We love this pancake tribute to the inimitable Leonard Nimoy cooked up by none other than Nathan Shields of Saipancakes (previously featured here).

thank you, Leonard Nimoy

Click here to watch Shields’ complete video tutorial to learn how to make your own Vulcan pancakes.

Live long and prosper and eat Spock-shaped pancakes.

You see, I’m drowning in fear,
it wasn’t supposed to get this severe. 
I’m not entirely sure where I’m headed,
although I’m constantly light headed.
You see, my hands are shaking,
while my heart is racing.
I can’t seem to speak,
I just feel utterly weak.
You see, I’m in a battle with anxiety, 
but I’m fighting it silently.
Birthday Lap dance.

It was almost 3 am. Taylor had changed into her normal shorts and T-shirt as soon as the guests left. She was almost done clearing things up in the kitchen. Karlie usually helped her with this stuff but her girlfriend was no where to be seen right now, which was weird.

Taylor thought she might have fallen asleep. The last two days had been quite hectic for both of them. With arranging and managing Taylor’s birthday along with their own work. Taylor smiled at the thought of how supportive her girlfriend was. Ever since they had gotten together, Taylor had been a lot more content and happy with her life.  

When all was done, she got out of the kitchen, ready to go cuddle up with Karlie, but little did she know the model had other plans…

The lights had been dimmed and candles were spread out in the living room. There was a chair in the center. “Karlie?” she called out.

“Sit.” said Karlie, her voice stern. Taylor couldn’t make out where her voice was coming from. She obeyed and walked towards the chair and sat on the edge, nervous and a little turned on for what was to come. 

The model came into view soon after. Taylor’s mouth hung open as she slowly strut towards the singer, dressed in dark purple lingerie with black stalkings and high heels, her torso covered with a black blazer. She looked simply…


Karlie smirked at Taylor’s response even though deep down she was a little scared. She had never given a lap dance to anyone before. But she kept going on, she wanted to do this for Taylor on her special day. Karlie knew the singer had never experienced a lap dance. After all, she was Taylor Swift; America’s sweetheart. People always expected her to do no wrong which had sadly made the girl a little uptight. And Karlie wanted to change that. That is why she always urged Taylor to try and experience new things. Things that normal people her age did.

Well, not that normal people get a lap dance from a Victoria Secret model on their birthday.

Her iPod was already connected to the speakers. She took a deep breath and played the mix she had made especially for this occasion. The first song was a remix of Animals by Maroon 5. It was slow and sensual but was upbeat enough to dance too, perfect start for a lap dance. Karlie swayed her hips to the beat, her eyes, making contact with Taylor’s who was clearly having a hard time processing what was happening.

"Relax, baby. I’m just giving you a lap dance." She whispered in Taylor’s ear. The singer let out a shaky breath and Karlie giggled. She put her hands on Taylor’s shoulders and pushed her back into the chair so the singer was sitting more comfortable and parted her knees to dance between her legs.

Taylor was mesmerized by the way Karlie moved, she had seen her dance before but never like this. It was so…sexy. Her hips moved up and down to the rhythm of the song, brushing against Taylor’s legs just slightly. Her eyes shifted from Taylor’s to her own body as she glided her hands from her chest to her hips,

"You’ve totally done this before, right?" Taylor gaped in amazement as Karlie worked her hips in the perfect figure 8’s. Her eyes closed and her head thrown back.


"No way. Wow."

The second song (Trap Queen by Fetty Wep) mixed in. She turned around so that her back was facing Taylor and dropped down ever so slowly, until she was practically grounding her backside against Taylor’s front. She threw her head back, her hair falling against Taylor’s shoulder.

Taylor’s chest heaved at the feel of Karlie’s body against hers. She didn’t remember the last time she wanted someone so badly. “Can I touch you?” Taylor asked huskily. She inched her face forward, just to get her lips to touch the model’s neck, but Karlie stood up and for a second Taylor thought she might have done something wrong. Or worse, the lap dance was over.
But then Karlie stood in front of her. Her chest, leaning towards Taylor’s face. She grabbed the back of the singer’s head so that her face was literally between her chest and then hooked one leg around the chair and then the other and completely lowered herself onto Taylor so that she was straddling her.

"Oh my God." Taylor moaned against Karlie’s breasts.  She felt the heat radiating from Karlie’s core as the girl moved in slow circles in her lap. Taylor was so wet she could practically feel her clit jump every time Karlie added a little more pressure. She wanted to just grab Karlie by the hips and make her grind harder. This was torture, sweet agonizing torture. 

"How bad do you want to touch me Taylor?" Karlie asked as she grated her nails at the nape of Taylor’s neck. Her body moving in perfect figure 8’s.
Taylor almost came undone at the model’s tone alone. “Bad. Really, really bad.” She growled out, it was getting hard to keep her hands to herself.

"Not yet." Karlie purred against her cheekbone. Honestly, it was never her plan to not let Taylor touch her. But she found it really hot when Taylor asked for permission to touch her before. It was a heady feeling, the power…so she figured it wouldn’t hurt to make the birthday girl beg a little more "But you can take off my blazer." 

In such a desperate time, it was music to Taylor’s ears. Karlie unwrapped her arms from Taylors neck as she slid off the clothing, slowly exposing the creamy, flawless flesh beneath it. Taylor wanted to cry at how sexy Karlie looked at that moment. She was gorgeous; her beautiful face, her long legs, her neck, her breasts and her abs.

God, her shiny abs.

The way Taylor was looking at her, as if she were some Goddess, fueled Karlie’s confidence. So she decided to try something in the moment and prayed it wouldn’t end in a disaster. She wrapped one arm around Taylor’s neck and swept her free arm downwards, almost to the floor, leaving her chest front and center. And as if that wasn’t enough, she bent all the way back until her hand touched the floor. Her pelvis gyrating against Taylor’s crotch. The singer gasped, she was almost coming and she hadn’t even touched Karlie yet!

"How in the world…" she could barely get the words out before another moan escaped her lips "are you this flexible?"

Just then, Karlie unwrapped the other hand from Taylor’s neck, brushing it sensually down from Taylor’s body to her own and then essentially did a sit up to bring herself back up.

"Oh Shit."

"Runs in the family. And also, yoga. Good thing, huh?"

Taylor could only nod her head in agreement.

Karlie slid her body against Taylor’s as the last song started (You know you like it by Aluna George). Her head buried in Taylor’s neck, she grazed her lips from the singers collar bone to her jaw, back and fourth. She could sense Taylor’s erratic breath, the way her vein hammered in her neck. The singer was so desperate to touch her. It roused Karlie.

She gazed back up with parted lips. Taylor almost looked predatory, like a caged animal dying to get out. Her lips ghosted above Taylor’s. The singer closed her eyes and offered her mouth, silently begging Karlie to end her torture. The model reached out for the waistband of her shorts, grazing her panties teasingly “Fuck. You’re so wet.” she hissed out.

"Only for you." Taylor whimpered beneath her. She was sure her palms had started to bleed by now.

"Kiss me now." 

Taylor abruptly dipped in and pressed her mouth to Karlie’s. They both inhaled deeply as their lips met. Karlie tugged at Taylor’s hands, bringing them on her hips as an invite to finally touch her. She pulled Karlie in herself tightly as her tongue pressed into the model’s mouth. Karlie’s hands thrusted into Taylor’s hair. She sucked on her tongue, getting a deep moan out of the singer.

They moved with the sensual but fast rhythm of the song. Taylor reached behind the models back, blindingly unclasping Karlie’s bra, leaving her mouth to attend to her breasts. Taking one nipple in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around it. Karlie arched into her and ground faster and harder, but it wasn’t enough.

She changed her position so that her knee pressed against Taylor’s center as she rode on Taylor’s leg “Shit, that’s so much better.” the singer whimpered.

Karlie bunched up Taylor’s shirt in her hands, demanding her to take it off. The singer got the hint and backed up for a few seconds to get rid of it. Karlie instantly dove for her shoulder, biting down on it as she rubbed harder against Taylor’s thigh. Her one hand kneaded the singers breast and the other clawed at her back. She was so close and she could tell Taylor was too, the grip on her ass got tighter and tighter.

Taylor threw her head back as she orgasmed, a loud moan escaping her lips. Karlie came not so long after, her body going limp against Taylor’s.

They stayed like that for a good few minutes, wrapped in each others arms, sated and spent. The special lap dance mix had been replaced by a softer, less intense song that Taylor couldn’t seem to recognize. Hell, she was surprised she remembered her own name after this.

"This," she started when she finally thought she had regained the ability to speak "has got to be the best birthday present ever." 

She kissed the models cheek and Karlie laughed, still panting against Taylor’s ear. “Well I’m glad you enjoyed it so much, love.” 

"Thank you."

The look of pure adoration and love in Taylor’s eyes for her made Karlie’s heart swell in happiness, doing this was totally worth it for someone like Taylor. She grabbed the girls chin for a kiss they both smiled into.

"Let us further celebrate in the room shall we?"

So I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but I only got a chance to do it today…
Oh, who am I kidding? I’m just lazy ass person.
Anyways, whoever’s reading this, hope you liked it. This is my first time at anything like this so sorry if my writing sucks. All the grammar mistakes are mine. Kaylor’s awesome, I love their chemistry. And last but not least, tell me if I should start writing more. I may have some ideas for a fic or two (thinking of starting a scifi/superhero one or an angsty one). Both Kaylor of course.
Okay, bye now. 

DNA polymerase elongation biochemistry

I thought I would make some gifs to help me visualize nucleotide polymerization into DNA strands. (do you even care?) The reaction above is catalyzed by DNA polymerase. Let me know if there are any mistakes!

related gifs in the links below:

Breakdown of the full gif above:

guanine x cytosine is my ultimate otp