John Finnemore On My Radio

So I saw a post where someone wanted to know what else John Finnemore had done besides Cabin Pressure, and it sparked an OCD-need in me to properly catalogue what I know. Below is a list of John’s radio appearances: it doesn’t count occasions where he’s written but not performed, and it doesn’t count any television work.

I don’t have any downloads available, but many things can be found on tumblr, and I managed to get most series of The Now Show as torrents.

I’ve linked the first mention of each show to the British Comedy Guide page in case you want more info. I’ve tried to give the episode title where there is one, or the series and episode number, along with the topic John spoke about if appropriate. Also, dates are in the British/Australian format of dd/mm/yyyy.

I’m keeping this list up to date so feel free to bookmark and check back!

30/08/2006    Fordham and Lipson In Your Ear

27/03/2008    28 Acts in 28 Minutes
27/03/2008    Happy Mondays: The Big Night In
05/05/2008    John Finnemore, Apparently (Note this was a ‘test’ sketch show, most of the sketches were later reused in JFSP.)
17/06/2008    Footlights At 125: A Retrospective: Ep 1
24/06/2008    Footlights At 125: A Retrospective: Ep 2
01/07/2008    Footlights At 125: A Retrospective: Ep 3
02/07/2008    Cabin Pressure: Abu Dhabi
09/07/2008    Cabin Pressure: Boston
16/07/2008    Cabin Pressure: Cremona
23/07/2008    Cabin Pressure: Douz
30/07/2008    Cabin Pressure: Edinburgh
06/08/2008    Cabin Pressure: Fitton

17/07/2009    Cabin Pressure: Helsinki
24/07/2009    Cabin Pressure: Gdansk
31/07/2009    Cabin Pressure: Ipswich
07/08/2009    Cabin Pressure: Johannesburg
14/08/2009    Cabin Pressure: Kuala Lumpur
21/08/2009    Cabin Pressure: Limerick

12/03/2010    The Now Show, S30E02: Pet Laws
13/04/2010    The Vote Now Show, Ep2: Guide to Campaign Leaflets
21/04/2010    The Vote Now Show, Ep6: Made-Up Party News
28/04/2010    The Vote Now Show, Ep9: Debate Advice
03/05/2010    The Vote Now Show, E10: Media Bias (youtube)
18/06/2010    The Now Show, S31E01: The BP Oil Spill & James Cameron
25/06/2010    The Now Show, S31E02: John Finnemore co-hosted with Steve Punt
09/07/2010    The Now Show, S31E04: John Finnemore co-hosted with Steve Punt
10/12/2010    The Now Show, S32E04: Wikileaks/Russian Spies
25/12/2010    Cabin Pressure: Molokai (Christmas Special)

04/03/2011    The Now Show, S33E01: Prince Andrew and his job
10/06/2011    The Now Show, S34E01: Exam Question Debacle
01/07/2011    Cabin Pressure: Qikiqtarjuaq
08/07/2011    Cabin Pressure: Paris
08/07/2011    The Now Show, S34E05: News International and News of the World (youtube)
15/07/2011    Cabin Pressure: Newcastle
22/07/2011    Cabin Pressure: Ottery St Mary
29/07/2011    Cabin Pressure: Rotterdam
05/08/2011    Cabin Pressure: St Petersburg
18/09/2011    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S01E01
25/09/2011    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S01E02
02/10/2011    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S01E03
09/10/2011    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S01E04
11/12/2011    Dilemma S01E05
30/12/2011    The News Quiz S76 Special - The 2011 News Quiz Panto

09/01/2012    The Unbelievable Truth S08E03: Crocodiles (youtube)
30/01/2012    The Unbelievable Truth S08E06: Pasta (youtube)
20/01/2012    The News Quiz, S76E04
17/02/2012    The Now Show, S36E01: Militant Secularism and the role of religion in society (youtube)
09/04/2012    The Unbelievable Truth S09E02: Pandas (youtube)
30/04/2012    The Unbelievable Truth S09E05: Dr Johnson (youtube)
08/06/2012    The Now Show, S37E01: The Eurozone Crisis Restaurant Analogy (youtube)
30/07/2012    The Now Show 2012 Live! (Olympics Special) Ep1: Disliking the Olympics (youtube)
15/08/2012    Before They Were Famous, S01E01
22/08/2012    Before They Were Famous, S01E02
22/08/2012    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: Edinburgh Special
29/08/2012    Before They Were Famous, S1E03
05/09/2012    Before They Were Famous, S1E04
13/09/2012    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S02E01
20/09/2012    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S02E02
27/09/2012    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S02E03
04/10/2012    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S02E04
11/10/2012    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S02E05
18/10/2012    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S02E06
30/10/2012    A Good Read: A Landing on the Sun by Michael Frayn

09/01/2013    Cabin Pressure: Timbuktu
14/01/2013    The Unbelievable Truth S10E03: Boris Johnson (youtube)
16/01/2013    Cabin Pressure: Uskerty
23/01/2013    Cabin Pressure: Vaduz
30/01/2013    Cabin Pressure: Wokingham
04/02/2013    The Unbelievable Truth S10E06: Germany (youtube)
06/02/2013    Cabin Pressure: Xinzhou
13/02/2013    Cabin Pressure: Yverdon-Les-Bains
22/02/2013    The Now Show S39E02: The Pryce Trial Jury
04/03/2013    Steve Lamaque
15/04/2013    The Unbelievable Truth S11E02: The BBC
07/05/2013    The Unbelievable Truth S11E05: Aeroplanes
07/06/2013    The Now Show S40E04: Legal Aid Reforms
03/09/2013    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S03E01
10/09/2013    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S03E02
17/09/2013    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S03E03
24/09/2013    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S03E04
01/10/2013    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S03E05
08/10/2013    John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: S03E06
01/11/2013    The Now Show, S41E06: Democracy in Action: The Jam Row
11/11/2013    I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue S60E01
17/11/2013    I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue S60E02

06/01/2014    The Unbelievable Truth S12E02: Russia
27/01/2014    The Unbelievable Truth S12E05: Guinea Pigs
21/03/2014    Feedback: The success of Cabin Pressure
07/04/2014    The Unbelievable Truth S13E01: Pubs
21/04/2014    The Unbelievable Truth S13E03: Dogs
02/05/2014    The Now Show, S43E03: Royal Mail

If you know of anything that’s not on this list, please let me know! I’m always happy to find more from #flawlessfinnemore!

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The many voices of John Finnemore…

A little something I whipped up to show one reason (among many) that I’m in awe of this man.

On stage mistakes that must be immortalized

*John Finnemore stands up, walks over to the side of the stage, grabs a glass of red wine and dramatically gives it a swirl*

*”Narrator” music introduction*

JF: Well! Since you asked me where the hell my script is…!

(Audience notices he’s not actually holding a script. Second cast member hurriedly grabs one and rushes it over to him.)

JF:… I will answer that it was in my hand the whole time! Now, perhaps we might hear that *delightful* introduction music once again…


"John Finnemore returns with half an hour of his own sketches, each funnier than the last. Although, hang on, that system means starting the whole series with the least funny sketch. Might need to rethink that. OK, it’s a show filled with sketches written and performed by John Finnemore, but now no longer arranged in strict order of funniness. Also, he’s cut the sketch that would have gone first."