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do you think butch has nightmares? What would they be of? Him losing control and killing his brothers? Because that's pretty grim :(

I havvve this pretty old comic of butch haveing a nightmare



supriseputas sent those terrible messages to me. she told me to go kill myself, and she has been sending hateful messages to me for a week.

go here to read her previous messages she sent. she does not stop. she also goes to other peoples blogs who reply to my posts and send them hate.

i’m getting so fucking tired of her, and she harasses me every fucking day. 

report her please, and reblog this to spread it around. i want her deleted. she has hurt my feelings a lot, and sending hate, threatening me. telling me to go kill myself, and capping on my appearance is exhasuting and i’ve had enough.

Tonights hateful messages: here, here, here, here (tw suicide), and here

Please report her so she can get deleted. 

Thank you.

she has also made a new blog to make me think she didn’t send the anon messages and she’s pinning it on someone else but it’s actually her


Maks wanted to swim, but Meryl protested. 

“It’s cold,” she insisted, smacking Maks hand as he gently tugged on one of the thin straps on her bathing suit. Then she crossed her arms and pouted at him.

“Babe, it’s like eighty degrees out.”

Meryl shook her head. “The water, I mean. It’s too cold. I like the sun.” She fell back onto her towel, closing her eyes and stretching her arms above her head to take in the warm sun.

“You’re not winning this one, you know,” Jenna told Maks, lounging contentedly on her own towel and not even looking in his direction.

“Hmm.” Maks just watched Meryl for a moment, a smiling unwillingly crossing his lips. “Well, how about a compromise?”

Meryl held her hand up to block the sun and opened one eye, looking at him skeptically. “Go on.”

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creepypasta: the clattering of a million knifes in a suitcase

i was doing my job as a security man and i heard the clattering of a million knifes in a suitcase and a guy with a million knifes in a suitcase came up and killed me

B.C. hunter kills Yukon family dog by accident

Owner witnessed pet dog get shot and killed in hunting mix-up

[CBC News]

A devastated Yukon family is calling for a roadside hunting ban after their pet dog was accidentally killed by a hunter who mistook it for a wolf

Eric Peterson was drinking coffee on the porch of his Atlin Road cabin last May when a shot rang out. Moments later, his six-year-old shepherd cross, Tikka, fell dead in the meadow.

Peterson pursued the shooter down the highway where an angry confrontation ensued.

The man he confronted, Daniel Bridge, said he mistook the black dog for a wolf.

"Mr. Bridge saw a wolf, and he shot one, but it turned out to be a dog," Peterson said. "All of us know we sometime take actions and go, ‘oops’ but this was a pretty heavy duty ‘oops’ and I think it’s time for preventative action."

Bridge has since left the territory and appeared by telephone in court this week facing wildlife charges for hunting out of season.

He apologized to the Peterson family, and agreed to a $1750 fine, payable to the Mae Bachur medical fund for injured animals.

Bridge is barred from hunting two years and must take hunter education training before he can be re-licensed.

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// ok definitely don’t watch this and think of Fiyeraba bc it will kill you

even if the 1 in 12 statistic is untrue about trans women that really dont mean they arent being beaten and mutilated and dismembered and attacked and treated like shit by everyone including cis women at extremely high rates. trans women die at rates higher than anyone in the lgbt community (50% more according to multiple sources) considering the proportions of trans women (and trans people in general) to cis people.

people try to respond to the fact that trans women are being killed with shit like “black people get killed more” (usually the person saying this does not give a shit about black oeople being murdered brutalized and profiled they just want to use black bodies to further their nasty ass point) and when they say things like that they ignore the fact that black trans women indeed do exist (as well as black queer people in general) and are always being killed as well.

every time a trans women brings up the fact that we are being burned chopped up dismembered drowned shot stabbed beaten and strangled among countless other gruesome things cis women especially stank ass radfems always want to talk over them call them men and misgender them and treat them like shit and while doing so furthering and contributing to the abuse we face simply for existing. you would fucking think that people who align themselves with feminism and being radical and know what it’s like to be marginalized for being women would give a fuck but apparently they don’t and would rather focus on menstruation and calling people out for saying bitch

read this bitch babyradical especially considering you’re “chicana” and ironically uphold colonial standards of gender and sexuality that were imposed on indigenous people by white colonizers and religion when one of the cornerstones of chicanismo is aligning ourselves with our own identities and trying to let go of white supremacy and exist as autonomous beings.

but you prob won’t care and will just call me out for saying bitch and make posts about me and reply to people’s unrelated posts with bullshit about me and send yourself anons about me and call me a man lol