Team 7 Reunion??!?!
  • Naruto is at the tower
  • Sasuke is at the tower
  • Sakura is going to the tower
  • Kakashi is lost on the road to the tower that probably had a little old lady crossing it and he had to help. Then he got distracted by how beautiful life is and the flowers in the field, but don’t worry he’ll probably be coming too.

judging from the chapter, Naruto is already the 7th Hokage when Sasuke took on the mission to stop Kaguya’s army.

But as shown in the Last, Boruto and Himawari are toddlers and it’s during Kakashi’s reign as 6th Hokage.

So was Sasuke a part of Sarada’s childhood?

if so, maybe the news of her father leaving triggered her sharingan winch caused her memory loss of Sarada not remembering much of Sasuke.