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I have a problem with my plot. I want to kill a character who has a large arc and his friends with the protagonist. However I don't want it to outshine or appear as the climax of the story, any tips?

In his incredibly useful book Super Structure, author and writing coach James Scott Bell uses a 14-point system as an outline of the necessary points every story needs and – this is most important – why they’re needed and why they don’t stifle creativity but release it.

Using his format, early in Act III, there’s a moment called “Lights Out,” that moment where it’s always darkest before dawn, where something happens that makes the MC think she cannot possible overcome the forces against her, a moment of sacrifice (in this case, of a friend) that spurs on the final battle. There are other points in the story where a significant death can be the “signpost,” as Bell calls them, but “Lights Out” seems to be where you are with your character. 

Something significant has to be sacrificed in order for the MC to achieve the transformation that this journey, your story, is all about. It sounds like you are right on about the need to sacrifice this character at the end of this long arc, so by all means, trust your instincts! 

Just make sure the death is important and relevant. YA author Kris Noel has some general tips here

As I’ve said before, I loathe recommending followers buy anything, but you can get JSB’s book for $2.99 and the Kindle app is free and I guarantee if you have plot issues or problems, this book will help. 

i had a dream that there was an update where caliborn killed calliope’s ghost really brutally ??? Upsetting

Can you imagine Kaneki and Hide spending Saturdays at Hide’s place and just watching movies all day long? And Hide has all the funny, romantic movies and a lot of Disney while Kaneki just had horror, crime and splatter? And Hide always ends up crying when they watch anything remotely sad while Kaneki just sits there and is like “how do I emotion over this”.
And Hide always gets afraid when they watch one if Kaneki’s movie.
“Ah! Omg did you see that? He killed her!”
“Yeah… In the book he strangulated her. It showed a deeper part of his-”
“Kaneki! Can’t we watch something else? >~


now im just wishing ya’ll good luck!! You are going to kill at all your final exams! :)

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what is your "goal" body if you dont want a six pack? no judgement, just wondering :)

I don’t really have a goal body. Expecting myself to look a certain way doesn’t make sense to me. I have no idea what my body will look like. I’m very happy with myself now. I’m fit and healthy and happy. I’m not killing myself over making progress but I’ll take it when it comes.