#spn10 countdown challenge | 18 days to go | S8E18 (My Tag

Sam has been told just last week he is damaged in ways even the angels can’t cure, he is coughing blood, he feels sick, he knows he is far from okay. I think at this point he also knew there is a chance his condition will get worse, and that the trials might kill him at the end. When he says ‘Maybe they won’t be the only ones’ I think he was talking about Dean; living an apple pie life, without being worried about demons, monsters, and his little brother. Sam, of course, is wrong here. Dean will never have real better life if Sam is dead. 


I’m really scared, I killed this spider the other night and two new spiders showed up and I’m afraid they’re his brothers seeking revenge.

so over dinner at the diner i brought up to my dad how i really want a dog
and how my my whole family forgot my birthday and didnt get me a present or anything so maybe for christmas i could go to the shelter and pick out a little dog

of course my dad said no and laughed

he accidentally killed my dog i’ve had since i was 3 a few months ago

Then he kept making puppy noises at me when we left the restaurant

haha dad yeah thats really funny
you’re so funny and not at all hurting my feelings by trying to make me even more upset about this yeah haha
i love you you’re so fucking great haha ha