Jensen said in his Meet and Greet at Dallascon that Misha didn’t pick the daisy duke hotpants and the muscle shirt for Jensen for the mockumentary.
Jensen grabbed the shirt from the wardrobe trailer and he had those pants still in his drawer from a daisy duke day on set a while ago, where all the crew guys wore them.

So basically my brother bought me a Jensen Misha photo OP (because he is a douchebag lol) and I think he thought I would sell it or something but I decided to make the best of it so Rose and I came up with the idea of the signs (that was before Jensen made that lonely Jensen tweet lol) and so during the OP I walked up to them and asked them to hold up the signs and look sad. The moment Jensen saw the sign, he laughed and then looked at me and said “You know what, I do miss Jared.” And he had the cutest smile on his face and it was just so fucking cute and dumb and soooo fucking sweet uwu He loves Jared so much and his face in that pic is so adorable aahhhhhh