Exo reaction when you give them bj's

you have officially taken away my innocence, thirsty anon…

Kai - 

Sehun - 

Kyungsoo - What a-are you d-doing?… *trying to keep himself composed*

Baekhyun - S-Stop…

Chanyeol - *getting hot and bothered*

Suho - *my body is ready*

Kris - I guess i’ll have to get you back for this later…

Xiumin - Holy sh-

Luhan - *bites lips to suppress moans*

Lay - 

Chen - Let’s take this to the bedroom, shall we?

Tao - You’re going to regret doing this to me…

Exo reaction to you doing a sexy dance on show that they're on as well

Kai - *saluting the booty*

Kyungsoo - *tries not to react too much*

Baekhyun - She defiantly knows how to use those legs, that’s for sure

Sehun - It’s a good thing that you’re all mine.

Chanyeol - *the body was not ready*

Suho - Do i look? Or do i just pretend i’m not tapping that?

Kris - *feeling awkward, doesn’t look*

Tao - *whispers* Them thighs

Chen - Why does she do this to me?

Xiumin - 

Luhan - 

Lay - *likes what he sees*

exo gif reaction: when their jagi is being kidnapped

xiumin: *beating up the bad guys like…

luhan: *finds you and ‘tries to beat up the guy who took you* I AM MANLY LUHAN

*0.236438 seconds later* shit don’t hurt me I’m sorry!

kris: shit what do i do… should I save her or narrh…


*smoke appears in the distance and suho rises from the ground* Calm down jagiya… Suho oppa is here with his first aid kit…

lay: *saves you but you’re still screaming*

Baekhyun: *At rehearsals when you called him*

Sehun: Hyung where are you going!?

Bae: *runs away*  kkaebsssoonggg

Chen: seriously? out of all the people in Korea you pick her?… 

chanyeol: I’M HERE…

Kyungsoo: *when he get there* are you serious… why would you kidnap a girl like her you babo… you’re asking for a beating right now

Tao: LET HER GO, SHE HAS MY GUCCI AT HOME AND I NEED HER  TO GET THEM! *beats everyone up with his long ass stick…euheuhe not that >.<*

Kai: Don’t touch her! I’m the only person who gets to touch her!

Sehun: srsly this betch is making excuses for me to visit her.

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Exo's reaction to another idol wanting to steal you away from them? :D

Kris: Fuckin L (INFINITE)… This guy’s messing with her mind… Fuckin fuck… *lost his mind*

Suho: *when he gets to know Kyuhyun (Super Junior) is after you* My own role model… Betrayal…

Xiumin: It is not going to happen! NOT GOING TO. No Jungkook (BTS) is going to steal my girl.

Chen (feat. Chanyeol as you and Suho as Himchan): No way, Himchan (B.A.P), no hearts with y/n. She’s mine, you see.

Baekhyun: Bitch please, I’m way hotter than this V (BTS) guy…

Chanyeol: Why is Yongguk (B.A.P) calling you? You like him? You think he’s better rapper?

Kai: *when you tell him Taemin (SHINee) invited you to a date* … He could at least tell me he liked you…

Lay: *when he sees Hyunseung (B2ST) trying to get your attention at some kind of event* On my way to stop it…

Kyungsoo: *ultimate bottom Kyungsoo when he gets to know T.O.P (BIG BANG) is attracted to you* I’m not playing like this…

Tao: I’m now going to google this Buffy (MADTOWN) guy, cause I have no idea who this peasant is…

Sehun: Is he, like, serious? G-Dragon (BIG BANG)? With my girl? Funny…

Luhan: Is it because you find Amber (f(x)) more manly than me…?

(sorry but we couldn’t help ourselves, it was too strong XD)

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Exo gif reaction to you giving them a surprise kiss on the neck? Please. :3

i like this question a lot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) thanks for requesting!

Xiumin: "Are you looking for something~?" *laughs*

Luhan: "Oh hey there~"

Kris: "You just can’t get enough of me, can you?"

Suho: *giggles*

Lay: *gets squirmy because of his sensitive neck*

Baekhyun: "I know, I’m pretty irresistible." 

Chen: "COME HERE YOU!" *attacks you with hugs*

Chanyeol: "What was that for~?"

Kyungsoo: *kinda flustered but only because you surprised him*

Tao: "Hello darling~"

Kai: *smug mode activated* "Hey babe, how can I help you?"

Sehun: *gives you lots of kisses back*

EXO Reaction to their wife being pregnant and giving birth (Part 2)

Awwh this is cute

Baekhyun: look how cute they are 

Chanyeol: am I going crazy? Am I seeing angels?

Jongdae: I want to remember this moment always

Jongin: hi darling, are you awake yet?

Junmyeon: *returns with a present* well, mr polar bear, it looks like we’ll have to wait until later

Kris: I’ve never seen anything so perfect

Kyungsoo: my little girl is even more beautiful than i could have imagined

Luhan: how perfect can two people be????

Minseok: oh… and I came home all dressed up… I’ll just have to wait until by precious babies wake up

Sehun: my girls… *melts inside*

Tao: I love both of them so much aready…

Yixing: *climbs into bed with you both*

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