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I wanted to address a niggling thing about the Xmas Special. I know they're all tired and starving(and Carm has caused a mob), so tensions are high, but it bothered me that Laura kept making snarky comments about Carmilla being a vampire. One of her brilliant qualities is her open acceptance of Carmilla, which is obvious through the season. But even at the end when she is saying Carmilla isn't bad company to have for Xmas, shes adds "for a vampire." It just felt a little out of character.

Since when are vampires supposed to be a bunch of schmoopy lovey-dovey pussy cats who are just misunderstood and certainly don’t mean to do bad when they murder people to sustain their undead lives?

Laura’s comment is just that.  She’s acknowledging that Carmilla is not a cute fluffy kitten with bad teeth, but rather a ferocious monster who could snap and maim someone at any moment.  As evidenced by what she did to Mama Klaus. This is Laura not forgetting that Carmilla is a vampire. Granted, a vampire on the leash of adoration and amorous intentions, but a vampire none the less.  A murdering, survives on blood and death and destruction, vampire. This is Laura respecting who Carmilla is by drawing the comparison between how vampires canonocly are understood and how Carmilla behaves around her.  This is Laura being cautious as her father taught her and understanding that a trapped wild animal is still a wild animal, even if it may appear docile. 

Wir haben Besuch! Morgi hat uns heute im Hotel Oberstdorf besucht. Guad schaut er aus für einen Pensionisten 

We have a guest! Thomas came to visit us in our Hotel Oberstdorf. Looking good if you keep in mind he is a pensioner! ‪#‎skijumpingaut‬ ‪#‎4hills‬‪#‎oesv‬ 

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  • Klaus:Victoria is wunderbar, but she is not my "Lebenslanger Schicksalsschatz." She's my "Beinahe-Leidenschaftsgegenstand"... it means the thing that is almost the thing that you want, but it's not quite. That is Victoria to me.
  • Ted Mosby:How do you know she's not "Lebenslanger Schicksalsschatz?" Maybe as the years go by she'll get "Lebenslanger Schicksalsschatz... ier?"
  • Klaus:"Lebenslanger Schicksalsschatz" is not something that develops over time. It is something that happens instantaneously. It courses through you like the water of a river after a storm, filling you and emptying you all at once. You feel it throughout your body, in your hands, in your heart, in your stomach, in your skin... have you ever felt this way about someone?
  • Ted Mosby:...I think so.
  • Klaus:If you have to think about it, you have not felt it.
  • Ted Mosby:And you're absolutely sure you'll find that someday?
  • Klaus:Of course. Everyone does eventually... you just never know when or where.

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I would like to point out that after Mrs. Cannibalistic-Witch-Klaus mentions that she miss her "helpers" and "fat husband", she says, "Well, once the customers stopped coming certain sacrifices had to be made." LOVE WILL HAVE ITS SACRIFICES. That is all


Scan - George Harrison’s “Within You Without You” lyrics. Scanned from I Me Mine.

Within You Without You was was written after I had got into meditation. We had entered into the All You Need Is Love consciousness after the LSD period. The song was written at Klaus Voormann’s house in Hampstead, London, one night after dinner. I was playing a pedal harmonium in the house, when the song came to me. The tune came first, then the first sentence… we were talking… I finished the words later

This was during the Sergeant Pepper period, and after I had been taking sitar lessons with Ravi Shankar for some time, so I was getting a bit better on the instrument. I was continually playing Indian music lessons the melodies of which are called Sargams, which are the bases of the different Ragas. That’s why around this time I couldn’t help writing tunes like this which were based upon unusual scales.

The best part of it for me is the instrumental solo in the middle which is in five/four time - the first of the strange rhythm cycles that I caught on to - one-two; one-two-three; one-two-one-two-three.” - George Harrison, I Me Mine

* * *

Klaus Voormann’s drawing of the song’s creation, scanned from his book Warum spielst du Imagine nicht auf dem weißen Klavier, John?: here