Free! EP 12 thoughts (of the pro swimmer haru kind)

It has been a long road full of struggles but we’ve finally reached our destination and I am so happy about it that I wasn’t going to comment; especially because I think that next episode we may have more insight as to what things touched Haru and in what measure.

But then I rewatched the episode and I couldn’t help but to form my own guesses; and given that this is the topic that has got me more emotionally invested this whole year, here goes nothing! 

When the season started airing, I said that I felt it would be necessary to make Haru acknowledge his competitive drive beyond Rin. And then when Episode 7 aired, I said that personally:

I feel that there are mainly two things that fuel that fear and that keep Haru from honestly addressing the possibilities being presented to him; on one hand, it’s his own philosophy - aka “free”. On the other hand, it’s the future itself and more specifically: the change that future brings. (x)

And I can’t help but to feel that this episode tackled both things. The first I feel was through Haru’s interactions with Russell and Lori; or more specifically, through watching Rin’s interactions with them.




We had an inordinate amount of focus on Haru noticing these things; complete with his eyes trembling right in that last shot. It struck me as peculiar and I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first; but after giving it some thought, to me this feels like Haru may as well have been realizing that you can have a home away from home. That change does not have to be something negative; that leaving Iwatobi does not have to be a depressing prospect. That he can forge bonds and belong somewhere else, too (which I have to say was probably even more effective because Rin told him all about his hardship first).

In other words, I feel that Haru being able to experience the bond Rin was able to form with Russell and Lori - how welcoming they are, how much like family they are - eased Haru’s fears and hesitation regarding change; regarding leaving his roots and his comfort zone and stepping out into the unknown.

So I feel that is one of the vital pieces that allowed Haru to give that step forward at the end. Another one would be Rin’s talk to him in the bed; because it lead to something fundamental (at least to me):

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…I loved this chapter goodbye.

Incoherent prediction about the solid form of Juvia's element...

My gut instinct says Juvia is going to figure out how to freeze water in this arc to feed her ice demon slaying husbando.

Picture it! Natsu and Gray are likely both going to be fighting E.N.D. together because it’s been teased by Silver and Igneel. As typical in Natsu’s signature big fights, he usually gains fire to consume as he finds a way to overpower the enemy. Gray’s a slayer now, but ice doesn’t lay around quite as conveniently. Where would it come from? With this scenario, two sources come to play:

1) Lyon. Wendy is trying to get an all points bulletin out to other guilds for help with FACE. If he shows, he might be able to help provide some icy snacks. However, he’s not there at the moment.
2) Juvia becomes a freezer and provides the man she loves and almost infinite source of power up! That, and she’s been friggin paralleled with Gray this whole arc.

Conveniently, water when cold turns into ice; our resident water mage can boil when she’s angry. We know when she’s sad, it rains. There’s got to be some emotion that brings freezing!

We know her water magic can be frozen by Gray. We know it’s been said that ice and water magic is compatible. This has been played up a few times and was JUST teased again in the magazine. Gray has a power up that enhances with large quantities of ice from someone else. Juvia will do anything in the world for Gray and possesses the basic ingredient for ice. Voilà!

Heck, looking back, it seems like Juvia being the emotionally expressive, yet physically reserved water mage was created explicitly for being the frozen water (aka ice), emotionally reserved, physically expressive (stripping) ice demon slayer mage’s love interest. This same girl was the one who delivered the final blow to give Gray slayer powers and was the one who Silver basically entrusted his son to. Given all of this, it’s probably not a stretch.

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whats the deal with you and harley and your other friends and anaconda????? like do you guys just like butts or is there a joke im missing?????



So this past summer, barlightsprettygirls, incoherentelegy, and I decided to cosplay from Red vs Blue, and to just make the helmets. So Harley made Tex, Sel made Wash and I made Epsilon!Church. Now we were getting to crunch time because between Harley and I working, and Selena and I having school, we didn’t have a lot of time to get together to work on this. Also, Harley is the ONLY ONE OF US WHO HAS A GARAGE. Like literally there is no where for Sel and I to do resin and bondo. So getting this all organized is very hard.


Fast forward to PAX. Harley, Sel and I are meeting Burnie Burns for the first time ever. Harley is getting all prepped to take a selfie with Burnie when the music from one of the booths becomes Anaconda. WHILE STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO FUCKING BURNIE BURNS THEY TURN TO US AND GO “HEY, IT’S OUR SONG”


Old hippie talked to me on the bus today.
  • Old Hippie:Don't let anyone ever tell you flashbacks don't exist. I feel like I'm in the 70s everyday.
  • Me:haha. Word, is that a good thing?
  • Old Hippie:*incoherent mumbling*

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Lisa, just wanted to let you know how much love I have for Black Widow. I love TD&H too, but there's something about Black Widow. Keep up the amazing writing!

I really liked Black Widow too! I loved writing the drama because normally, smut one shots are just fucking but this one had a small plot to it and it had a build and everything so i’m quite proud of it. Thank you for reading both!!!

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episode 12 revisited ONE MORE TIME

as i said, as a rh shipper i feel i’m entitled to a day of incoherent irrational screaming before i actually try to make sense of what went down last night. i just didn’t expect most of my screaming to be so uneasy in tone, all things considered. this is the last post i’ll make on ep 12 for now I swear, but having talked to people and having had time to sleep on it actually reflect on things, i figured i should do a condensed recap of my main points.

  1. for this episode, i expected to experience that same journey towards haru discovering his dream, to progress along with it as he and rin spent time together, and at first i was very hopeful: the palpable rawness in his panic at being left behind when rin went to get them drinks, his perpetual confusion and lingering hurt from the fight with makoto, all of this was 100% in sync with everything that’s transpired so far.
  2. however, the episode soon began to rely too heavily on the novelty of australia; i loved the fresh vibe it gave everything, like it allowed haruka the chance to literally disconnect with the pressures holding him down, but at some point it almost felt like the show was too enamored with its use of foreigners and english – it made haruka continuously disengage from the things happening around him, having to rely on rin to translate, and so much of what happened actually happened to rin instead of haru. which leads me to…
  3. i literally can’t believe i’m saying this, but for an episode that was probably meant to highlight haru’s self-discovery, there… was almost too much of rin? i understand that the purpose of his past was to showcase how much more there was to life, and i am so, so incredibly happy he got to share all those important things with haruka. but i also wish that instead of spending screentime on rin talking to a receptionist, or rin recapping so much of his past with his foster parents, they could have used some of that time to focus on haruka – not because i didn’t love these scenes too, but because there just wasn’t enough time to deal with all of it as it was now.
  4. there were hints of haruka’s reactions, yes. there was even haruka speaking some of these reactions aloud. but when you compare all that to rin laying himself out there those in all his raw vulnerability, i wish i could have literally witnessed the gradual progress of how haruka reacted to all of this, how it made him feel, and how it ultimately led him to that moment at the swimming pool where he chose to make the decision of swimming next to the athletes. i do not agree that this episode “destroyed his character” or “ruined everything”, far from it, but i also don’t feel this choice was quite executed to its fullest yet. it certainly doesn’t feel like an asspull (the whole season has been leading up to it one way or another), but it does feel a little rushed. we’ve still got one episode to convince me once and for all that this is precisely what haruka’s whole life has been leading up to, and while i am willing to suspend my disbelief on so many of the technical issues, what i can’t suspend my disbelief on is how it ultimately resonates in my heart.
  5. when it comes down to it, all i want is to see haruka smile, and to understand the very depth and extent of that smile. to feel what he feels. to believe what he believes. to acknowledge all the things he has been running away from this season, and why; to tell makoto how much he means to him, to tell rin how much he means to him, and to admit to himself how much he’s willing to work for his own dreams, because nanase haruka matters to nanase haruka too. i’m so happy for the way rin has shown so much growth and confidence this season – i already believe everything rin has been striving towards, so if he and haruka are to make any kind of leap at this future together, they have to be equals. in every single way.

When his eyes flutter open he’s met with horrifically bright fluorescent lights. It takes a moment for his eyes to adjust, and the big brown blob soon focuses into Stiles’ sleeping form, his head resting on the edge of his Derek’s hospital bed.

His mouth is hanging open slightly, and even though he’s asleep he still looks tired. Black rings encircle his eyes, and he looks like he’s aged years since the last time Derek saw him, when Stiles held him in his arms. He almost doesn’t want to disturb him.

He gently pushes his fingers against Stiles’ shoulder, causing him to mumble something incoherent with a lazy smirk. Derek’s heart practically breaks his ribs it’s beating so fast.

“Hey,” he says softly, when Stiles lifts his head with barely open eyes.

“You’re a fucking moron, you know that?” Stiles says, immediately awake and looking absolutely fuming. Derek kinda wants to be unconscious again.

“I’m in trouble, aren’t I?” he winces, his throat dry and sore.

“Don’t ‘trouble’ me you asshole, you almost fucking died!” Before Derek can even speak, Stiles is on his feet. “What the hell were you thinking, jumping in front of a berserker for me like that?”

“I was thinking I was saving your life. Maybe you should be grateful.” He doesn’t mean for it to come out as bitter as it does.

 “Grateful? Derek, you’re still a human, okay? You’re just as vulnerable as the rest of us and you nearly-” Stiles’ voice cracks, and he throws a dismissive hand out. “Fucking hell,” he says, and only now does Derek see the cracks showing.

Derek reaches his hand out, wincing at the stretch, and Stiles immediately gravitates to the touch, allows Derek to wrap his arms around him and pull him down onto the bed. Stiles ends up lying on top of Derek, his face buried in Derek’s neck.

“I’m sorry,” Derek whispers into his ear, kisses any piece of skin he can get his mouth on.

“I thought you died, Derek. You said you loved me and then you were dead. You were.” Derek tightens his hold on Stiles torso, holding him close.

“Hey, I’m not going anywhere,” he says into Stiles ear. “I promise.”

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IT'S UP! IT'S ON AO3 AND THE TAG AND I JUST REALISED I GOT THE EYES WRONG BUT oh well. I don't think it looks enough like a painting, but I got better as I went along, so stiles is a bit meh, but the wolves are cool. I'm pretty sure I got the amount of Pack present for The Boy In Red correct....

*incoherent flailing and squealing* THIS IS AMAZING EVERYONE GO SEE IT IMMEDIATELY

And you know what else this should be totally secondary but I’m really excited to go shopping and get some cute work clothes and not have to wear scrubs anymore.
And you know what else else? I’m making Mac and cheese for dinner to celebrate and I got out the store brand kind at first but then I was like oh no we gotta really live it up so I’m making the Kraft kind aw yeah

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first is louis even speaking english in that video i feel like he and zayn are strengthening each other's accents.. second he truly dresses like a slightly struggling college bro then buys kill bill props and private beach villas Who Is He

I feel this message on a spiritual level oh my god I know like before we know it ZAYN and louis are gonna be incoherent FUK and KILL BILL PROPS TRUE… like he spends no money on clothes just on random items and vacations lmfao

(No, it wasn’t.

I’m seriously angry with the Hamatora writers. Like, none of what happens has sense. It’s all so incoherent… Master’s and Koneko’s past, the young Moral speech about how Hajime could be who saves Nice from loneliness, wtf is Momoka/Saikyou doing at all, why did Hajime go directly to Freemum to be captured, THE FUCKING MOTIVATIONS OF ART ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME tell me that idk you discovered your bro was killed by whatever of Minimum Holders and you wanted to avenge him by making them all disappear and everyone equal and not with that inferiority complex of yours? WHATEVER

i only want the last episode to be more or less coherent. and happy. and please, without unnecessary ships. Pretty please, Hamatora writers)

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we seemed like a good idea | mark + lexie

Hi. I am mostly an incoherent mess after this video. I don’t vid these two very often despite how much I love them and how much of an OTP they are for me. It made finding/remembering/vidding them so much harder than I thought it would be, but it took me about a day and a few hard hours work to actually finish this. I was listening to this song for some reason and it just hit me- Mark and Lexie. So I apologize in advance.