Why Queer?

Well, yes, “gay” is great. It has its place. But when a lot of lesbians and gay men wake up in the morning we feel angry and disgusted, not gay. So we’ve chosen to call ourselves queer.

Using “queer” is a way of reminding us how we are perceived by the rest of the world. It’s a way of telling ourselves we don’t have to be witty and charming people who keep our lives discreet and marginalized in the straight world. We use queer as gay men loving lesbians and lesbians loving being queer. Queer, unlike GAY, doesn’t mean MALE.

And when spoken to other gays and lesbians it’s a way of suggesting we close ranks, and forget (temporarily) our individual differences because we face a more insidious common enemy.

Yeah, QUEER can be a rough word but it is also a sly and ironic weapon we can steal from the homophobe’s hands and use against him.

—  from QUEERS READ THIS A leaet distributed at pride march in NY June, 1990
Three phases that do not invalidate one another
  • 13 year old me:*writes admittedly awesome but self-loathing female protagonist that has something from Within Temptation playing in the background whenever she does anything at all she's such a badass*
  • 18 year old me:"that was bad. overpowered characters are bad. Normal people shouldn't be doing incredible feats as the center of attention. when i wrote them what i wanted all along was to feel better than I did in real life"
  • 23 year old me:*writes admittedly awesome and self-confident female protagonist that has something from Florence and the Machine playing in the background whenever she does anything at all she's such a badass*

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How many of the various sets of people found in the Neath don't have horrible nasty endgames, or aren't actually evil (or are even just less morally ambiguous)? You've got the Revolutionaries, aiming to remove sunlight itself, the splinter of the Admiralty (THE SUN. THE SUN. THE SUN.), magicians and dream-snakes, the Seekers of names of drowned space bats, a church full of candle-eating face-stealers, a vicious rival city across the waters... everyone seems quite insidious.

I think the Presbyterate are just content to chill out forever, but even they get up to plenty of murder, cannibalism, spying and occasional fundamentalism.

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Wait, the wording is confusing. I get pictures of sharks in exchange for questions? Okay… why do you think dudebros think liking cats makes them into women? Cats have different genders, so who decided they’re girls and dogs are boys?

I was making myself open to all of the aforementioned things, but I can reward shark pictures instead of receiving them for sure.

I think there’s a weird association between felines being feminine and dogs being masculine—like, man’s best friend or whatever. Cats are frequently typed female in movies like Homeward Bound. I guess there’s some further gendered assumptions based on cats being clean, graceful and small while dogs are typed as boisterous heart-on-their-sleeve powerhouses. Which falls apart when you consider, like, chihuahuas and shit. If you want to get really insidious with it, cats are typed as shady and untrustworthy while dogs are loyal and compassionate. 

I feel like it makes dudes feel like they’re appearing more sensitive? Which to me is very strange, because of the two options, I’d be much more impressed with a man who has raised a well behaved and loving dog. It’s easy to fuck up raising a dog and develop a shitty aggressive brat of a dog. You have to have some discipline yourself in order to walk it and take it out to poop and socializing it to not be a shithead.

I’m not sure how cat rearing works, it is a mystery to me, I’ve known cat owners who go days without seeing their cat and do not find it alarming. Cats are a strange fluffy crapshoot in my experience. They’re domesticated but they’re not really down with the whole obedience thing as a general rule. I’m not making a better/worse argument, I’m just talking about in terms of care. But yeah it’s probably similar to men who get small dogs like poms or yorkies to appear sensitive or in ownership of their feminine side which is trashbunk. Get  an animal because you love it and for no other reason. 

Anyway here’s a nurse shark I think they’re adorable.

and here’s a closeup of their silly mouths

"One might think of our journey to the core of psychoanalysis as proceeding from an outer layer of pop psychology which includes psychoanalytic ideas: of the unconscious, the meaning of dreams and slips of the tongue, defence mechanisms and, for those who have bought into psychoanalytic versions of this pop psychology, ‘transference’, the idea that their relationships repeat patterns of relationships with significant others earlier in their lives. This notion of ‘transference’ is potent outside the clinic where those in thrall to psychoanalysis draw attention to it all the time. 

This outer layer of pervasive sticky ideology is a kind of limbo-land, idiotic everyday life bloated by media makeover and self-help nostrums with an insidious message that we should be content with our lot smuggled in along the way. Here circulates a version of psychoanalysis purified of any radical
critique, pure ideology hostile to theory, the accumulated dross of cultural
memory of what life is under capitalism. Those who make a demand for
analysis are pretty sick of this kind of life too, and they have just started to
break from it. Lacanian psychoanalysts refuse to adapt people to society
precisely because they are profoundly suspicious of the forms of happiness
cultivated in this deceptive ‘reality’.”

Ian Parker, Revolutions in Subjectivity

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The insidious thing about dragon sickness I think was that it gave Thorin new self-esteem based on gold and undermined any faith he had in his old self, making it really hard to break free and go back to that. I do think he had “ups” while sick tho

Ohh but that was the worst!  You could see how he had a new sense of self-confidence and breaking the sickness was so much more difficult as a result; the fact it made him feel good (in what might have been a very long time) meant that it was going to take the efforts of those who loved him to see that the gold and the throne wasn’t the thing they admired about him (which in the end helped him pull through to go out and fight).  There were high and low points for certain, yes, the moment when he’s talking to Bilbo about the acorn being the most discussed high point.

Es kommt mir vor als würde das Schicksal testen wollen wie viele Schläge ich brauche bis ich kaputt gehe.
—  Insidious
The death of a friendship was usually slow and insidious, like the wearing away of a hillside after years of too much rain. A handful of misunderstandings, a season of miscommunication, the passing of time, and where once stood two women with a dozen years of memories and tears and conversation and laughter—where once stood two women closer than sisters—now stood two strangers.
—  Karen Kingsbury, Even Now