screams bc i just want story after story of the parker x hardison x elliot ot3 i want all the fluff in the world for these losers

elliot getting home and groaning and putting his head on the table and parker throwing him an ice pack from where she is in the living room that he catches in one hand w his head still on the table while hardison pets his hair and makes sarcastic soothing noises while continuing to code 

parker storming into the house and throwing things and sitting w her knees up in front of the tv all angry and elliot brings over the blanket while hardison brings over the ice cream and they just watch shitty movies until parker’s ready to talk about it

elliot and parker giving hardison tickets to this super geeky convention he’s been dying to go to for weeks now (and appropriately whining about it for weeks bc this is hardison yes hardision we get it hardison now please get me those coordinates hardison) for his birthday and him just. lighting up and smooching them both extra hard.

them having late night coffee and pasta nights when they can’t sleep at night because of the nightmares parker with her feet curled on hardison’s lap w elliot’s fingers playing through her hair while hardison and elliot just. lean on each other for support

please just. give me elliot and hardison arguing about shit and then smooching parker a quick hello on either cheek and then continuing to bicker while fixing each other’s ties and suits for their next con and paker just sitting in the middle with a big dopey smile on her face because her boys

give me ot3 fluff oh my god when did i fall this hard for this show

for navyandredstripes (x)

Alan takes a moment, frowning, to asses his brother. John looks tired and shaky and pale, but his big brother is smiling openly and warmly down at him; for the most part unhurt by the terror of the last hour or so. John very nearly hadn’t been though; he’d almost run out of O2 in open space and had been practically crushed under his own Gravity ring… this EOS program thing had almost…

Even standing on tiptoes, Alan finds he simply isn’t tall enough, so he pushes off the ground hard, using the lack of Gravity as a boost and John’s shoulder as leverage to get himself floating up at the right height. His hands come up; cradling either side of their idiot spaceman’s head and finding John’s hair soft and fine under his gloved fingers. Alan drags a surprised John’s towards him and he presses his lips carefully, firm and dry, against his brothers brow; just like his big brothers would have done for him.

“I’m glad you’re ok.” Alan mumbles into John’s skin, and the youngest Tracy feels the soft jolt as John laughs lowly. After a moment, the astronaut’s hands come up to press on his little brothers shoulders, pushing the kid back down.

“I’m fine, Alan.” He smiles, as he reaches out to wrap his arms a little gingerly around his brother. “I promise.”

As the North beefs up its nuclear capability, Seoul is left with little choice but to buy more weapons from the US

In the end, the developments around North Korea’s nuclear weapon program represent the worst possible scenario both for North and South Korea. North Korea must continue to pour a vast amount of resources into developing nuclear weapons, while South Korea is forced to respond by joining a never-ending competition for high-tech weaponry. 

And the US? It gains time to sell cutting-edge weapon systems to South Korea on the pretext of protecting it from the threat of North Korean nuclear weapons, and by guaranteeing South Korea’s security, it gains leverage to demand the country to increase its participation in an alliance intended to check China. 

In short, the US has everything to gain and little to lose. How long will we have to helplessly watch as North Korea‘s nuclear program ironically serves the interests of the US?

If you’re following someone and you don’t like something they’re posting, unless it’s actually offensive (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.) don’t ask them to stop posting it.  Don’t ask them to change what they do with their blog.

Their blog is their space. Your blog and your dash are your space. Don’t try to control what other people do with their space. Don’t let people control what you with your space.

If you really don’t like what someone is posting to the point of just not wanting to see any of it at all, just unfollow them. You don’t even have to tell them. Don’t try to use it as leverage to get them to change. Don’t try to use it to “stick it” to them somehow. Don’t try to use it to hurt them. There’s no reason to tell them unless they specifically ask. Just unfollow and leave it at that. 

Don’t feel bad about unfollowing someone. It doesn’t mean you hate them, it just means that their blog isn’t for you. And don’t feel bad if someone unfollows you. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong to be doing what you’re doing. It is literally impossible to please everybody.




One: this guide and its meta essays are superb. Absolutely superb.

Two: the reason I link this is a comment I want to make on the first essay, about why Shaw pulls shenanigans with the team, “not being a team player” and wanting to stab people she’s annoyed with, not putting up the numbers’ shit, when she was a stellar ISA agent.

What immediately struck me was a characterization point for Parker on my most recent close-look rewatch of Leverage.
For PoI fans not familiar with Leverage, the premise is a Robin-Hood gang with the best Hitter, Hacker, Thief, (of the cat-burglar/Ocean’s 11 “grease man” variety) Grifter, and Mastermind in the world working together.

The Thief of the group, Parker, is noted for being neuroatypical, (she’s insane, 10 pounds of crazy in a 5 pound bag, no social skills, no sense of normal human behavior, etc.) and can be a bit of a wildcard on the job, both because she’s terrible at grifting, and because she loves doing things for the thrill of it, such as jumping off of a balcony without knowing if her backup was there to catch her, or stabbing the mark in the thigh with a fork because she panicked about his flirting, and a flashback where we learned that she buried herself alive as a kid to combat her own fear of the dark. She’s also just gleeful in general on the jobs, loving that she gets to blow things up with C4, or forcing her partners to rappel down long distances with her, and sniffing the cash.
She’s characterized as the strangest member of the crew, who makes no bones about displaying that strangeness.

And then we get to a season 3 episode where we meet her mentor, the former greatest thief in the world. He calls her “kiddo.” When he gives her commands, she responds “Yes, sir.” When he says, “You have a topflight crew,” she says “They’re good. A little undisciplined.”
The wildcard thief is calling her best-of-the-best crew a little undisciplined.

What I took away from this reveal was that Parker didn’t have to behave as strangely as she did. She could have been the perfect professional, and she had to have before, in order to become known as the best in the business. But the crew has always done a little friendly bickering on the job, due to their working with a team for the first time after a long time of being prickly loners. Parker picked up on the fact that the crew could work with a little wiggle room for casual behavior, and ran with it, And the crew accepted that. only rebuking her shenanigans when they endangered the cons.

Similarly, I think that Reese and Shaw found that they didn’t have to be strict professionals on the job, and so take those opportunities not to be the most efficient and no-nonsense as they would in higher-stakes conflicts. Shaw made as if to stab the banker only because she knew Fusco would stop her. She blew her cover with the book club because it wasn’t like she needed any more information out of them, and they wouldn’t be able to sue Team Machine like they could have the ISA. And Reese doesn’t complian that much when either of them blow their covers, because they’re confident that they can handle the situations, so they have a little fun with it. I’m not convinced that Reese’s chocolate blunder with Caroline Turing was just his social awkwardness, but him trolling for his own amusement and petty revenge on the smug therapist trying to analyze him.

It’s a sign of how Team Machine is not just a job to them, but also a comfort zone, and eventually a family. They play around on the job because they can, and because they couldn’t, before.

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Asexuality is a sexual orientation that gets a lot of shit, I think they deserve to call themselves queer despite their romantic orientation?

holy moly it’s not a question of what they ‘deserve’ because the label queer isn’t something you earn, it’s a slur that has never been leveraged against them?? it literally means “not straight” and therefore does not apply to straight people

following delkios‘s headcanon about Outworld enjoying silent-era Earthrealm cinema due to relative lack of technological issues + because it’s closer to theatre and thus readable to a populace that hasn’t had exposure to contemporary storytelling

what if the Kahn’s library has a wealth of original reels and celluloids bought over the years of relative peace betwen the realms back in Earthrealm’s turn of the century, and during a courtesy tour of the palace Kotal offhandedly mentions it, and Johnny Cage’s interest is piqued and he asks to see the collection. And he promptly LOSES HIS SHIT because the collection is pristine, all originals, and it has movies that had been considered lost since the 30s

long story short this is how in the MK universe the missing scenes from Metropolis were recovered

Parker won the donut fight!!

HAHAHAHAHA, THey ate all the fruit loops off HAHAHA.

Oh man, very next scene she’s started on a fruity pebbles(???) donut?


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What is your favorite sex activity?

It depends on who I am with and if they can throw me around in the bedroom or not. By that I mean how well they can handle a Super SIZE belly heavy girl like me. I love it when I can put my legs up on a guys shoulders though for some good leverage.  That is all I am gonna share for now though.

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Yeah, I can't believe allowing women to make the conscious decision to enter the porn industry is legal, right? Misogyny, right?

How do you define conscious decision?

Going by your willful ignorance its obvious your male and all that enabling leverage at your disposal allows you to make conscious decisions all the time that don’t put you at a higher rate for suicide, sexual assault, battery, and murder. Your workplace is less likely to include a high mortality rate from STI’S, lethal drugs and dissociation from your humanity. Basically everything the porn industry is to millions of women.

Of course your voice is the only one men are willing to hear, that’s how it works with systematic resource theft incited by men. (Men colonize 98% of land & resources)

why should i care about what males deem worthy of conscience? Because at the end of the day, all your arguing for is to keep women entrapped in positions of physical/mental anguish & socioeconomic inequity, so that men can have masturbatory content. That’s the mere extent to which this affects you on a negative scale.

In conclusion, fuck you.

Women deserve healthy & safe workplace/ environments and equitable pay.

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Push off a cliff- Remember the Dad who was hurting his son and Eliot got the state cop to go to the kid’s house?  That guy. 
Frick frack- Parker.  Oh yes Parker for sure.
Marry- Alec.  A nerdy boy after my own heart.
Set on fire- Remember the pretend psychic who made Parker cry?  Yeah him.  For sure.
Wrap a blanket around- Eliot.  Even though he’d roll his eyes and say he didn’t need it.
Be roommates with- Sophie.  Could you imagine the stories?  And the shopping?

I realize this isn’t an entirely fair comparison given that the quality of writing and character development in Leverage is a standard unto itself, but I’m struggling to think of another found family unit with characters in positions similar to Coulson/May/Skye, so: AoS and Leverage friends, are there similar dad/mom/child comparisons made with regards to Nate/Sophie/Parker, or are they written as such as much as in fic? 

Like, I realize that they’re very different characters, but this was the most direct comparison I could think of and I’m curious. I’ve consumed so much quality Leverage meta and I’ve never seen that nuclear family comparison, but maybe I just follow a very specific section of that fandom? Is there a better comparison to be made and understood from a different fandom?

rob-anybody, onaperduamedee, leopoldfitz etc etc, do you have any thoughts on this?

Oh MY GOD!!! Peggy is INCREDIBLE!!!!  Pissed off she bashed her knife into the wall because it’s “part of set” and then going on the offensive to bash the servers head with a pan. LOOOOVE HER. Parker/Alice you need to keep this lady as a BESTIE! Please!

AWWWW, it ends with the lady spies and Peggy getting drinks!!!

Also, other than the mixup with Peggy thinking Alice stole her date (which was totally understandable and which Peggy TOTALLY forgave once the whole shenanigans were explained to her) This was an incredibly well written episode about female friendship that also showcased a lot of the growth Parker has gone through.