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  1. Ultimate dreamy dream job? I keep having trouble with this one because there are so many possibilities. Mangaka? Opera singer? Visual Novel writer/artist? I am very happy to be pursuing philosophy though! (I think it would be fun to be an orchestra conductor though)
  2. What’s the character that everybody loves that you just really don’t understand the appeal of? FREAKING KOTOMINE (Fate series). I’M SORRY, BUT HIS DIALOGUES WITH GILGAMESH IN FATE ZERO WERE SO FANTASTICALLY BORING AND I WANTED THEM TO SHUT UP. WHY DOES THE FANDOM LOVE HIM. WHYYYY 
  3. Who was your first fictional crush? Oh my gosh, ummmmm… p-probably Prince Eric from Disney’s version of the Little Mermaid. (Oddly, I thought the statue version of him was more handsome than his character)
  4. Tell me about any pets you have (or would like to have)! I used to have a dog named Shadow and I loved her so much, but she passed when I was 18. If I could have another dog, I would be torn between a Shiba Inu and a chihuahua. I used to hate chihuahuas until I dog-sat one for an entire month and now suddenly I think they are adorable and I want one so bad. 
  5. Who would play you in the movie of your life? This could be based on looks or “type” or personality. Natalie Portman, hands down. 
  6. How do you take your tea and/or coffee? If you don’t like either, what’s your beverage of choice? I love chai masala tea, hibiscus tea, Thai milk tea and if I have black tea then of course with sugar and milk. (Oooh, oooh, if you add a splash of cranberry juice to Thai tea it is DELICIOUS)
  7. If a delicious treat of some kind could magically appear in front of you right this second what would you want? MACARONS PLS. Been craving them lately.
  8. Who has your favorite singing voice of all time? ….now THIS is a tough one. Do I have to pick just one??? Ummmmm… recently I heard Anna Prohaska sing Song to the Moon from Rusalka and it was so beautiful to me that I was in tears. Other voices I love all happen to be with the first name Anna, actually! (Anna Moffo, Anna Netrebko). Also, I just realised that all of these voices are female, so for male voices? Frank Sinatra, John Owen-Jones, Kangta, and Michael Ball.
  9. What do you normally think about while doing some other mundane task that doesn’t really occupy your brain? I don’t have a normally think about. My mind is crazy eclectic and I could be thinking about just about anything at anytime. Though I do admit that food is a priority. :P
  10. Do you think morality is inherent in human beings or do you think it has to be taught? OOOH, A PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTION! I believe entirely that human beings, at birth, are neutral. I have never bought into the concept that people are naturally good or evil. However, morality itself is entirely dependent on society. Society decides what is moral and what is not, and therefore morality is, in the end, entirely subjective. 
  11. What do you want to go as for Halloween this year (if you had an unlimited budget)? …I don’t give Halloween costumes much thought anymore, sadly. I don’t know what I would want to be. I actually… don’t care? D:

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