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"Shush, just concentrate on staying awake, okay? Don't sleep." (Mike or Mercy your choice!)

Kelsey was struggling to keep her eyes open. She groaned, the thumping in her head never ceasing as she could barely make out the figure. She had been shot, mistaken for JARVIS who had been uploaded into the mainframe and was slowly taking over the world. The girl sniffled as she wearily looked up at the monitors, “J-Jarvis, I’ve had enough. You need to stop this now…”

She held her head with her hands in effort to not fall over from dizziness.

//Here, have Transcendence AU! XD// 

1) Noel and Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker at the 1996 Brit Awards. •••
2) Noel and Liam. •••
(Oasis) Supersonic Supernova, Michael Krugman.

Skimmons Fic Idea

Skye is seventeen and the newly adopted daughter of Stark family. She always acts indifferent to everything and is constantly wearing her favourite leather jacket. Even though she’s constantly surrounded by money she barely every asks for anything, just a laptop and a space to call her own.

Skye is strong, independent, extremely clever but she can also be very shy. She likes to spend most of her time on her computer and hacking into Jarvis, Tony pretends to be annoyed by it but he’s actually very impressed she manages to do it.

Skye has been apart of the family for a year, but she still secludes herself from Pepper and Tony, not because she doesn’t get on with them, she actually really respects both of them, but because she’s not used to people caring about her and she doesn’t know what to do with it or how to respond. 

Then one day they get a new cleaner and at first it doesn’t impact Skye’s life at all, until one day she brings her daughter Jemma with her to help. Skye is immediately drawn to the other girl, but she doesn’t say anything to her other than the offhanded hello. Jemma starts to come to the house more often, Skye finds herself sitting in the rooms that Jemma usually cleans, hoping to one day find something to say to start a conversation. 

Pepper notices Skye’s infatuation with Jemma and decides to talk to her about it, at first Skye is completely embarrassed but after Pepper gives her some pretty sound advice she decides to talk to Jemma the next time she sees her.

When she does she finds that they both get on really well and more often than not Jemma will spend her time talking with Skye rather than cleaning like she’s supposed to. As they start to become closer Jemma brings Skye out of her shell, and Skye even starts to get closer to Tony and Pepper too.

Prince Loki
read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1CZ90JW

by Batfink

In which Loki is a Prince of Sweden instead of Asgard and bumps into Tony in New York.

Just wanted to try something a little bit different with this two.

Words: 4446, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1CZ90JW

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I'm not saying you're wrong, but how is Agent Carter supposed to add main cast diversity? It's 1946. There'd be no agents of color at that time. And she's the only woman. That's the whole premise. Times are bigoted as shit. The show runs for a mere 8 episodes. It's tightly packed as is. There's not much room for characters besides her, Stark & Jarvis + Nazi antagonists. Sure, they could have more extras be PoC, which they should. But that wouldn't, rightfully, satisfy people.

Isn’t Peggy Carter tied to Captain America? So it’s totally believable that time period had the technology to transform a runt from Brooklyn into a super soldier with some sort of serum but black people couldn’t have been an agent in this fictional 1940’s world? I mean….

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✗ [ sorry for stalking you I just love your Jarvis and feel like sending all the memes]


The room was rather dark and in an effort to find a light, they had both entered but that had proved to be a rather interesting idea because Peggy had tripped and crashed into him, sending them both onto the ground. His head had smacked the dirt floor and he lay there, momentarily stunned.

(never apologize for stalking. Would you like a cookie? *waves one at you*)

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I really hope that we get to meet anna and that we get to see her doing things and being Jewish like I would kill for a Jarvis shabbat with peggy


Now I’m picturing Peggy frantically trying to finish her spy business before sundown so she can make it to Shabbat dinner with the Jarvises (and running into a few snags along the way). Cue humor, suspense, etc. In the end, she makes it in by the skin of her teeth. After the blessings, Peggy finally gets to sample Anna’s famous goulash, and she and Anna and Edwin chat and bond, and that’s where the episode fades out. <3

So I just finally watched Agent Carter and I love it for a million and one reasons, but the clincher for me was when Jarvis talked about his wife, Anna for two reasons. 

1. In this story we have actual acknowledgement of the fact that most people in power when given the option to help Jews and Rroma get out before they got killed chose not to because they were antiRroma and antisemitic as fuck.

2. When Peggy goes ‘She was Jewish’ and Jarvis responds ‘Still is I’m happy to say’ I don’t think I can really explain why I loved this bit, but I really did. 

So for many reasons including this Agent Carter is a win for me. I just hope that we can meet Anna and maybe even get have a shabbat meal with Peggy, Jarvis, and Anna cause that would be awesome.

I could have been a likely and welcome resident of the world of violence (as opposed to the tourist I became), but somehow I followed a different route.

Some people come through awful childhoods and become productive, contributing adults, while others become people who do anti-social or even monstrous things. Why? It is similar to one brother asking another, “Why did you grow up to be a drunk?” The answer is “Because Dad was a drunk.” The second brother then asks, “Why didn’t you grow up to be a drunk?” The answer is “Because Dad was a drunk.”

Some more complete answers are found in Robert Ressler’s classic book Whoever Fights Monsters . He speaks of the tremendous importance of the early puberty period for boys. Before then, the anger of these boys might have been submerged and without focus, perhaps turned inward in the form of depression, perhaps (as in most cases) just denied, to emerge later. But during puberty, this anger collides with another powerful force, one of the most powerful in nature: sexuality. Even at this point, say Ressler and others, these potential hosts of monsters can be turned around through the (often unintentional) intervention of people who show kindness, support, or even just interest.

I can say from experience that it doesn’t take much.


The Gift of Fear, Gavin de Becker

I read this and I couldn’t help thinking of Tony, and then of course that post that went around a week or so ago about Jarvis that asked, “What happened?”

Howard Stark is what happened and it was Jarvis, Jarvis’ influence and Jarvis’ kindness that kept Tony from becoming a monster.

Peggy Carter is a BAMF

So I had planned to write about a different show this week, but then I saw the current state of Agent Carter’s ratings and it made me very worried about the future of the show. I’ve been immensely enjoying it and I really don’t want it to be over so soon. 

Marvel’s Agent Carter tells the story of Peggy Carter post-Captain America: The First Avenger. But I do want to stress that you don’t need to have seen Captain America or really have much knowledge of the Marvel-verse to enjoy the show. The basics, which are laid out in that pilot, are that Agent Peggy Carter is a British Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) agent who fought alongside Captain America during World Word II and fine, yes, she was also his love interest. Now the war is over, Captain America is gone and Agent Carter is working in the SSR offices where she is treated like a glorified secretary. 

Hayley Atwell is freaking fantastic as Agent Carter. She’s a complicated character. She has an interesting personality. She might have been Captain America’s sweetheart, a fact her SSR colleagues are unable to see past, but she’s no damsel in distress. We know that. Steve Rogers knew it. Anyone who actually worked with her during the war knows that damn well.  And most importantly, she knows it. But her SSR colleagues missed the memo and so our kickass female badass is relegated to getting the lunch orders. The sex politics on the show sometimes feel a bit on the nose, but it’s effective and Hayley Atwell, sells the hell out of it. I think the show has a lot to say about being a woman, and I like what it’s been saying so far. 

Also, Peggy punches a lot of people and I approve. Punch away Peggy! And might I add, Peggy looks damn good kicking ass.  The plot of the miniseries (first season is only 8 episodes) revolves Peggy’s life in post WWII New York as she balances being a single woman in New York, an agent in the sexist SSR offices and secretly clearing Howard Stark’s name. To achieve this last goal, Howard has provided her with the services of his trusted butler Jarvis. Jarvis and Peggy are a thrill to watch together. Jarvis fumbles through most of their missions and yet he proves to Peggy that just because she can do it all alone, it doesn’t mean she has to. Actually I kind of love the supporting cast, Lyndsy Fonseca plays Angie, a waitress who is adamant about being Peggy’s friend. Chad Michael Murray plays one of the sexist SSR agents mentioned above while Enver Gjokaj plays the one sort of nice agents in the office (I’ve been a bit obsessed with Enver Gjokaj since Dollhouse) 

So in conclusion, watch Agent Carter, it’s ridiculously fun, and it’s only 8 episodes. 

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Darcy x Steve: espionage

"Sssssssh," Darcy hisses, placing her finger against Steve’s lips. "You’re going to wake up the whole tower if you keep talking." 

Steve raises an eyebrow at her. “I am not the one making unnecessary noise right now.” 

"That’s what she said. Ha! Oh God, I’m drunk. This is a terrible idea. Why are you letting me do this?" 

"I…. am not as responsible as you were led to believe." 

"That’s so fucking hot." 

Steve laughs. “Thanks, I think.” 

"Anyway. This is a top secret mission, Rogers. Close your trap." 

Steve rolls his eyes. “Of course.” 

They make it two steps into the kitchen before the lights come on and JARVIS starts to greet them. “We’ve been found out!” Darcy shouts. “Run for the hills, Captain!” 

She takes Steve’s hand, and they race through the tower back to his apartment and collapse in giggles and honestly it’s the most juvenile thing he’s done in a while, but it’s the most fun, and when Darcy kisses him, she tastes like rum and sugar cookies.

"Hey," he says, "come away with me." 


"I’ve got all this… back pay laying around. And I’ve got a best friend to find and a lot of leave coming my way. Come with me." 

"And do… what?" 

Steve shrugs. “I don’t know. I just know…. it’s more fun when you’re around. What do you say?” 

Darcy looks at him, bleary-eyed. “I think I know why all of those men followed you into the depths of hell, Rogers. I’m in.”