Hoechlin got an ice cream truck for everybody a few months ago. They made ice cream sandwiches with this special thing that I don’t even know about. And you would go and you eat them — it was unbelievable. It was really, really, /really/ good.
—  Ian Bohen practically incoherent when talking about that ice cream sandwich truck that Tyler Hoechlin sent to set back in June [x]
i lie here … as you disappear

up and down
the path of your flesh
full of flayed fretted graphics
of a long ago herculean legend with
a residue of my silent idle melancholy

bleeding silently
dripping endlessly …

such abstract liquids
are feasts to hungry ghosts
when the supple celebration
of your redemptive arrogance
hunkers down in the flummery of
blood groomed stained questions …

of your incoherence
within the clamps of envy
echoes into my pores
and into my weary

i lie here
with your name
shaking on my dying lips …

i lie here and smell
the coming of dark angels
watching you turn into an apparition
expunging your soul and flesh out of existence

i lie
and see
myself on the other side of the room
looking at me with wild eyes trapped …

in an orbit
of confusion
silently screaming
through an endless night.


kazechama replied to your post: anonymous said:Hi, I’ve been look…

You are going to be a marvellous councillor/therapist (don’t know exactly the right name). You picked a good profession. I wish you all the happiness in the world - whatever you consider happiness for yourself, of course.

[incoherent but flattered sputtering] Thank you.

I just started my training for that this week. I’m aiming for a dual certification, so technically I’ll be a “professional counselor/marriage and family therapist” when I’m licenced. But that’s still several years off. I am both happy and nervous about it.

I’m thinking of specializing in working with LGBTQIA+ folks—helping them find community support, informing them of their resources and legal rights, helping their parents accept them, that sort of thing.

long rant about mental stuff mostly about comics but about media in general mild mentions of #rape #trauma and #death as points

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Herondales and their Ducks

I just really want a Let’s Play of Jace and Will playing Five Nights at Freddy’s because Clary and Tessa dared them too.

And neither of them know about Chica the Chick until they’re already playing and just:


"Okay, okay, I-by the Angel, i-is that?"

"Oh no. Nonononononono-*incoherent whimpering*"

"Oh god. WhatdoIdo do I keep looking at this one, or the rabbit, the rabbit’s close, I-fuck!"

Tessa I thought you loved me-*loudly* James! JAMES! HELP ME!


"*shrill screaming and crying*"

"Ducks-I fucking hate ducks!

"J-James! *hic* JAMES!!"

And then Jen walks in like “Guys, it’s a chicken, not a duck.”

And both Jace and Will stare at him for like, a solid five minutes.

The younger male caught the sudden change and stared at his lover. “Louis?” The Doncaster boy mumbled something incoherent before his eyes finally shut and his arms became limp, their little girl slipping from his arms. Harry was quick to catch their daughter as he frantically looked at the orderly for help. The monitors Louis were hooked up to were increasing at a dangerous level setting the green-eyed male into a panic. “Wh-What’s wrong with him? Louis? Lou, wake up! Baby, please!”

By hazzaandloubearforever

AO3, oneshot, 5k

anonymous said:

I'm twenty-three years old, I'm an adult. I watch adult shows. I would never stoop down to the level of immaturity of watching MLP or creating sexual images of fucking ponies. Are you into beastiality? If so, I hope your parents are getting you the right help you need because THAT is disgusting. Why don't you watch adult shows such as CNN, or Dr. Oz, or Dr. Phil? The last two will help you overcome your sick fascination with wanting to have sex with an animal.

>I watch adult shows



Is this guy fucking serious?

I literally just went on about how the majority of bronies think clopping is disgusting, which it is, then he ask: “Are you into bestiality?” shit tier trolling anon, shit tier. Seriously, how about I make broad accusations about you? Okay here we go.

You’re an immature little loser who doesn’t have anything better to do than to send incoherent messages to people on anonymous comments. You have no job, no friends, no girlfriend and you live with your parents. You’re an Atheist, and you like it that way, you think it makes you a “rationalist” no joke. You spend your nights on /b/ and /pol/ and you think that’s mature. You go to /mlp/ and start threads about how horrible bronies are but it doesn’t give you the reaction you hope for so you go to Tumblr because of the well known fact that many people on Tumblr are pansies who scream oppression every five seconds, thinking you’ll get a free ride of laughs.

How about you come off anon? Then at least I’ll know who I’m dealing with, maybe you’re too scared. Don’t worry, I’ll leave the night light on for you so you can keep shit posting buddy. You’re telling me you’re twenty-three and you have nothing better to do but send messages to a sixteen year old about how his blog promotes bestiality and pedophilia.

You act like it’s the only show I watch, like I’ve never seen an episode of Archer or Rick and Morty, or any other show considered to be “mature” these days. Like I don’t spend the majority of my days watching Fox News or going on PJTV, or like I’ve never even heard of Prager University. The fact of the matter is anon, that I haven’t seen an episode of MLP since three or four months ago because the show is on hiatus. So I’m not just sitting in my room crying over it near a candle lit shrine of Pinkie Pie.

Anon, it’s time to stop posting.

anonymous said:

How far would you go to keep a secret?

Depends on the secret.

In the past, he’s killed otherwise innocent people for stumbling in on his cannibalism thing.

How far would he go to keep people from finding out other, less life-threatening secrets? For example, the one about his weird Mr. North psuedocrush? Probably not as far as murder for that one.

…Well, maybe murder. If it was somebody that he didn’t really know.

I suppose he would still take that secret pretty seriously because Theo finding out would (in Frank’s mind) not only be the end of their friendship but would probably make Theo hate him. The imagined mental image of both Theo and Jack, together, pointing and laughing at him would probably be enough to make killing somebody sound worthwhile.

Frank’s priorities, are, uh, not the best.

Get to know me tagtagtag

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1. Name - Anas
2. Birthday - December 15th
3. Favourite number(s) - Any odd number? Maybe 7
4. Height - 5’4/5’5ish

5. Talents - Ermm, I can read fast? I have none tbh loll
6. Can you juggle? - Yeah, but only with two balls. Does that count?

7. Art/Sports/Both - Both, as long as I’m not the one doing the art or the sport
8. Do you like writing? - It’s usually all incoherent ramblings
9. Do you like dancing? - Loll, I have two left feet
10. Do you like singing? - Who doesn’t love singing when they’re alone


1. Dream vacation - I’ve always wanted to see the Alps, and all the countries it runs through; Italy, Switzerland, Austria.. But so many other places as well. One day

2. Dream guy/gal - I don’t really have any ‘type’ in mind. Err, nice hair? And smiles a lot. This is weak haha
3. Dream wedding - Umm, whatever she wants
4. Dream pet - Cats obviously. And maybe a tortoise 
5. Dream job - Something that lets me travel and is productive. I wanted to be an architect when I was younger, but that’s out the window now 


1. Favourite song - Ooff. Right now? Holding on to You by Twenty One Pilots, or Life in Colour by One Republic. Or even Breathing by Lifehouse. This is a hard question 
2. Favourite Album - Night Visions - Imagine Dragons 
3. Last song you’ve heard on the radio - I’m listening to radio right now. Some Ariana Grande song is on
4. Least favourite song - I don’t have a least favourite song. I just don’t listen to music I don’t like
5. Least favourite album -
6. Least favourite artist - .


1. Guys/Girls/Both - Girls

2. Hair colour - Brown? Black? As long as I’m allowed to play with it, I don’t mind
3. Eye colour - I love eyes. They’re all so pretty

4. Humorous/serious? - Definitely humorous. I’m a moody ass who needs help lightening up most of the time
5. Taller/Shorter - I’m pretty short so around my height I guess
6. Biggest turn off - I don’t know if there’s anything specific. Just being a rude person in general. 

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all i know abt my oc is that they’re 15 their name is finn and they act and dress rlly punk and they’re always wearing headphones (sort of a comfort item thing) but they literally cant stand punk music so they’re secretly listening to like. sarah mclachlan the whole time what a loser