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While it wasn’t his favourite thing to do, taking his turn to keep watch during the night has always served to calm Galahad. Probably because it is the one time where the rest of the knights are finally quiet enough to grant him a few hours of peace with his thoughts.

Well, relatively quiet. The occasional snore or muffled conversation still manage to reach him but it’s better than the constant, raucous laughter and shouts that they are prone to during the day.

Himself included, certain other knights excluded.

Propping his back up against the strong bark of the tree behind him, Galahad slips his knife from its sheath and begins to idly carve patterns into the dirt to give himself something to do while his eyes darted around the clearing.

Of course, his mind isn’t always the most pleasant of places to be. He has the tendency of allowing it to wander to the ever-present, yet always just out of reach, promise of freedom. The snort that leaves him is bitterly amused.

Fifteen years of service to the Romans, then they would be free. But the question is whether they will know what to do once given their long-desired freedom. Will they be able to go back to their families? Their families who were most likely dead.

He’s prepared for the flare of anger that accompanies the thought but still drives his knife into the soil to quell it. Oh, how he wants this mission to be over, to be nothing but a memory. A bloody, battle-worn memory that comprises most of his life, shoved into the corner.

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name: eszter but call me st cause why not

birthday: oct 18

favourite colour: errrrr maroon? turquioise?

lucky number: 7 and 9

height: 5’7”

talents: i mean i’m a pretty great kisser

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I was nominated by Eszter to do the ALS ice bucket challenge and now I’m nominating Harris, Tamar, and Bianca!!! You’ve got 24 hours 😎

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Nickname- Roo

Birthday- 22nd February

Gender- female

Sexuality- straight

Height- 5’7 

Timezone- GMT

What date and time is it there- Friday 29th August. 5:37pm

Average hours of sleep I get each night- 6-7

The last thing I googled- Theo James

My most used phrase(s)- “awesome” and “im hungry”

What I last said to a family member- im hungry

One place that makes me happy and why- sweet shop because FOOD ;)

How many blankets I sleep with- 1

A piece of advice for your followers-
Never ever give up. No matter how hard it gets, I promise you it always gets better. A storm can’t last forever. Keep your chin up. Things WILL get better and you’ll be happy again, just keep your head high and chin up until then. You have many options but giving up is never one of them. I love you soo much and so do many other people. Keep smiling and battling on because I believe in you and I know you can beat this. You are much stronger than you think. :) ♡

You all have to listen to this song- MAGIC! - little girl big world.

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I’ve been an avid reader since I was 3! (My mum told me that I flipped through magazines in my cot! 😜) And I love historical novels and everything Celtic & Arthurian. How could I have missed Boudica at all!!! 😳😳😳 Lots of catching up with this magnificent warrior queen! #reading #books #historicalnovels #boudica #mandascott #warrior #warriorqueen #celtic #celtichistory #arthurian #kingarthur #hybridj