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And I will continue to seek love.


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yukoki was the inspiration of this theme. Somehow I was able to make this with coherency while I was flailing incoherently over Final Fantasy XV TGS trailer. I demand Square Enix to return Prompto’s previous hairstyle! D< 

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You never think you’re becoming any less “cool”.  You never think you’re becoming “behind the times”, or “old fashioned”.  Especially at a time when the world has already changed dramatically on all fronts (social, economic, and political), you still think you’re progressive, and you still feel as though you’re up to date in current affairs.  You think you know what comedy is, and what music is, and what fashion is.  You think you know everything, because you’ve always thought you were smarter than those who came before you.

But…there comes a time when you realize that something’s not quite right.  One day, you notice this trend towards, say, ultra-skinny jeans, and you just laugh to yourself:

"Oh man, you would have been considered the biggest dork ever if you wore those when I was in high school.  How do they not realize how geeky that looks??”

Or, perhaps, you’ll find yourself rolling your eyes at the complaints of some teen over a minor inconvenience, and think back to how the thing they’re whining about didn’t even exist when you were that age.  And you’ll realize that what you find to be so amazing and awesome are the same things that they’ve completely taken for granted, because it’s all they’ve ever known.  You think about the fact that no one will ever need to go to a library anymore to do research, or that no one will ever have to use a card catalog to find a book.  There’s no longer a need to have to purchase an entire CD just to get the one decent song on it (if it hasn’t been released as a single, which is an entire disc containing all of one song, the same, physical size as a disc containing an entire album).  The new abilities available through technology that have eliminated all the issues you ever had are just a free ride to everyone born after it was invented.

It’s like coming back to an old mmorpg game, and finding out that they’ve lowered the difficulty level, and made it so one person can solo what used to be considered “end game” monsters that needed at least 18 people to beat.  It’s been made too easy.  All of these things are answered prayers that you’ve always wished the game had, but at the same time, the people just starting in it will never know what it’s like to spend hours just to churn out a couple of levels in a crappy party filled with newbies who don’t know not to use area attacks, or keep switching their gear while you’re trying to heal them.  They’ll never have competition for leveling camps, and they’ll never have to wait until they have enough people to finish a quest.  They’ll never know what it means to work for what they want.

Today’s social media has also created this environment where teens can go, and basically bleed out their brains to a like-minded audience that those of us in my generation just didn’t have at that age.  In the process, you wonder if they’re becoming too coddled, and don’t understand what it means to mature as a human being.  They have this constant reinforcement—this little “echo chamber”—that tells them that everything they do is perfectly fine.  They have instant comfort at the push of a button when their feelings are hurt.  Instead of working through those feelings on their own, they’re just being enabled to never learn how to build their own self-confidence, and how to move past the minor obstacles of life with grace and aplomb.  It’s literally preventing people from growing upInstead of being told what they need to know about life, they’re only being told what they want to hear.

And while you’re sitting and thinking about these things, it suddenly dawns on you:  Your parents used to think the same things about you.  And one day, all of these “weird” teens you don’t understand are going to think the same things about the next generation, ad infinitum. 

As “cool” as you may think you are, you can’t stay that way forever in other’s eyes. The world just won’t allow it.  You’ll always be as cool as you felt you were, but things will change.  You’ll become replaced.  And as much as you laughed at the “old dude” wearing checkered Sketchers, or the “old lady” wearing a Lady Gaga shirt, you’ll come to realize that you’ve been looking in a mirror the entire time.

…Growing older is existentially exhausting.


anonymous said:

cs + nose rub?

When Emma wakes in the morning, he’s there (as always) — solid and steady and real and hers — and her heart squeezes sweetly in her chest. His arm is around her waist, face buried in her hair, and when she turns to face him, he murmurs incoherent, sleepy things at her.

She smiles, bright and warm in the early morning light filtering in through the open window, and reaches up to anchor her fingers in his hair, scratching lightly at his scalp until he stirs and stretches lazily under her hand.

"S’early," he whispers.

"I thought you rose with the sun."

"Not when I’ve got you in bed." To prove his point, he pulls her a fraction closer.

"I have to go to work."

Stay,” he breathes, touching their foreheads together and then rubbing his nose gently against hers.

It’s a little nudge, one that tips her face up enough so that his lips can brush sweetly against her mouth. Emma sighs and tugs playfully on his hair.

Okay,” she replies. Ugh, irresistible idiot.

I can run, guys.

It’s less than a week before I move down to Bath to start my Creative Writing MA at Bath Spa University. I keep veering between excitement and abject terror (I will probably be fine when I am down there and settled but until then I keep having moments when i just freeze in fear.

So why is this on the ZR tag? Well, I probably wouldn’t be at this point if not for this dumb, wonderful fitness app. 

Yeah, that sounds ridiculous right? Fitness app to MA. Pretty ridiculous. But here I am and I owe this game so much. 

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anonymous said:

Remember in Catching Fire how, when Peeta hit the force field and his heart stopped and the canon didn't fire because the bloodbath was still going on - I was wondering, what do you think Katniss' reaction would have been if the canon had gone off when Peeta's heart stopped? If his 'death' was confirmed in some way at that moment?

Wow. I don’t know. I think she would have been as incoherent and distraught as she was. I almost feel like she wouldn’t even want to go on since her whole point was to save him. I think the only thing that would have motivated her to keep going was to possibly get home for Prim.

I really think hearing the cannon would have broken her. 

"Hey." Lin lightly shakes Yue’s shoulder.

No response.

"Hey." She shakes the spirit a bit harder.

The spirit smacks her lips and waves her arms around a bit, mumbling incoherently.

"Yue!" The earthbender raises her voice. "Wake up Yue!"

She makes some more vague sounds, muttering, “No wanna…”

Lin gives an exasperated groan and yanks the covers off of the spirit.

"Noooo." Yue curls up into a ball and turns away from the chief.

Lin rolls her eyes and pulls the blanket out from underneath Yue, dropping her onto the floor. “Wake up.”

Oedipus, the King I


The London Tube is a maze,
with walls besmirched with stains spread
out like braille; the insides are stuffy
and narrow like someone’s contracted belly,
with someone’s breath tickling my nape;
their nose pressed light where many lovers
used to lick in the dark, their saliva on my skin
cold. In this tube, we sway like mucus; we squeeze
against each other; there are so many of us a bystander
would think that the space is empty, as if we
made up the train’s emptiness like an organism. The train
hisses as it moves and stops abruptly in each stop.
I grasp on my baggage like a lover, and I breathe
in and out the stench of close human contact during
summer. You can hear some mumbles here
and there but that’s what they are: mumbles, their
conversations incoherent to anyone who can think

I listen to to the loudspeaker announce every stop,
So that I won’t miss mine, but if I get lost,
at least it is in London.

(really rough 10-15 minute draft)ƒwh

anonymous said:

I've heard from refutable and incoherent sources that the money is going towards the funding of some kind of a camp for the imprisonment and degradation of women, women allies, and men and children who look like women. Seeing as they were the first sources to reach my ears, I firmly believe their statements.

It’s good to see that rule 34 applies to TFYC as much as it does to anything else.

anonymous said:

petition to call guys who only go to games to drink and yell incoherently 'brew douches', because i really feel we need a male 'puck sl*t' equivalent that encompasses just how annoying these guys are. i mean they take seats from ~>>real<<~ fans who actually want to watch the game.

Not to mention the occasional beer that gets dumped down so poor True Fan’s back.

Although omg there was one guy that sat behind me at a Rampage game who I will quote for the rest of my LIFE. He kept yelling things like “MAKE IT RAIN” and “THERE ARE FIVE OF YOU ON THE ICE.” It was almost beautiful.

Anyway, sure I’d sign that petition!

All I hear when ariana grande sings is “head clouds blah la la la lahh over blah la la la lahhhh shoulders” *continues to yell incoherent babble*

anonymous said:

Lately I've been reading that quite a lot of people ship Luhan and Yuri (SNSD). Do you guys know anything about that ship and how it came to be?

Dude I have no idea I’m also just hearing about it pretty recently… I have seen a few of those videos of fancams where people speculate what’s actually going on and what conversations are happening… but I’m not easily convinced lol

pfffftomg as;lkdfja;kwef *more incoherent noises* well if Luhan really is as manly as he says then I suppose he would really match with Yuri, she seems more mature and like… womanly? Not like a little girl. Yeah. But maybe Luhan’s the little girl in the relationship omg nevermind don’t hate me

but yo Yuri’s pretty hot though get it Lulu (if it’s true)


multi-muse-central said:


Komaeda’s howling laughter was the only thing that could be heard above the screeching of the elevator. Rusty and unreliable, the mechanism plummeted straight down the shaft with its two occupants still inside—and Komaeda’s only reaction was pure, unbridled laughter.


"AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Is this what my own luck allots me?! It’s the equivalent of this descending elevator—my future tomb!! Both are equally broken, unreliable, easily diverted…! I should have expected to be the passenger of the broken one!”

He began laughing again, ranting incoherently, completely ignoring the second occupant in the elevator….and somehow obilvious to the fact that she was currently uncolling a whip.


I’ve decided I want to post loads more sketchbook stuff this year. .. so prepare yourselves for potentially unfinished/ turdy drawings accompanied by incoherent scrawlings!

Today’s delights:

- Another contemplative bearded man ft. crank hat

- Long necked lady checks out other long necked lady’s boobies

- Legendary gowned and hatted lollipop man

- Darwin Deez’ quieter and more sensitive brother, Darlin’ Deez