For many of us, August marks the end of a chapter. It’s one last chance to hit the snooze button before fall begins, bringing with it a new school year, new challenges, and exciting experiences.

Over the past few months we’ve had the opportunity work with some of the most industrious interns any company could ask for. Our deepest thanks to Romain, Molly, Adam, Max, Christoffer, and Kyle, our youngest intern ever who’s returning to high school next week!

In early summer, our CEO and co-founder Georg Petschnigg took international interview magazine Freunde von Freunde on a tour of our TriBeCa office space. The profile features some of the best photography of our New York home yet thanks to James Chororos. Check out the article on FvF and Vitra for a closer look at some of our unique design pieces.

This summer we also got the chance to talk with Fast Company about how we build a creative work environment at FiftyThree. (Hint: Hire for outside passions!) You can read the article here.

Across the pond, the National Galleries of Scotland teamed up with the legendary comedian and artist Phill Jupitus to sketch the museum’s masterpieces in Paper. For three weeks in August, Phill sketched his interpretations of the extensive collections at the Scottish National Gallery, Portrait Gallery, and Gallery of Modern Art. His renditions were as witty as they were funny, and museum patrons of all ages sketched alongside him. You can check out their Paper masterpieces on Twitter and Facebook. Below is one of our favorites, Phill’s take on Paul Gauguin’s ‘The Three Tahitians.’

It’s been an eventful season, and we’ve also been hard at work on something new. Thank you always for your unwavering support. For our friends in the US, enjoy the long holiday weekend! See you on the other side.

Photos by James Chororos and The Scotsman


Stephen Fry: It’s to do with the bending of light and the eye not accepting it, essentially.  But it is genuinely below the horizon, physically, i.e. in other words, the Earth is turned such that it is not there. … Light from the setting sun passes through our atmosphere at a shallow angle which is gradually bent as the air density pressure increases, not dissimilar to the image of your legs when you sit in a swimming pool.  The effect is to artificially raise the sun in the last few minutes of its decline.  And by coincidence, the amount of bending is pretty much equal to the diameter of the sun.


Simon Amstell Confused Noel Fielding ))) (S20E02)

The fringe is so wild yesterday Jack Gleeson bumped into me on a narrow wynd and today Im having lunch at the same burger place as Phil jupitus

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"…slightly put off by the idea of the child-buffing."

Another favorite of mine; I lose the ability to breathe normally whenever I watch this.

Lack of WiFi means i haven’t been posting lately so sorry about that if you were interested but i am currently sitting in a cafe as the fringe has ended, going to catch a train later this afternoon
It’s so sad to look at the mile without all the stuff on it and not covered in people advertising shows and stuff. It’s really really sad it has ended because being up here and performing every day has been one of the best experiences of my life. There’s really nothing quite like it.
I saw Phil Jupitus do a spoken word thing and he said that if you were performing here you had won life’s lottery and i have to agree. Having the freedom and ability to join in and perform in the world’s biggest arts festival has been such a superb opportunity and experience and i really am blessed to have been in the position where i could do it. It has cost a lot of money and a lot of time but it has been overwhelmingly enjoyable

the line up for whose line is it anyway but not actually whose line is it anyway was special u-u

extra points for surprise phill jupitus hooray

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Phill Jupitus Live At The Apollo