So, I have a lot of thoughts about Dani Phantom, and my headcanon is that she needs regular doses of Ecto Dejecto to stay stable. I mean, imagine what could happen if she’s exploring north eastern France and all her vials of medicine are broken? The angsty possibilities are endless.

So after working for ages I’ve finally managed to spit out this illustration which has some remarkably nonshitty qualities, of which I am quite proud.

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I always see posts about kpop and cultural appropriation like w/ khiphop. So I was wondering how do you go about doing that style of music and not appropriate? Like is street wear appropriation? Or is things like having braids in their hair?

It’s hard to really gauge the exact line if I’m being honest. There are some khiphop artist who cross that thin line and others stay in their lane. Personally I think there are Khiphop artists who do their own thing and have their own style aren’t appropriative or at least not heavily so. Streetwear is a rather broad term, so you’d have to be more specific. If I had to give examples myself 

this isn’t appropriation but it is considered streetwear (i used exo bc they did a whole streetwear concept)

 This is kinda questionable for bc why did they roll up one of his pants leg? to see his sock???  like what’s the reason because I’m like 90% sure if means something? this is when i raise an eyebrow

And not exo, but this is starting to get more popular as streetwear… this is definitely appropriation (when worn by non-black folks)

that’s a Dashiki from a designer called Dimepiece LA. If you’re not familiar with Dashiki’s and their importance in AA culture, check out this link.

I’m sorry to go off on a spiel but yeah, the point is streetwear is diverse? Some of it is appropriative and some isn’t.

In reference to the braids, it’s really any hairstyle associated with black folks like bantu knots, dreads, ect. Like the fact that black folks cannot wear our own damn hairstyles without risking ridicule (like with Zendaya), our jobs and goodness knows what else.

-Admin Kim 

Throwback Thursday:
74/365 -

Well, technically it IS spring… even though it’s cold and rainy here. Mineva is hoping the sun will come out soon!

Mineva is a Pukifee SP Ante from Fairyland
- Faceup: Xhanthi
- Wig: LUTS
- Dress: Etsy
- Flower Crown: beansproutmomo

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totally out of context, but have you ever been ashamed of your skin?? I don't mean it literally, but as in you didn't wanted to be black. I'm a Muslim and, unfortunately, I have, but I'm learning to learn my history and religion though. and eventually I can enough guts to tell my friends on the Internet that I'm a Muslim and they won't think much of it c:

Honestly anon, just about all of us have been there and I’m glad you’re learning to love yourself, your history and religion. No one should be ashamed of their skin or religion. Your religion doesn’t completely define who you are and whenever you’re ready to tell your friends is all up to you. Don’t rush things, just do things at your own pace ^^ I’m sure your friends won’t be phased and if they are, then those are probably not folks you need in your life.

-Admin Kim 

Thanks to everyone that has tag me in your Purple Day pics. Your support today means so much to the Epilepsy community & I. I couldn’t thank you enough. I look forward to seeing more pics throughout the rest of the day. Keep them coming !!! 💜💜😁😍😘 #epilepsy #seizures #liveoutloud #purpleday #purple #ANKF #PurpleDayEveryDay #326 #support #awareness