• Me:*watches one episode of Kill la Kill on netflix*
  • Netflix:Because you watched this Japanese animation about clothes, here, we recommend watching literally every other anime we have no matter how different the entire plotlines, characters, and themes of all of them are with the only thing they have in common being cartoons from Japan. Try being hardcore for once, you amateur weeb.

anonymous asked:

What type of camera do y'all use to film all the videos?

We used three different cameras- we even named them, which made it so much simpler when referring to them.

  • Hero, Beatrice, and Ursula all use a Canon 5D Mark III which we called EDNA. Special thanks to Clint Milne for letting us borrow it!
  • Ben uses Claris’ Canon 60D called MATTHEW (named well before we cast Matthew J. Smith)
  • Dogberry and Verges use a Canon handycam, LEGRIA FS306, named ATTICUS, which we borrowed from our friend Eva (aka the Nun at Pedro’s party)

All of these camera choices were purposeful. Hero and Beatrice take great care with their videos and are more ‘professional’ in a sense than someone like Ben. Ursula is also interested in photography and cinematography, so it makes sense for her to have a good quality camera, also we see all the characters on her show and it’s important to see them clearly. The Canon 60D is lower quality than EDNA and therefore fits with Ben’s more haphazard style of vlogging. Dogberry and Verges are supposed to be complete amateurs, and we really wanted to emphasise this, not only in the style of filming but in the framing and image quality. Dogberry and Verges handycam is similar to the style of camera some of us shot our first “movies” on as kids or used at school from the Media Department.

Just out of interest; did you guys notice that we used different cameras for Bea and Ben’s videos?