ローソン限定NARUTOカレンダー そしてHMVのNARUTOカレンダー♪ ☆彡 

For all of those requesting for the complete shots of the calendars, here they are. The first 13 shots are from the Lawson Limited Edition Naruto Calendar while the last 2 photos are from the Naruto the Last Special Edition Calendar by HMV. The Lawson desk calendar features all of the 10 Naruto films from Part 1 to The Last and its pages can also be cut and be converted into postcards. ローソン限定NARUTOカレンダーがポストカードにもなる。


NARUTO THE LAST - キャラポップストアnamco東急プラザ蒲田店
〒144-0051 東京都大田区西蒲田7-69-1 東急プラザ蒲田7F

Here are some shots at The Last Naruto The Movie - Character Pop Store in Namco Tokyu Plaza in Kamata. For those who want to visit and buy lots of Naruto the Last merchandise, they are open from January 16 - Feb 22, 2015, at 10AM - 7PM (Mon-Thu) and 10AM - 8PM (Fri, Sat, Sun)