*DISCLAIMER*: For all those that haven’t watched tonight’s episode and don’t want to see this, I suggest that you DON’T click this. As for the rest who already have watched, ENJOY! :):)

This week, explore the galleries of seven illustrators whose work reflects a fondness for felines.

“Cats, Wine & Netflix” by Annee Schwank

“Junk Food” by Cassie Graus

“Space Cat” by Thea Kent

“Fat Cats” by Kristin Kemper (Kecky)

“Rodeo Cat” by Animal Crew

“The funny cat” by Vincent Belbari (Youcoucou)

“Mean Girls Cat” by Kjersti Faret


Once Upon a Time 4x21 & 4x22
“Operation Mongoose Part 1 & Part 2” (Season Finale)

The villains finally get their happy endings and the forces of good are a thing of the past.

What is this sneeling (snail feeling) so sudden and new? 

I felt the snoment (snail moment) I laid eyes on you 

My snulse (snail pulse) is rushing 

My snead (snail head) is reeling 

My snace (snail face) is flushing 

What is this sneeling (snail feeling)?