Ever since Graham (played by Benedict Cumberbatch an award winning actor) bought the flat cap from the old man he had gotten strange visions, they were small at first, thinking he could see ghost in the room with him but the more he wore the cap the worse the visions got. It started to whisper things to him, make choices for him. His fashion sense was all over the place, he often went out mismatched and people began to take notice. Mismatched outfits turned to strange urges and whispers in his mind. Graham lost his concentration and his work faltered. He was laid off from his position at the computer company he had worked for for years. The thoughts took him over worse and worse everyday until he began to brutally attack people. Attacks became murders and murders would lead to serial killings if Graham’s three best friends (Played by Tom Hiddleston, Chris Pine, Chris Evans) couldn’t stop him.



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what kills me most about the episode tho is

when emma is trying to reassure killian, she addresses him as “killian” at first and then jumps to “hook.” he doesn’t respond or react until she calls him hook.

he doesn’t feel like killian anymore. he feels like the hand belongs to the ruthless, selfish pirate that he became when he lost it. he feels like captain hook. he feels like all of his strides have been in vain if it’s this easy for him to regress.

I had the following three dreams last night that I can remember:

-There was a pixar-like movie coming out about a tarantula with a little parasitic wasp grub sticking out of her, and they were friends even though they both knew the wasp would have to kill her friend one day or die herself. It was the animated tearjerker of the year.

-Bob’s Burgers had a live action spin-off revolving around just Tina and the promotional material showed her standing on top of a Muk, under a rainbow in a filthy alleyway. I didn’t think the inclusion of a pokemon was unusual. In the dream I just thought “finally, they’ll actually show us her pokemon” as if Bob’s Burgers had always been in pokemon’s canon.

-I got into a real pokemon match with someone who used grass types. I wielded a gyarados like a garden hose and somehow defeated their venusaur with water. Then I ran over to the person’s house where they had all these regular plants and cacti and I started using the gyarados to vacuum them all up, but then I realized I had already won and I felt like a terrible awful person for destroying some of their plants, it was like all they had.

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oh please please dont smoke! i know its addictive and i know you mightnt want to but please dont, itll kill you!

fuck ya nerd ass


Tatiana Maslany plunges new depths as Sarah’s fear envelops her entire body. Sarah shakes uncontrollably, face contorting with disbelief and horror. After trying all throughout the episode to get ahead of her enemies, this is the moment where Sarah has to face up to her own demons, to the dark part she’s been hiding from herself all along. Helena creeping up to her in that white dress while Sarah stands as a column of black isn’t the most subtle symbolism the show’s done, but it’s hard to deny its power. Even aside from the astounding technical feat, the weight of this moment is almost crushing. Here are two women facing each other, the awful things they’ve done, and the horrific things that have happened to them—and finally letting themselves feel it all. Sarah looks into the face of a woman she killed; Helena looks into herself, and realizes something precious has been stolen from her. And so Helena folds herself onto her sobbing sister, and they stand there together as the hunter and hunted, victim and victor, predator and prey. They’re in hell—and there’s no telling when they’ll get out. (x)

Why do you constantly reblog my posts with your shitty ass gifs you have a fucking voice you got a fucking keyboard use your words motherfucker. “Lmao he’s about to fail” yeah I was about to fail I was having suicidal thoughts this past month and I don’t feel that way anymore so by saying that you’re basically telling me that I’m going to kill myself so how about you go FUCK yourself you piece of shit french-montana-fries

And when you look at the things … when you look at the murder of Trayvon Martin, when you look at the murder of Michael Brown, when you look at those situations, it’s not unrelated to Obama being president, but it’s more the way in which the country has reframed itself or rewritten itself since his election, with all kinds of people saying to themselves, maybe never putting it into words, just feeling it, “There’s a fucking n—er in the White House? Well fuck you, n—er, whoever you are.” And an inchoate loathing and hatred that seeks out its targets.

I’m not a psychiatrist, I haven’t sat down and interviewed George Zimmerman or the cop who shot Michael Brown, I don’t know what their motives are, I don’t know what kind of people they are, what kind of childhood traumas they have experienced. But I don’t think it’s nuts that in a certain way, when that cop killed Michael Brown, and when George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, they were killing Barack Obama.

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I have started worrying that something bad is going to happen to Laura by the end of the season. Short of killing her what do you think the writers might do?

what might they do to poor little laura?


I’m glad you asked

  1. they very well could kill her in all honesty it’s a distinct possibility
  2. they could kill someone that laura holds very dear to her and that sends her into an emotional tailspin
  3. they could vamp her
  4. they could vamp her unwillingly like she’s about to die and Carmilla’s hella sad and is ready to vamp her and she’s like carmilla no but carmilla’s like carmilla yes and she’s left to live an eternity of anger
  5. she could end up having to kill someone very important to her to save the rest of the tiny humans who can’t defend themselves and has trouble coping with the guilt of that
  6. the list is pretty much endless
  7. things are not looking good for our tiny gay creampuff
  8. so i’ll just stop here so the pain won’t continue
  • Rick:I don't trust this guy...
  • Carl:Why?
  • Rick:Well maybe its because the last people we met were cannibals
  • Carl:Everybody can't be bad
  • Rick:Or that the people before that tried to kill me and rape you
  • Rick:Or that the people before that blew up our prison
  • Rick:Or that your mum's boyfriend tried to kill me
  • Carl:We're strong enough that we don't have to hide.
  • Rick:What the fuck show have you even been watching Carl?

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HAVE YOU READ IT?!?!?! HAVE YOU READ IT HAVE YOU READ IT HAVE YOU READ IT?! *ehem* I mean, have you read Blood of Olympus? What did you think? :)

Hahaha ^^ Yes, I finished Blood Of Olympus a few days ago. I’ve got mixed feelings about that book. The first half of the book overwhelmed me with feelings, way more than I expected. Reyna was the best part of the book, she is a magnificent queen and I loved her. But the last chapters… Well they are many things that didn’t convince me, and others that truly annoyed me. So yeah, I’m sorry since this is probably not what most people wanted to hear but for now the bits that I didn’t like have sort of killed my fanart mood. Hopefully it’ll pass… Maybe I should re-read the chapters I loved and forget the others.

i l0ve when racists are chased out of lolita i love when racists are cleaned out of spaces they thought were theirs i love when racists are upset, uprooted, exposed and endangered please kill all racists