It's the SQUAD, alright. My birthday is today and I felt like
giving you guys more attention than myself cause let's face it,
I am better sometimes. First Forever follow since I joined
back in 2012. Some don't follow back, some don't even know i exist l o l, but I'm pretty sure I've validated the gang I love
after 2 year, maybe less. If I've missed you, lol, my bad, i
might have forgotten new urls. Happy birthday to me and
I hate all of you. You all ruined my life x. Like literally, thank you for these 2 years, even though there were moments we've all wanted me to shut th e fuck up but I didn't. Also, you
might be wondering why there's so much of you guys, and well... I'm just a loving person who's quite an asshole tbh.

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The Nice Thoughts Challenge

I was tagged by batmomma , which is an honor because she is one of my favorite blogs :)
I guess I’m supposed to say five things about myself that are positive.
Okay lol I usually draw a blank when it comes to this

1) I am proud of the music that I write
2) most importantly, I make Preslie my number one priority. I am proud that I love her so much. And how easy it was for me to fall in love with her.
3) I am a very loyal friend
4) I am a nurturer
5) I have a great smile

Lol those are off the top of my head?

I’m going to tag duhcynch (idc if you have already been tagged, there are so many great things about you. Way more than five :) ), itsanamergencykael911 because i feel like theres a lot of nice thangs, wannabemommymcbri because she is my french buddy now :) , iwillsoonforget and goddammit Katie you better do it, toddlersandchampagne because thats my frann and I love her, stayinschoolbro because duh shes awesome, and housewifeswag she may or may not have time to do it but she is wonnnderfuuuulllll and I