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It’s been a long time since bibimaru made an appearance on a variety show. This time, Nakamaru challenged to jump down from a height of 5m (and as we should have expected, he rejected the idea initially and wanted to challenge a lower height). Nevertheless, under Kame’s persuasion and encouragement, he succeeded on his first try. Once again, good job, oji. I’m proud of you, as usual. 

Als ich ausgewechselt wurde und es Standing Ovations gab, da habe ich realisiert, dass die Leute vielleicht zweifeln, wenn ich mal wieder nicht treffe, aber das ist nicht überraschend. Ich fühle mich integriert.
—  Ciro Immobile

Shinhwa Eric Mun - Annimated KKT Emoticons + tving Event

Eric’s / Kang Taeha’s various expressions in Discovery of Romance drama are used to create a set of 24 animated emoticons for KKT.  It’s to be released tomorrow and is available for foreign fans to purchase as well. (They’re so cute!!!)

TVing Event: Subcribe to Discovery of Romance series and you’re entered for a draw to win a set of Eric/Kang Taeha KKT emoticons.

Entry period: SEP.17 - SEP.28
Winners to be announced on OCT.02

Source: newsen + SERA216