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so i was tagged by sunshineforlou and finally got around to doing this

fill in all the blanks and tag six people


1. name: Barbora

2. birthday: 26/11/’95 whoop whoop

3. favourite number(s): 13 (this is so mainstream i’m terrible)

4. height: around 164cm which according to google is almost 5.4”

5. talents: high IQ, i know it’s not a talent, but that’s literally all i have (i’m actually a member of Mensa over here in Slovakia but i dont even do anything i just get the mag every month)

6. can you juggle?: i wish, but like i said i’m lame, i can’t even walk straight

7. art/sports/both: art, been attending art lessons for years

8. do you like writing?: i used to, when i was younger, now it’s cool but doesn’t excite me as much

9. do you like dancing?: LOVE IT, i’m shit but i love it

10. do you like singing?: no, i sort of just yodel and yell obnoxiously, that’s not even singing


1. dream vacation: uuugh Ireland or Japan or somewhere in South America or Iceland or Norway, see i love travelling so any vacation is a good vacation

2. dream guy/gal: unjudgemental, soft a heart and adventurous (at least a bit)

3. dream wedding: i don’t even care i just want the grass to be green and loads of rose petals

4. dream pet: one day i’ll get myself a horse

5. dream job: i like to order people around so that’s why i’m studying management, but something with marketing would be nice too


1. favourite song: (I HATE THIS) um there are too many but Lucy Spraggan’s Tea & Toast is a very lovely song, also a current favourite is George Ezra - Budapest AND SANDI THOM I WISH I WAS A PUNK ROCKER IS AN ANTHEM

2. favourite album: Bangerz from Miley, i’m not even sorry it’s a great album

3. last song you’ve heard on the radio: could have been something from Calvin Harris?

4. least favourite song: something Slovak probably, there are loads of terrible “artists” out there

5. least favourite album: none

6. least favourite artist: so many


1. guys/girls/both: all lovely people
2. hair colour: literally the worst question to ask me, ginger i guess
3. eye colour: it’s not about the colour really
4. humorous/serious?: appropriae, that’s what matters to me
5. taller/shorter: taller, everyone is taller than me anyways
6.biggest turn off: excessive swearing(only in Slovak), disrespect
7. biggest turn on: attentiveness, piercings and tattoos

aah this was exhausting! i hope the people i tag don’t mind, i’m sorry if you do! hedgehuglouis harrysrogue theemmed janeeyr beyondpines warriorofmagic