My first manip ever. Since I don’t own Photoshop, I had to make it in Microsoft Paint and several photo editors. Hope you like it!

Imagine waking up and your favourite character/actor just woke you up with breakfast in bed. You don’t know how the fuck they got in your house, but they’re wearing a nothing but a frilly pink apron, so you roll with it.

sherlock will moan himself completely hoarse and then show up to a crime scene barely able to speak and while lestrade will be somewhat grateful for the phenomenon he will also be like “what’s wrong with him” and john will be like “idk mate it’s almost like he was moaning at the top of his lungs all night or i mean maybe he’s got a cold or something”

About Me

-Impatiently waits for Benedict Cumberbatchs ice water challenge
-impatiently waits for Martin Freeman’s ice water challenge
-impatiently waits for Andrew Scott’s ice water challenge

I need an AU fic about John and Sherlock being together while John is in Afghanistan. Sherlock helping John up the stairs of 221B when he’s home. John suffering from PTSD and not being able to sleep in the same bed as Sherlock out of fear he’ll hurt him during a nightmare. John getting severely depressed about being invalided home, and unable to be a surgeon anymore. John leaving Sherlock because Sherlock is too good for a broken toy soldier. Sherlock finding John sleeping in an alleyway two weeks later, after someone from the homeless network gave him a tip. Sherlock ensuring John gets help. John always having a place at 221B. Sherlock and John have a ton of make up sex. I THINK ABOUT THIS A LOT AND WISH I WAS A TALENTED WRITER SO THIS COULD BE REAL.