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Every Witch Way (one shot)

"Every Witch Way (one shot)"

Dean x Sam x Reader (plus Crowley) 

Request: Hi could you do a imagine, where the reader is a witch and working for Crowley, he ask her to go undercover with the boys. Dean doesn’t really trust her at first. She tried her best not to use magic and give information to Crowley, after a few time one of them (you decide which one) tell her about his feelings for her and she used to come closer to them but she slowly start to fell for him. somehow she accidentally is discovered during a hunt and she got scared of them and decided to run.

Author: nochickflickfics

Warnings: swearing, fluff

Word Count: 2,295 (oops)


            You were never a fan of Crowley. All that sarcasm, and hell, he was a damn demon. Plus you were a witch, and a great one at that. But the things that Crowley was making you do were so…stupid. Working with hunters? Who does that? Now he wants you to be with the Winchester’s. Those boys were too smart for their own good.

            “The Winchesters?” you snarled. Crowley sat at, what he called, his throne. He took a sip of whatever was in his small glass.

            “Did I stutter?” he asked, tipping his head with a sly grin on his face. You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, tilting your head right back at him. He finished his drink, setting the glass down in his lap.

            “Those boys will figure me out as soon as I walk in the door. You’re not a smart as you think,” you never took your eyes off of him, making sure he knew you meant business. He stood, trying to make himself look big.

            “You will do as I say, Y/N. Now, put this on,” he demanded, picking up jeans and a gray sweatshirt for you.

            “I’m not wearing that,” you reply, disgusted, “I will wear my dress, and nothing else,” you began to walk away, but a sudden push against you made you stop in your tracks.

            “Oh darling, that young attitude is getting really old,” he complained, making you turn around.

            “I’m much stronger than you, Y/N,” he said, handing you the clothes once more.

            “Yes, but you taught me everything I know,” you smiled, finally taking them. Crowley’s grin was soon gone. He sat back down on his ‘throne,”

            “Now that you’re ready, we should talk business,” he said, crossing his legs. You patted yourself, completely hating the wardrobe that Crowley had picked out for you. He said the Winchester’s would find it attractive, which would definitely make it easy for them to let you in.

            “And what would that be?” you asked.

            “You’re going to work the boys. Work undercover, yes?” You nodded, not wanting to. You knew Sam and Dean. You knew them too well, and they would figure out.

            “Yeah,” you sighed, “what’s the task?”  Crowley put another grin on his face.

            “Kill them,”


Crowley had given you one of his phones to make sure you were with the boys at all times, and if you weren’t, you had better made sure you were talking to your king. It wasn’t hard to find the boys. They were staying in Escanaba, Michigan. That state has always smelled weird to you, and throughout all your years of living, you couldn’t figure out why.

Crowley had put you right next to the motel that the boy’s were staying in. It was dirty, and you could tell that old men were staying in it with their skinny hookers. Definitely the perfect place for Sam and Dean. There number was 34, a few doors down.

You knocked on the door, brushing your hair out of your eyes, and making your eyes water slightly. You heard one of the boy’s load their gun. Rolling your eyes, you heard footsteps come closer.

Dean cracked the door to get a look at you, then opened it all the way.

“Hey,” he said, putting his gun behind him.

“Please help me. I’m being followed, and no one else will answer their doors,” you held your arms, looking up at Dean. He brought his arm around your back.

“Come inside, we’ll talk,” he said, shutting the door behind the two of you. Perfect. Sam was sitting on the bed, watching some news show. He was the dumb little brother that everyone felt bad for. You sat on the bed next to Sam’s, wiping fake tears from your eyes. You saw Sam shrug his shoulders at Dean from the corner of your eye.

“Who’s following you?”

“I-I don’t know, but I saw that they had black eyes, and seemed to move faster than the speed of light. What the hell could they be?” you asked, looking over at the boys, still having tears fall down your cheeks. Sam finally spoke up, standing in front of you.

“They’re demons,”

“Demons?! What the fuck!” you yelled, trying your hardest to seem like a prissy little scared girl. It was like you were in a movie.

“They’re real, and they’re out there. But why would they be following you?” You shook your head, trying to come up with a quick and pathetic reason.

“Why would I know? Why do you even know about these things?” Sam looked over at Dean, lowering his eyes.

“We’re hunters. We make sure monsters don’t get to innocent people like you,” Innocent. Ha. You stood from the bed, walking over to Sam. You wrapped your arms around him, hoping he’d take his arms and do the same to you. You could get a better reading of Sam if he did. Sam took his arms around you as well, giving you the strongest feeling you’ve had in a while. There was something about him that wasn’t right, but you couldn’t put your finger on it.

“It’ll be okay, you can stay with us if you need to. How old are you? What’s your name?” Sam said, concerned. You sat on the bed again, hoping he would do the same.

“Y/N, I’m 20,” you whispered. Dean looked over at you, then at Sam.

“Sam, can I talk to you for a minute, alone?” he asked, walking into the small kitchen.

“I’m going to step outside for a second anyway,” you looked at Sam, noticing his eyes looking over you. He made you feel different, but not a bad different. There was just something about him. He seemed to understand you, even if he just talked to you a few minutes ago. You didn’t want to think of him as liking you, but maybe that’s what it was. Maybe you felt the same, but you couldn’t realize it. You didn’t want to at least.

When you got outside, you pulled the old flip phone from your pocket, and dialed Crowley’s number.

“Y/N, how’re the boys?”

“Oh they’re just fabulous. Great humans if I do say so myself,” you waited for him to respond, “it’s going to take me a bit before I can really start picking them out,”

“Oh love, take all the time you need. I’ll be here,” he hung up the phone quickly. Crowley was so sweet on you, and you hated it. His mother was a witch; he should know better than to talk you up like that. It was in his nature, and it would always be.

You walked back into the motel, seeing the boys on the same bed together. They handed you a glass of water, pointing at the chair in front of them. You drank the glass in one drink, setting it down on the table behind you. The boy’s looked at each other with wide eyes, Dean speaking next.

“If you stay here, you need to promise us that we can trust you,” you nodded, putting a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Of course you can trust me, why wouldn’t you be able to?” Dean clenched his jaw. He didn’t have any trust for you. He shouldn’t either, but you would force it into him.

“She’s got a point,” Sam said, smiling at you. You smiled back, admiring his white teeth. I think Dean should think about his trust with Sam. He had no idea what he was getting himself into.


            Roughly three weeks had passed since you’ve been with the boys. Luckily Crowley was patient, so you had no reason to rush. He just wanted the boys dead, and he didn’t care how long it took you.

            Every night you got into Sam’s head, finding out every little detail about him and Dean. By doing this, you would be able to kill those boys in no time.

            But you noticed something about Sam. He would think about you, just sit in bed at night and think of the relationship he wanted with you. Ever since Ruby, he was in a state of mind that even you couldn’t change. You wanted to use a spell to make it better, but maybe, just maybe you could make him happy one night. You didn’t have to tell Crowley.

            Dean was out for a while tonight, so maybe you could get Sam going. You could use a little beer, and maybe even use some magic. You walked over to Sam’s bed, sitting gently next to him. He was reading a long article on his laptop, slightly ignoring you.

            “Hey,” he greeted. You traced a finger on your knee, taking a peak at what he was reading. It was something about a case nearby. More demons.

            “Y/N, we have a case here. It’s pretty simple, but it’s here,” he explained.

            “Demons?” you asked.

            “Unfortunately, but it’s something my brother and I are used to,” he said, smiling over at you. You saw his teeth, seeing how white and perfect the fit behind his red lips. What the hell? You thought to yourself. You never had feelings like this before, so why now? And for someone like Sam Winchester?

            “I’m sorry,” you said, inching your body closer to him. He shut his laptop, keeping his eyes down at his lap. You could feel his emotions running through your head, and you wanted them out. You twisted your fingers slightly, making it seem like you were fidgeting. You made Sam speak, his emotions finally getting out of you.

            “Y/N, I know we haven’t known each other for very long, but I, uh,” he paused, making you force his words out again, “I really like you, and I think you’d be a good fit. I could teach you some tricks that Dean taught me,” you set your hand down at your side, not sure of what to say to Sam. He really felt this way, his heart pulsing which seemed like each second. You knew he had these feelings, but you didn’t expect him to say anything to you.

            “I think I feel the same,” you giggled like a toddler, not knowing why. Is this was life was like before you were a witch?

            Normal? Damn it. You wanted these feelings gone, but it took so much energy. Sam grabbed the back of your head and kissed your cheek, rubbing it in with his thumb. Dean opened the door, making you and Sam flinch.

            “Whoa, did I miss something here?” he asked, dropping the food onto the table.

            “Sam we talked about this,” you weren’t sure what ‘this’ was, but you had that gut feeling that Sam wasn’t supposed to show anything for you. Clearly did had his trust issues and it affected Sam, too.

            “Dean, it was just a kiss, don’t get your panties in a bundle,” you said to him. Dean, surprised that you spoke up like that, grumbled some curse words underneath his breath.

            “Whatever. Let’s just eat and get this case over with,”


            The car ride to the case was ridiculous, especially with the old music that Dean put on. You hated it, but it was kind of growing on you, which you hated even more. You all finally arrived, and the demons were already there waiting for you. This was it. The Winchester’s would finally be gone and out of your hair, but more importantly, Crowley’s.

            You and the boys stepped outside of the impala, grabbing the guns from the back.

            “Let’s just get this over with,” Dean said, slamming the trunk. You all walked closely together, arriving to the demons. They recognized you, but knew not to say a word otherwise there would be hell to pay.

            “So, are you just going to let us kill you or are we going to have to do this the hard way?” Dean asked, holding the gun close to his face. You felt the energy from the demons building up, waiting for one of them to hit Sam or Dean. You winked over at Michael, giving him the go.

            He pushed his hand toward Sam, making him hit his head on the hard ground. He was out instantly.

            “Sam!” Dean yelled, running over to him. You wanted to stop the demons, but it would give you away. You had to do something; you couldn’t let them do it.

            You pushed a hand out at the demons, forcing them to stay back. They grunted and tried to move, but you were stronger than them, you always would be. The boy’s were watching you from behind, not moving their eyes from you.

            “Y/N,” Sam whispered. You turned to him, putting a hand to your head in frustration.

            “I told you Sammy! I knew we couldn’t trust her! Goddamn it,” Dean angrily hissed. You shook your head, feeling real emotions for the first time in your 248 years of living.

            “No, please listen,” you begged. Dean stood, holding the gun to his face again. You put your hands up, wanting him to end it. You lied to them, and broke their trust. You could’ve had a stable relationship with Sam, and even Dean.

            “You shut your mouth!” Dean said, resting a finger over the trigger. You turned to the demons who were still grunting, but they soon stopped as you snapped your fingers. Dean flinched, surprised at your actions.

            “I’m sorry,” you cry, clicking your fingers again. You developed feelings for the boys, but eventually it would end up hurting the both of them. They had enough stress in their life, and you refused to add onto it. Hopefully they would understand, but you sure would miss your Sam.


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i don't understand people saying "bobby ain't shit yet" like clearly you haven't looked into him at all? not even bobby biased but he's coming into the game (still as a trainee) more successful as a rapper than at least half of his seniors. this boy definitely isn't gonna be ruining ikon, hell he's probably going to be even more successful. yeah, he's giving off a cocky image and supposedly overstepping bounds bc of seniority issues but he does have ground to stand on & isn't even being specific

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If one of your fans was suicidal would U help them if they asked u

If you want me to be honest; I’m not the right one to ask for help on these kind of issues, I just don’t know what to say and I fear that person could get worse because of me…

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about the 'dirty vibe' m/v. I thought it was a big fucking mess, but I was a little excited for CL's part. But in her rap she kept referencing to a lot of things that were/are popular in black culture and things that are commonly said in black people's rap songs. But what made me hate it was that she used almost every term she brought up wrongly, and it made me cringe.

Please read.

Please. If you’ve been sent hate, are thinking of ending it. Please don’t. What they did and said is unacceptable and not fair. You don’t deserve this. You are wonderful, and you deserve to live. Please stay. Don’t leave us before its your natural time. You would be missed terribly. Don’t leave. We want you here, for a long time. We love you, and we want you. You are loved. You will be missed. Please stay strong!! meowiloveyouhehe celestial-impala gothdean nochickflickfics cloudcatchingcas @thcrin thelosttimewar thedestielarmy vodkasam snowbriel lucifersunderwirebra simormonroe protectdean paintedcastiel weirdlymeee

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