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Hey!! I’m Layla, I’m 14 (15 on July 26th!), and I’m ace/akoi. I’m from the U.S., and I like to spend my spare time fawning over the emo trinity, 21p, and Paramore, of course. While Brand New Eyes is my particular favorite, Self Titled is when I joined the fandom, and therefore it holds a special place in my heart. Im very exciting to be here, and I look forward to getting to know you guys! (Kik and stuff of the like are available upon request.)

(This blog is pretty fandom-ish, not much bands, so I’m probably gonna make a band blog when I have my laptop again on Sunday.)

Ok everyone, we won’t be seeing allthebandsimaginable until about August, so I’m having a little going away party for her! Just like spam her with asks or reblog this and tag her or something idk but show her some love until we see her again, ok?

I love u and ur blog 💗

Ur friend Layla

Have been commissioned to make a keyring for my sister and a bracelet for her boyfriend, both saying ‘Layla-May’, which is the name of their unborn baby

I should start charging commission

Or open a shop

Now I need to go shopping for supplies, ‘cause I don’t have the letters for it!

Yes yes, I understand that everyone is really excited about the latest fairy tail chapters. Zeref Dragneel, that’s indeed pretty shocking and that hes actually Natsu’s real brother makes it even more exciting. But I want to remind that LUCY HEARTFILIA and her family left to be biggest mystery now. As we all remember it was needed celestial spirit mage to open eclipse gate which Zeref himself created, not to mention Lucy was ONLY one which passed through those gates to save everyone. SO, what is his connections with celestial mages? and why did Layla die at the same day dragons disappear? Bringing everything back, Lucy is only one that didn’t meet Zeref in person yet as well. Trollshima, what are you plotting?! ><

Layla Heartfilia must’ve been an insanely strong and powerful celestial spirit mage. It was shown that she was able to hold open three gates at once without any great effort, despite being already fatally sick and therefor for sure having a weakened magic power level… And my conclusion from this is: The apple never falls far from the tree… Lucy has already made considerable improvements concerning her magic, but there is still room for more imo!
– submitted by fairies-dragons

Layla Heartfilia.

I think this character is pretty mysterious.

The things that we know about her is that :

1. She is Lucy’s mother.

2. She used stellar magic.

3. She died at the age of 29 years.

4. She died in 777.

5. The causes of her death still unknown.

That’s all we know about her.

But i think her participation in fary tail has no ended.

Just think about it :

Why no tell us of what she died? If she were an irrelevant character, why we don’t know that? I mean, she could have died of illness or battle, because she wasn’t old to die for the ‘’age’’ she was 29. So, if she didn’t die because of a ilness or battle, of what she died? And it’s pretty interesting the fact that she died in x777, the same year where the dragons went to the inside of the dragons slayers. 

Her death still unknown. So what are your theories about this? Or do you think she is just an irrelevant character and that maybe she had a normal death?

Theory about Natsu-Igneel-Layla

I seriously think that Natsu has something to do with the celestial spirit world.

Follow me and tell me what do you think:

Zeref created End and woke up Natsu as a little boy. According to Atlas Igneel wasn’t able to destroy End 400 years ago.. So Natsu was a little boy 400 years ago, and he was a little boy when Igneel left him and he joined Fairy tail and so?

Zeref do not age because he is cursed but Natsu? We can see that he can grow normally, but so there is a gap of time in wich Natsu did not aged:

this is Why I think that Natsu spent his time, with Igneel in the Celestial spirit world where the time flows differently!!

Do you remember the first mission with Lucy? He was able to go and return from the celestial spirit world while he was on Virgo’s shoulders! Even Lucy said it was strange! but what if Natsu belongs in some way with the celestial spirit world?

And this leads to my last theory: Layla died when Igneel and the dragons left-went inside Natsu so i think that it was exactly Layla with her power that brought Natsu (and even Wendy and Gajeel) in this world again!! So the day they think they were abandoned was the day they returned From the celestial spirit world to earthland world Thanks to Layla! This would explain Why Gajeel couldn’t pass Freed’s runes and why Grandeene said that Natsu and Wendy already met!

Maybe Lucy will do the same as her mother again?