Remember that time TO stans basically admitted that Hayley doesn’t have any real personality and purpose by stealing Klaroline fanfics and just changing Caroline’s name to Hayley? Remember how the readers were loving those fics and wanted more?

Even Klayley shippers liked Klaroline more than Klayley.

Klaroline under different name is still Klaroline.

"You work your ass off to give ppl what they've been asking for.."

-No one asked your ass for nothing (except for a little respect which you fail to deliver over and over again.)

-You’re INCAPABLE of giving people what they ask for (see brackets above)

-No one asked you for shit

-Funny, what people  ACTUALLY asked for was Kol back on TVD. Then they asked to see him on TO. People who love Nathaniel Buzolic asked for Kol and you fuckers acted like you could just replace him and people were gonna kiss your fucking feet. When you guys finally cave on Klaroline, who is going to play Caroline? Ashley Tisdale?!

-No one said ‘Carina Mackenzie you are so talented & wonderful please write us a webseries about Kol starring Nate Buzolic’ NOBODY DID THAT!!

-I dislike you immensely.


-TVD & TO writers refused to acknowledge the points Nate fans made criticizing the god awful storyline responsible for seeing Kol dead. You belittled them and made them feel irrelevant. In turn, YOUR MOTHER FUCKING OPINION on the issue has become IRRELEVANT.


Message from a Time-Traveler Klaroliner!

Warning: this is going to travel forward 19  light years in the future, ok, no, just 19 days!

Hello lovelies!

I’m writing this on October 1st as a way to remind you one day before that the People’s Choice Awards (PCA’s) will be opening tomorrow.



Be ready, we’ve been through so many difficult times in the last year and we’re still here for something. I say it’s for win the PCA for Best Chemistry. Nomination lap is about to start. Stay tunned in the tag. Klaroline Magazine and some of the big weights in our fandom are going to tell you exactly what to do next.

Remember: He intends to be her last.