cause the world might do me in

it’s alright cuz i’m with friends

Finally finished this! \o/

(Ross and Suzy are a little off because they looked really disproportionate and had to be resized and to match the size and position of each frame was killer they just got that alligator jigglin’ fever)

full size here: [x]

NGC 3314 is actually two large spiral galaxies which just happen to almost exactly line up. The foreground spiral is viewed nearly face-on, its pinwheel shape defined by young bright star clusters. But against the glow of the background galaxy, dark swirling lanes of interstellar dust appear to dominate the face-on spiral’s structure. The dust lanes are surprisingly pervasive, and this remarkable pair of overlapping galaxies is one of a small number of systems in which absorption of light from beyond a galaxy’s own stars can be used to directly explore its distribution of dust. NGC 3314 isabout 140 million light-years (background galaxy) and 117 million light-years (foreground galaxy) away in the multi-headed constellation Hydra. 


know you are the type of woman
        who is searching for a place to call yours.