[Totally Confirmed] Luhan submitted his song about Xiumin’s body (title redacted for the sake of human decency) to Eurovision this years. The judges were baffled, as China is in Asia and, more importantly, because the song was “nearly as incoherent as it was offensive”.

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Hold on a minute; qu'est-ce que tu as dit?

Disclaimer: This is going to be an unrefined ramble. I apologize for my complete lack of structure and general flailing. Reader’s discretion is advised.

I have many feelings after 3x06, SO. MANY. But Delphine m’utha fuckin Cormier. Is it my understanding there are those that are STILL questioning her loyalty, and in this case, her sanity?? Because she was having Cosima followed? (I get it, shady, psycho behavior – I’ll get to that.)

Now under normal circumstances this would be highly intrusive and grossly lacking in the structure that the whole show is built on – autonomy. But considering the fact that 1. Delphine is STILL Cosima’s monitor, 2. SHE. IS. TOPSIDE., and lastly, most important of all 3. Cosima is the love of her life. Allow me to point you in the direction of one Beth Childs, ”We do terrible things for the people we love” That line was the single most poignant dialog that spanned through and touched on this ENTIRE episode, and the show as a whole. I tend to think most of the people who’ve jumped on the Shaysima ship have forgotten that Delphine broke. down. after breaking up with Cosima. She didn’t want to. She HAD to. For the sake of saving Cosima’s life, and that of her sister’s. That doesn’t make her immune to heartbreak, and everything that comes with it. I love Cosima, I adore her, but holy shit is her passive aggressive bullshit getting really tired.

I get that she’s hurt. We do this shit when we’re hurt, but harking back to 3x01, Cosima’s part to play was to cure - her and her sisters. And while I hated seeing her heartbroken and pining and agreed that she needed some happiness back in her life – it’s not like Delphine was all glitter and rainbows. She was doing her part. Cosima’s completely fucked off re: the science, for the better part of this season AND LIKE WHAT EVEN IS HAPPENING TO MY BOO. I get it, from both sides, I do, I’ve made my fair share of questionably spiteful decisions (i.e., being super vague, guarded, basically being a  little shit and not allowing Delphine to help her AT. ALL.) due to lady loves. And I get how insanely creepy it is to have your ex-gf spied on and then drowning your sorrows in whiskey (scotch? I hope whiskey) looking at the footage/pictures. But I truly don’t think it was due to crazy-ex gf syndrome. Delphine Cormier is above all else at this point - the head of Top Side. She proved that when she broke things off with Cos. If you think that Rachel wasn’t having the clones watched and scrutinized over while she was on top we’ve been watching different programs entirely. Now I’m sure Delphine feels some type of way, naturally, but my headcanon refuses to believe she’s allowed herself to detour from the mission at hand: Protect Project Leda at all costs. So while the act in and of itself is shady af, context yo. Context is SO important. So we’ll see. 

I am praying that Graeme and John are turning the tired crazy-ex girlfriend trope on its head. Much like they’ve done with a lot of historically tired female tropes. PLEASE PROVE ME CORRECT. Donut drag my precious French Croissant of a Boss Ass Bitch through the most basic of mud. 

On Financial Impostor Syndrome, And Living Like A Rich Person

When it comes to money, it can be incredibly hard to feel like an adult. We go from the total financial incoherence of teenager-dom to the “you’re on your own”-ness of young professional with only a few college years in between. And it’s likely that, for many of us, college was not so much a “rigorous preparation for the realities of living on your own and taking care of your resposibilities,” so much as a “chance to accrue a lot of debt before you even know what it is, while largely ignoring your day-to-day financial life.” At some point, you wake up and you are a 20-something with bills and a job and a need to plan for the future, but no one ever really explained to you how it works. And you never really feel like you hit that sign in the road that said Adult, even if you hit several big milestones along the way.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve never known how to live below my means. Despite consistently working a job of some kind since the age of 14, I managed to squander nearly all of my sizeable savings by the age of 21 on a bunch of nice clothes, a few vacations, and a big car repair. The same patterns of spending-then-panicking have continued to this day, despite having made good progress elsewhere in my financial life, progress which has felt like pulling teeth to someone like me, who longs to just spend and not worry about it. No matter how much financial stability I achieve, I still feel like a Financial Impostor, living like a reckless kid who just got her first paycheck, instead of the professional adult I actually am.

I would consider spending a chunk of my monthly income on a therapist to explain to me why this is but, at the risk of denigrating the process of psychotherapy, I think I can figure it out.

My family experienced some financial turbulence until I was about 11, at which point we became firmly middle-class, but always, always living well below our means. My parents, having gotten a taste of financial instability and discomfort, have been hardcore savers, resisting nearly all forms of credit and always in the process of flipping a property or project to profit. They squirrel away their money religiously and, considering my mother was mostly a SAHM and my father is self-employed, they’ll need it for retirement. They chose the life of the entrepreneur, which comes with its freedoms, but also with its permanent need to scrap, and to think ahead.

While I am lucid enough to realize now that this was a smart and healthy way to live, that this enabled them to ultimately live a life of relative luxury and opportunity based not on what they earned, but what they saved, I cannot replicate it. All of the petty teenage resentments I still hold from living a (relatively) spartan childhood (of generic brands, sale shopping, and home-cooked food for 90 percent of my meals) have continued into adulthood, in the form of dropping my card and buying what I want, because I can. This cycle is, of course, inevitably followed by the panic mode that leaves me hoarding money senselessly, wanting to get back that feeling of protection. I am still, at 26, figuring out that comfort and protection stem from living well below my means, and always saving more than you need to. It still hasn’t sunk in, despite my parents living by those values every day.

In many ways, we play out our childhood relationships with money as adults, just like we do with so many other inherited values and hang-ups. And because many of us never receive a formal financial education, we tend to continue on our immature patterns and childish needs for instant gratification well into adulthood. Even writing this blog, and forcing myself to make better decisions, I’ve realized that “truly feeling like an adult who is now in charge of her future” can feel impossible.

Still, I am much better now than I was when I started this blog. I don’t often give in to my desire to spend what I have, and I have an emergency fund that is beginning to resemble six months’ worth of living expenses. I’ve forced myself to get an accountant and lawyer to help navigate my financial and professional decisions. I technically own two businesses now, so avoiding becoming a mature, capable person when it comes to money is simply impossible. And I have inherited some of my parents’ good sense, both voluntarily and not so much. After a brief flirtation with credit card debt, I am religious about paying off my credit cards every month and watching my score slowly tick up. And while I do carry a tiny bit of student debt — under 10,000, with a very low monthly payment and essentially no interest — it is because of my parents’ insistence on doing two years at community college that I live mostly above-water, unlike many 20-somethings around me. Though my savings game is not where it could be, I am better off than many, and started off on the “living below your means” foot much better than someone who is, say, drowning in student debt.

But I still feel in many ways like a kid, inclined to spend in ways that aren’t intelligent or necessary, or to hoard my money or get rid of it all at once. I sometimes live like a person who is desperate for each paycheck, even when I am part of a successful, stable, upper-middle-class household now.

Regardless of the advantages I have on my side, the mentality of “not being good with money” is a near-impossible one to shake. If you have any hang ups about finance growing up, or feel deprived of the consumerist lifestyle you saw around you (no matter how much we now know that endless spending is a terrible, credit-based nightmare), it’s bound to follow you into adulthood. And you will find yourself, like me, with a certain kind of Financial Impostor Syndrome, where you may be earning a decent living and supporting yourself, you may be an adult on paper with cards and bills and responsibilities, but you don’t feel quite like a grown-up yet, and don’t treat your finances with the kind of proactive planning that we imagine adults must do.

Eventually, I’ll need to live like a rich person, no matter how much I have. Because, as my parents always instilled in me, rich is not a number. It’s the difference between what you need and what you have, and as long as you keep that gap wide, and keep perspective on where your money should be going — in both the short and long term — you will always be rich. I know that I must switch into the mentality of a pragmatic, grown-up woman whose confidence is commensurate with her earnings and her responsibilities. But sometimes it feels like I’ll become her next week, right after I buy this silly little thing I don’t actually need.

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The tmnt boys meet their s/o when they were tutrtle tots :3

*incoherent screaming*


Leo: He’d be so scared, yet super excited!A human friend! He’d stare at her with wide eyes and she’d stare back, her ice cream dripping on the ground and as she tried to move closer, he’d go backwards into the alley. 


He stopped, giving the human girl a look and gulping loudly, “Do you…do you like ice cream?” she asked, holding out her waffle cone at him, “I-It’s cookies and cream!Chocolate chips!A-And I have…” she dug her hand on her back pocket, “I have a pack of laffy taffy!”

Leo blinked, looking at her extended hands before slowly grabbing the pack of laffy taffy, “I never had ice cream.” he says shyly, kicking the ground, “But…I-I need to go back…sensei is…not going to be happy I am out here.”

She frowns, “Oh…hey!Listen,I…can I see you again?What’s your name?”

The small terrapin smiled, looking at his feet “I am Leo.”

Raph: The ball rolled back to his feet again and again he kicked it back, he was having fun for the first time in forever and that girl kept sending him looks. He wanted to make himself known, but she’d scream, he knows she would.

“Are you like,Batman or something?”

His eyes snapped up at the mention of the superhero, his face heating up, “No!I-”

“Cause you are in the shadows or something!Are you like…a ninja?” she walked closer and the mention of ‘ninja’ made him step forward and he winced at her gasp, expecting a scream but she stepped closer and poked his still forming plastron.

“Oh my gosh!You are a turtle?You have a shell?Can I see it?” he blinked in shock before turning around, smirking to himself at all the attention he was having, “You are so cool!Oh my Gosh!You are like,like a turtle kid!Amazing!”

“And I live in the sewers.”

“You are joking!”

“I ain’t…but ya can’t tell anyone ‘bout it.”

She nodded quickly, “I won’t!I won’t!” she blinked “Do you have a name?”

“I am Raph.”

She smiled and his stomach fluttered, “Nice meeting you,Raph.”

Mikey: He kept watching the little girl play with her dog near the park where they often walked to get scraps of metal and other stuff. Her parents were close, he shouldn’t be there so early in the morning but he smelled pancakes.

The dog rushed to his side and he smiled as it sniffed his toes, giggling to himself before picking it up, it was a puppy and it was fluffy and warm.

“Where are you boy-” she gasped, holding the dog’s leash and blinking owly at Mikey, “You-that’s my…dog…sir…”

He laughed, “I am not a sir!I am Mikey!” he placed the dog on the ground and smiled more, “I am Michelangelo!The best dancer in the world!” he said, noticing that like him, the girl lost her front teeth, giving a windowed view of her little smile.

“You dance?Wait…what are you?”

“I am a turtle!”


“Yep!A super cool one too!”

The little girl giggled, placing a hand in front of her face “How old are you?”

“…I dunno…how old are you?”

“I am…” she counted on her tiny fingers before holding them out to him, “I am six!”

“…oooh,I don’t have a lot of fingers, see?” he chuckled while showing up his hand to her, making her laugh as well. He’d hear the bells chime and frown, “I need to go home.”

“Where do you live?”

“The sewers.”

“Oh…that means I won’t see you again?”

“You want to?” the little girl blushed a bit, shrugging her shoulders. Mikey’s face split in a smile, “Okay!Okay!Sure!Can we meet here again like…tomorrow?”

“Fine by me!”

Donnie: The girl always waited the bus on the same spot with her father, her little legs dangling as she read a book snugly propped on her lap, while she listened to music.

Donnie watched from a distance, hiding behind the trashcans as she talked ot her dad, who nodded at her to spit out the gum so they could leave.

She approached the trashcan and Donnie panicked, trying to leave as fast as he could but ended up tripping on his feet, glasses scattering away from his face “Oh no,oh no!” he patted the ground in panic, tears starting to form on his eyes ”Where is it?”

A small hand touched his shoulder and he jerked because of the touch, but then he felt something slid up to his face and his vision became clearer. 

She was staring at him with wide eyes and her jaw hanging open, “A-Are you okay?”

Donnie widened his own eyes, trying to stand up only to fall again, “I-I am sorry if I scared you!I didn’t meant it!”

“What?” the little girl tilted her head, “Why would you scare me?”

“B-Because I-”

“Mama said everyone is different and shouldn’t be trated bad.” she offered him a hand and a smile, helping him stand up, “You are cool looking. What’s your name?”

He blinked “D-Donatello.”

“Cool name!I am-” they heard her father calling her and she isghed, “Sorry I got to go but…here-” she handed him a small rounded pink bubblegum, “For you,Donnie…see you around!”

She walked away and Donnie felt his cheeks heating up, before he smiled dumbly and walked backwards towards the lair.

i know it’s not the biggest issue in the world, i know there’s other stuff we need to address, i know, i know–

i just keep thinking about being fourteen, and this lost little bi kid– do you remember even 2009, do you remember what the conversation was like in 2009, do you remember when there wasn’t a politician in the world who would’ve said they thought homosexuality was acceptable in the Eyes of God

because i do, y'know?

and i keep thinking back to when same-sex marriage was legalized in new york, and i cried and cried and cried, and i thought, it’s not going to be in our lifetimes, but there’ll be a day when saying lgbt folks are lesser isn’t going to be the norm in every country in the world any more.

so if you voted in ireland yesterday– thanks, i guess, is what i’m trying to say. from a lonely lost bisexual fourteen-year-old. it means a lot to me.

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a moment of weakness

4. My muse is completely drunk and incoherent.

After Sigyn had left Fenrir standing on that beach. 
the goddess had not gone home, there were to many
Thoughts spinning in her head, to many questions
unanswered, but most of all, she felt like the guilt
were trying to chock her, taking the form of a lump
in her face. 

She had done what any reasonable  woman would
have done, She had gotten shit faced drunk, and 
had been for a couple of days now. Midgard were
flowing with enough pretty drinks, and cheep liquor 
to make her forget her actions and her problems. 

Now she were laying on the ground, laughing after
she had fallen down, doubting strongly she would
be able to get up. Apparently the norns wanted for
Fenrir to see the Æsynja in this less than decent 
state. because she found herself looking up at him,

“tall, dark and puppy.” she said with a giggle. 

*loud incoherent screaming* 

XD My keychains (rubber straps? I dunno) got here (also tsundemerica gave me a doujinshi as an early birthday gift XD I’ve never had one before. *coughtoobadIcan’treadjapanesecoughbutit’sstillcutesothat’sokpffftt*)

Hours Since He Left

Fandom: Modern Family

Pairing: Haley x Andy

Note: angst and fluff, ANGST AND FLUFF

for: alwaysthequietones (because goddamn it I was inspired by all the edits you’ve been creating) and all the other shippers that wanted more

It had been hours since he left with Beth.

Moments passed since her sister discovered her hiding out with Joe in his room, tears begging to be shed but refusing to move.  Claire had gotten a desperate, near incoherent ramble, call from Phil.  Alex had been sitting right next to her mother and, like the genius they all love, quickly pieced together the words of a shattered love story.  It was only fitting that Alex was the one to also figure out where her big sister had disappeared to.

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Oh my eyes!

Just got back from Mad Max: Fury Road and holy crap, oh my god, what the fuck! That was fantastic. If you haven’t seen it please do yourself a favor and watch badass babe Furiosa drive a souped up rig into the desert with explosions. There were so many good reviews and it was so insane and crazy and it wasn’t even about Max. It was all Furiosa and the wives and the desert women kicking peoples’ butts left and right. They aren’t sex symbols, they’re survivalists.

For those who might be concerned that there’s a scene of sexual assault I’m pleased to inform you that there isn’t one. At all. That was the most refreshing part about this movie considering how common it is in most R-rated action movies. We all know the bad guys are bad. The writers don’t need to prove it through rape. More action movies need to be like this! Sorry for the incoherence, I’m still really stoked!