a twenty five year old boy has a thing for me and i was so into it bc he cute as hell but then i realized :/ what the fuck is a 25 year old doing flirting with and being interested in an 18 year old girl? thats weird

Toku kids, help me come up with toku related nicknames for my pokemon party

I already named my Greninja Ninninger (but if you have any other ideas give em)

I just need Gardevoir, Lucario, Typhlosion, Seperior, and Luxray.

Tuesday: Hit my elbow on the waste bin of the coil puncher. The corner is sharp and metal and it hurts. I bled.

Thursday: Hit my finger on the corner of the handle of a cabinet. The corner is sharp and metal and it hurts. I bled a lot.

Saturday: Probably die or some shit idk my job is a death trap

janamelie asked for: Kochanski 2.0 / Genius Female Holly from “White Hole”


"You’re not really here."

Kochanski shrugged. “That’s a matter of definition, wouldn’t you think?”

Holly rolled her eyes. “Don’t talk to me about thinking.”

"I exist in this reality, which you are briefly seeing. That is what’s happening, isn’t it?”

"I see everything. All possibilities. All universes. It’s giving me a bloody headache." Holly frowned. "Hang on; how come you can see me?"

"I was looking for signals from other dimensions."


"I could say the same."

They considered one another.

"Would you like to stay for-" Kochanski began

"-some toast," a voice finished.

Holly shut her eyes and sighed.