- ‘’It’s been a ball, just a ball. I absolutely love those women. They are a ton of fun, so stunning in every way. Just talented, charismatic, full of energy and very generous women. I’ve really, really enjoyed working with them. It’s been a great backend of the season to be in their company and to play the way we’ve been playing. I adore them.‘‘- Lana Parrilla

‘’I remembered how pleasant it was on the set playing with Lana Parrilla. She’s just a master, and knows her character and has so much fun and she has the best, biggest laugh in the world.’’- Kristin Bauer

 - ‘’Working with Lana, with Regina, was fantastic because it literally was sassy women doing their thing. It was terrific chemistry between all of us but you also want to keep one eye open when you’re hanging out with women that good looking!’’- Victoria Smurfit

Did you know I change my makeup three times throughout each performance of #Pippin? 1. Top of act 1 (left) 2. Before my Catherine entrance (top right) and 3. Before the finale (bottom right). You can see more behind the scenes at @pippinmusical this Monday and Tuesday leading up to our Orlando opening when I takeover the @drphillipsctr account! #pippinontour #Pippintour #artsforeverylife 


April 18, 2015 - Calgary Expo

more pics & descriptions of interactions:

you know I was just thinking, one thing I really like about this group pic is how colorful it is. We’ve got almost every hair color and skin color in there lol. ANYONE of any color can be an Evil Queen, right?!