic brand beyond the two weeks beyond the huge spike of the Games, and leverage that spike.

—  Timo Lumme,managing director of IOC TV, as quoted in Alan Abrahamson’s “Olympic TV: The time is now.” Obviously I love this idea, especially if the programming includes classic Olympic moments as well as the ongoing competitions.

I’m sitting down to watch leverage for what I think is the first time in a month wow I’ve been so busy and it’s opening night tomorrow so farewell to the felicity of my free time