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latifaflueranza asked:

1-11 , 22 (you best include me in #22 or ELSE .... //distrustful side glancey


3:Which anime made you laugh the hardest? probably noucome or baka to test. WATCH THEM.. THEY ARE GOOD HAREM COMEDIES.. also, obligatory angel beats reply

6:List your top [5] anime OSTs: PENGUINDRUM!!!, umineko counts, samurai champloo, and guilty crown ///

9:Name an anime character you absolutely hate LOL… haruka from idolmaster i hate her so much :} tho i’m sure there are characters i hate more

11:What is your favorite ‘moe’ anime? THIS IS … IMPOSSIBLE … i guess … keion!!! or kiniro mosaic. or yuru yuri hhhhh

22:You get to have a harem of [6] anime characters of your choice, who do you choose? OMG … sorry gotta separate into girls and boys lol

  • girl harem - madoka kaname, akiko himenokouji, ange ushiromiya, shinobu, tohka yatogami, momo deviluke 
  • boy harem - jonathan joestar, shouma takakura, rei ryuugamine, jade curtiss, tobio kageyama, hakutaku

for some reason i feel like im missing some really important characters in my harem …. hhhhhh

kirschtingyou replied to your post “hot-for-heichou replied to your post “hot-for-heichou replied to your…”

lifes too short to not worship erwin’s dick

i worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies (your lies being erwin’s beauteous dick)

jaegerbombastic replied to your post “hot-for-heichou replied to your post “hot-for-heichou replied to your…”

you are so insane oh my god custard launcher

10/10 would eat a bowl of erwin’s custard (don’t pretend you wouldn’t)