Dannielle & Kristin’s #DearMe Videos
March 8th is International Women’s Day, and so we each made a video where we give advice to our younger selves as part of YouTube’s ongoing #DearMe Campaign.


Dannielle Says:

"I didn’t have any role models or see anyone in the media who was dressing in any androgynous way, so I didn’t know there were options." 

Kristin Says:

"You are going to question everything the world tells you to be true… and that is amazing. Keep doing that."

I’ve been receiving messages from some of you asking what you all could do to help my situation and I very much appreciate the thought but I’ll be fine (: None of you need to waste your money on me. I will admit that things are really shitty right now financially (my paychecks are shit and after paying rent I have like nothing left) but use your money on yourselves! Go make yourselves happy, you all deserve to be.


The Queen hitting the F6 like a boss.