ナルプロ ジャンプフェスタ2015 - ナルト‐新時代開幕プロジェクト


relative bonding
  • Shikamaru:...
  • Temari:What's up?
  • Shikamaru:Where is Shikadai?
  • Temari:Gaara took him to the Suna, he wanted to show him something.
  • .
  • Shikadai:So who we visiting today, Uncle?
  • Gaara:Your grandmother's grave, i believe the two of you never met.
  • Shikadai:What kind of person was she?
  • .
  • Naruto:Where's the kids?
  • Hinata:Hanabi decided to take them out somewhere.
  • .
  • Himawari:So what kind of stories are we gonna hear today?
  • Bolt:Nothing too romantic, right?
  • Hanabi:*grins* Oh no, nothing like that, let's talk about your parents embarrassing moments.
  • Kurama:We can start with who kissed your dad first.
  • .
  • Sasuke:No.
  • Kakashi:But--
  • Sasuke:You are not taking her anywhere.
  • Sakura:We are not over the fact you read Icha Icha to her as a bedtime story.
  • Kakashi:That was a mistake.