If you haven’t seen “Mad Max: Fury Road” yet, go see it. It’s the best action movie in years, and it barely passes the reverse Bechdel test: only once in it do two men speak to each other about anything besides a woman.” - (axmxz)

Enjoy  MAD MAX FURY ROAD  in HD Quality

- it’s all about How Men’s Right Activist Killed The World.

Men Right Activist who think Mad Max: Fury Road is feminist propaganda are missing the point entirely. The Franchise is all about “macho” men destroying civilization. 

“To the extent that Mad Max: Fury Road does something other movies starring Strong Female Characters kicking ass doesn’t, it’s not because of Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa, even though she is an awesome character. It’s because of the women she’s “saving,” Immortan Joe’s Wives, who see the potential of a better world beyond fighting and killing. It’s because of the reappearance of people in the Mad Max universe who aren’t warriors and demonstrate a way to live that isn’t war.

The Wives have lived a “high life” in Joe’s harem, a bubble of separation from the ultra-violence of the rest of the world. It’s come with high costs, as the Wives’ gauzy harem-wear and the pregnancy of two of them implies, but it’s given them the luxury of being the only characters who take a view beyond the immediate here-and-now, beyond Max’s dictum of “Survive” and Nux’s belief that his life has no purpose but to “die glorious on the Fury Road.” The messages graffitied on the walls of their prison before their escape show them thinking about the future—”Our Babies Won’t Be Warlords”—and the past—“Who Killed the World?”” - (thedailybeast.com)

So..What are you Waitin’ For?? Be a Witness of Madness NOW !!….

“I spent 33 years and 4 months in active military service .. and during that period I spent most of my time as a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism .. Our boys were sent off to die with beautiful ideals painted in front of them. No one told them that dollars and cents were the real reason they were marching off to kill and die.” .. (General Smedley Butler)


15 powerful photos of the Brelo Verdict protests rocking Cleveland 

On Saturday, Cuyahoga County Judge John P. O'Donnell delivered a verdict of not guilty for Cleveland Police Department Officer Michael Brelo, who jumped on the hood of an unarmed suspect’s car and fired 15 rounds through the windshield in a volley that contributed to the deaths of two black people, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, in 2012.

The verdict seemed to many in Cleveland that their police department will never be held accountable for officers’ misdeeds. The protest was predominantly peaceful, though 71 were arrested.

The Signs when someone is trying to fight them :
  • Taurus :"Bitch you don't know who you're dealing with"
  • Gemini :"I'm gonna kill you and then bathe in your blood"
  • Cancer :*runs away*
  • Leo :"I'm too good to even look at you bitch"
  • Virgo :"Hmmmmm .. no you're not worth it"
  • Libra :"Ok ok if you don't shut up I will kill you"
  • Sagittarius :"You know I could totally stab you"
  • Capricorn :*just kills you*
  • Aquarius :"Lil salty ass motherfucking bitch cunt"
  • Pisces :*might cry or might just cut your throat*

today is my day off and im…. literally killing it? I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, did TWO loads of laundry AND folded them AND put them away, earned $50 to do a commissioned painting for someone, answered a bunch of etsy emails, did the dishes AND put the clean dishes away, cleaned my fish bowl, and took out the trash! all this with only ONE cup of coffee and NO drugs! I’m honestly…… so impressed by myself….. and NOW I’m gonna do my bio homework and write a paper and fill etsy orders and work on some new poetry and maybe even study some german…. who is this new productive adult version of me…. i love her 

 “I’m glad that I met you.”

The words are whispered into the darkness of the motel room, the stars and their night the only ones listening. Their heads are turned. An angel speaks.

“I thank my Father every single day that I met you. For Him giving you to me.”

Dean can’t hear him, of course. His solo hunt had been long and hard–the wendigo had almost killed him, in fact–and he had gone into a dreamless sleep the second he’d been able to put his weary body into bed. Castiel sits in a chair beside his bed, speaking only as quietly as he can so as not to wake him, his back ramrod straight. He hasn’t quite figured out how to slouch and give into nonchalance, yet.

Dean’s face while he sleeps is the most beautiful thing he’s ever known, he thinks. 

Because it’s been six months on Earth since Castiel met Dean, since Dean Winchester is saved was ripped from his voice in a cry of joy, since his life became the categories of “before” and “after”. And in those six months, not once has he seen Dean–his Dean, his Righteous Man, his after–look quite this peaceful. Hell had turned his features hard. It had given him a cast of marble where he had once been so pliant. Castiel wishes he had known him back them, if maybe they could have been something like friends, if maybe they could have been

But he feels like he’s getting a glimpse of that softer version of Dean now. His eyelashes fan out to kiss his cheeks and his mouth is gently parted, making him look less like a man and more like the boy soldier he really is. He’s too tired for nightmares; he sinks into the mattress like his muscles are made of lead. There’s something so open in his expression that Castiel wants to–feels like he needs to–tell him everything. Him and the night, and all of its stars, and the universe which has loved Dean just as it has loved all great heroes, loved him dearly. Castiel was built from the fabric of the universe. Perhaps, then, his feelings can only make since. 

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You deserve to smile.
You deserve to be happy.
Let the sun shine through your heart.

A quick doodle break from doujin work. Dedicated to friends who’s having a hard time. Please don’t forget there are people who’s there for you! Don’t forget to smile. Smile for yourself, for your friends. 

No action as Argentina's illegal sweatshops flourish

Two-thirds of the clothing industry is conducted in illegal workshops, like one where two young boys died last month.

by Daniel Schweimler

In Argentina they call sweatshops talleres clandestinos or clandestine workshops. But everyone, it seems, knows where they are.

They certainly now know the whereabouts of the one on the corner of Páez and Terrada streets in the Flores neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. For there was a fire there last month that killed two young boys, Rolando and Rodrigo.

The neighbours have painted a mural, at the base of which sit burnt candles and withered flowers. A pile of sodden clothes blocks the pavement and police guard the charred doorframes.

Omar Ruiz lives a few doors away. “Behind all those houses you see there are sweatshops,” he said. “Secret launderies and boilers they use for industrial ironing.”

Ruiz said there were six more sweatshops just on his block which the city authorities had been advised of.

The city government said it didn’t know that Páez 2796 was a sweatshop.

Ruiz said fires were common, and although the cause of this latest one was still being investigated, it was possibly ignited by a spark from industrial sewing machines being plugged into overloaded domestic sockets.

Since the fire, the Alameda Foundation, which campaigns for better working conditions, has identified hundreds more sweatshops in and around Buenos Aires which, along with Sao Paulo, has one of the greatest concentrations of the illegal textile industry in South America.

Bolivian workers

Like Rolando and Rodrigo, most of the workers come from Bolivia, enticed to Argentina with the promise of housing and well-paid jobs.

Olga Cruz came in 2000 with her two young children. Like many she was recruited by an agency in Bolivia that took her passport.

She said: “I was working with nine other people in a tiny space where there was no room for us to move.

"We were hardly allowed to go to the toilet. We ate breakfast at our machines and we ate lunch at our machines.”

Cruz escaped and now works for the Alameda Foundation’s sewing cooperative - a maximum of eight hours a day and with a share of the profits.

“It’s like in this country the laws don’t exist,” she said. “No-one takes any notice of us foreigners, no-one cares about our work conditions.”

Gustavo Vera is a Buenos Aires city deputy who also campaigns with Alameda.

“We’re talking about 68 percent of the Argentine clothing industry being conducted in sweatshops,“ he said.

"Informal work, forced labour, people who work more than 12 hours a day without any rights and even slave labour with workers living and working in the same place without being able to leave.”

Vera wants the law changed to prevent government departments buying from the sweatshops.

He also said the big name brands should declare that they don’t use what he called slave labour.

More than 100 well known national and international brands, (including the Spanish firm Zara and the sports giants Puma and Adidas) have been named in legal proceedings as alleged sweatshop customers.

They all either deny the charge or say they’re attempting to disassociate themselves from them.

Highest price

The clothing is sold on the pavements around Buenos Aires and at La Salada - a huge site on the outskirts of Buenos Aires that has been described as the biggest counterfeit clothing market in South America.

A few days after the fire at Páez 2796, Bolivian workers and Argentine trade unions, accompanied by local residents, marched to the site of another sweatshop fire that in 2006 killed six Bolivian workers, five of them children.

The owners were never prosecuted. Two managers are appealing against their three-year jail sentences.

The marchers unrolled strips of cloth tied into a long string which they looped around trees and lampposts along the 2km route between the two houses.

They marched in 2006 too. There was outrage and indignation and promises by the authorities that they would tackle the sweatshop industry. The number of sweatshops has only grown.

While immigrants work 16 or more hours a day, in cramped and insanitary conditions, for a few cents or nothing at all, the profit margins for the owners are mouth-watering.

And what shopper doesn’t want brand name clothing at knockdown prices?

But Rolando and Rodrigo, aged 10 and seven, paid the highest price of all.

Source:- http://www.aljazeera.com/blogs/americas/2015/05/action-argentina-illegal-sweatshops-boys-killed-150518200950128.html