anonymous said:

Hey, why do you call your fellow rinrei fans "butt-chan-sans"? like wtf that's really ridiculous? (and also really sweet??? ??) idek. it's cute


I just got it from the Anon Meme~ I started using it coz it sounds like an affectionate mating call to fellow RinRei fans…. /bricked 

OH. Butt. There’s also another name for the RinRei shippers— “The Majestic Flap Flaps”…… pfft. I still can’t stifle my laughter whenever I remember this one. Rin & Rei are both dorks so these names suits them & us, butt-chan-sans really well in my opinion. xD 

My fellow butt-chan-sans are so creative and sassy and makes the cutest and sweetest names ever! I’m just so proud~ <3 Hurrei for the butts!


So, my boyfriend, youwannaslap has been giving me a few pointers on how he does his cartoony style ponies, because I really love the style and I want to rehash my art style since I’m starting to find it hard and boring to draw.

So, the first one, obviously, a little one of him! Not a GREAT start, but the basics are kiiiinda there.

Then I drew aged up Button Mash (inspired by crunchthedestroyer) with a cartoony Metal Gear Solid style exclamation mark. Wanted to try a more extreme expression.

Then I drew sugaryviolet because I need someone to draw and she’s such a good friend and has drawn me a bunch, finally time I started giving back!
But yeah, this style is a lot of fun, and I’m gonna work on it more. :3


damn kylie 😍