GlassPrism’s Favorite WTF Moments

  1. Jun “I’ve been struck by lightning” Sawaki
  2. Hugh “get these mosquitoes out of my lair” Panaro
  3. Uwe “go back to Elisabeth" Kroger
  4. Katie “having an orgasm” Knight Adams
  5. Anthony “bawling like a baby” Warlow
  6. Cooper “Imma flop onto the ground here” Grodin

Disclaimer: Besides serving as funny and/or cautionary tales, these do not reflect on my overall opinion of them as actors. Okay, some of them do, but others are my favorites. Nor do these reflect on the opinions of anybody who happens to like these actors.

if you’re looking for some active social media sources on the situation in ferguson:

please keep in mind this is obviously just a few resources, and none all of these will be without bias.

stay educated, support the protestors, and feel free to add more sources.


Charli XCX - Boom Clap/Break The Rules (Medley) (2014 American Music Awards)