Stripe crop top by perrieanddaniellestyle featuring a crossbody purse

Miss Selfridge striped shirt / Chiffon top, $25 / H M leather jacket, $58 / Au Jour Le Jour clothing / Mango pleated maxi skirt / H&M high waisted jeans, $50 / High waisted shorts / Topshop black sandals / Converse shoes / Qupid shoes / JuJu flat shoes, $33 / London Fog tote bag / Backpacks bag, $87 / Sole Society crossbody purse / River Island hat, $51

Heartbreaker // Ellis and Natalie.

With the return of Ellis and with Dawson’s back-up, Natalie was somewhat convinced on what the right decision was. After texting him as a way of confronting Ellis of his ways - his pity partying, conversation turning, name calling ways - she was sick of it. Throwing her phone down on the coffee table in the living room - pretty sure of doing some form of damage to her phone or to the coffee table - she stormed up the stairs. ‘Ellis!’ she screamed out, her pace picking up as she began to speed walk down the corridor.

Opening the door quickly, letting it slam against the wall, she flounced up to the boy - standing pretty blurry eyed by the closet - and slammed with around his pretty face, leaving a pulsing red hand print on his left cheek. ‘Me, stray? You think we’re done because I strayed? You can go fuck off if you think you’re done because of me fucking straying. I put up with time after time, mistake and cheat after mistake and cheat. I have been the open person there for you through fucking everything. Not Jet, not your useless brother, me. It was always fucking me!’ she began to yell, slapping the boy again, her hand beginning to throb. ‘You’re a fucking asshole and I let you treat me like shit. I am not your fucking doormat for you to just walk all over, Ellis!’ she continued, her hand pulsing and throbbing by her side.

11 Questions Tag

I was tagged by shiki86ai :3

1. How did you noticed otome games?
tufi7 XD

2.What kind of anime/manga genre do you like?
Hmmmm…shonen, romance, shonen-ai and YAOI lol XD

3.What kind of drinks do you like?
Drinks?…hmm…..cold milk :3

4.Which is your first otome game and route you played?
First game MY SWEET BODYGUARD! Subaru’s route

5.Which is your favorite cg?
Ummm… Subaru’s honeymoon CG

6.Which character do you like and from which game?
Ichiyanagi Subaru frm MSB~ :3

7.What candy represents you?
Eeeh? Lol ….idk….maybe cotton candy XD

8.Do you prefer baths or showers?
Shower… so I can dance n pretend I’m in a music video XD

9.Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
Sunset… cuz night comes afther dat *creepy smile*

10.Do you like the Voltage SMUTS that makes you blush wildly?
I nvr blush… I grin ahahahahah n yeah I LOVE IT!

11.Ever have a dream of your guy(s)?
Ahahaha all da time XD that msb titanic dream…..meh… n chasing ishigami to grab his ass XD (I regret nothing) last dream was kissing subaru on da roof while watching da stars~~~~ many many dreams X3

Yaaaaaaaaay finished XD
Ok then my questions r ~~

1. Who’s ur fav MSB character?

2. If u hv the the chance to live in one of voltage games what game u’ll choose?

3. A voltage guy u really wanna hear his voice?

4. One of voltage games going to be an anime which one u’ll vote to?

5. Choose one anime to be Otome game!

6. What if u found ur voltage guy in real life?!!! But…he’s ur best friend’s EX!!!

7. You where in a crime scene! Suddenly (Ishigami/Goto) handcuffed u ….. what’ll u do?

8. If hv 3some with MSB guys what pair u would like? ex: (SubaruXyouXKaiji) u can choose more than one pair!

9. You where in a party u saw ur voltage guy in real life! He saw u comes closer n smile then suddenly ur father introduce his friend’s son, u turn to ur guy n saw him walks away! What’ll u do?

10. You hv a women problem u need to get ur *beep* checked! U were waiting for ur turn… enter da dr’s clinic n ur dr was ur voltage guy! What’ll u do?

11. You are a nurse! Ur voltage guy just woke up from a coma, he had amnesia! He saw u n ask u if u were his gf? What’ll u say?

Guahahahahahahahha omg those r not questions XD
Anyway I wold really want to know ur reaction!!!! Plzzz do it!

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Sorry if u dont want to answer dis ^///^)