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one time i was at starbucks and i needed to use the restroom and this cute barista named henry was cleaning, possibly fixing something in there so he stepped out while i peed out my venti chai tea latte as i had told him i confirmed i would not be long. to my horror, when i stepped away from the toilet, the automatic flush function wasn’t working  (which was the only possible built in way to flush the toilet stupidly enough) so i walked away from it in a million different directions to get it to flush bc i knew henry would be going back in and continue his business right after as he was waiting outside but it didn’t work. i decided to step out and assumed that the flush being broken was why he was in there but to this day idk. all i know is i may have essentially looked like a guy who forgot to flush and he knew it was me. today i was ordering another chai tea latte at the same starbucks and henry took my order and gave me it without milk and i asked him about it and he giggled and said oops as he made me another one while doing a little dance to “electric feel” and that is how two stupid experiences made me pretty much fall in love w henry the starbucks barista with a cute hip lil beard

So… I haven’t been much around here lately due to finals and *cough* Dragon Age Inquisition *cough*, buuuut now I’m very happy to say my summer break has officially begun!! And what better way to celebrate it than doing a Follow Forever??

I’d like to thank each and every single one of you for following me and making my tumblr experience a good one. Special shout-out to the gaming community on here, which I’ve joined this year and where I’ve met a lot of wonderful and talented people. You guys are a particularly lovely group and I’m glad I found you :)

I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015!! 


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my first year with this blog, and it was truly amazing !! I met people so awesome *0* omg ; thank you for everything !! thanks a lot: to be incredible , for all asks , all follow forever , for always making my dash beautiful ! I love you all ♥ I hope you all have an amazing christmas , with much happiness , full of peace ! many gifts for everyone, because you deserve :3 kasjhdkjsa Thank you again babes ♥ I really don’t know ff .-. sorry guys :/ kjsahdjsakjdh ah :/

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I’m sure I forgot someone ! really , I’m sorry >////<

                                                ♥ HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS ♥ 

French Napoleonic Marshals and General Officers VII.

Plate 37: General of Division Lasalle, 1809.

High-hearted, openhanded General Antoine Lasalle road proud and recklessly in this glittering self-designed uniform, often charging pipe in hand.

Considering the common pantalon à cheval too much of a nuisance with its multitude of buttons, Lasalle invented, or at least popularized, the pantalon à la Lasalle shown here—roomy trousers with ample pockets, their legs ending in high leather cuffs, with instep straps to keep the mfrom riding up. (As shown here, the top of the cuffs was commonly cut like that of a hussar’s boot.)


Images and text from “Napoleonic Uniforms: Volume I” © Col. John R. Elting and Herbert Knötel.

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Last day of finals EDC.
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A healed Nostril piercing Chance did back in March with a straight Threadless barbell and she changed her mind and wanted a ring. No problem with perfect spacing so the ring hugs the nostril! Jewelry from Anatometal.

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