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Why is Ben such a dumbass ?

incoherent angry Enzy noises

He’s not! Holy frick balls- the kid is pretty smart. His head is just really fucking big. Need I remind you UAF told us Ben has a photographic memory and can remember something in a weird language he’s never seen perfectly??? He makes really quick decisions which sometimes backfire, but he figures out how to find a way around his major fuck ups. I don’t know about you, but when I fuck up, I can’t think of how to fix it. Ben just goes like, “Well frick I fricked up okay um- wAIT I CAN DO THIS THING. HEY LOOK THING WORKED. I’M AWESOME!” 

Also, his weakest school subject is Physics (if I remember right???), but the kid still manages to pass with decent enough grades (somewhere in the B’s I think?? I don’t really remember but he still does decent in a class thAT HE HAS OUTWARDLY SAID IS CHALLENGING).

He’s also really clever with some of his alien names like some of those names are just the best fucking puns I can’t even I hate how he just goes like, “Hm okay, Iguana that has ice pow- ARCTIGUANA. FRICK YEA. HM, ALIEN THAT KINDA LOOKS LIKE A PTERODAC- ASTRODACTYL. MAN I’M ON FUCKING FIRE. YETI LOOKING CREATURE THAT HAS ELECTRICITY- SHOCKSQUATCH. WOW IF THIS SUPER HERO THING DOESN’T WORK OUT, I COULD BE A STAND UP COMEDIAN I CAN COME UP WITH THE BEST PUNS DANG”

Honestly, if Ben wasn’t so big headed and the writer’s actually knew how to write sometimes, Ben wouldn’t give off that “I’m an idiot” sort of vibe. For me, he’s just an oblivious schmuck who can’t take a hint when someone clearly has a crush on him or when he’s being annoying.

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Yeah at this point I'm just like, especially after the E2 discussion of not mentioning Beth, all I care about this season is Beth coming out of this whole ordeal a kickass warrior and the Bethyl reunion to leave me a sobbing incoherent mess every time I say my eyes on it.

This is basically me.

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You started being butthurr, I was just saying my opinion even though you can't get it. It's just funny how you agree 110% that 90% of the discussions about Tera are about costumes when ALL you post is costumes. It's like you're criticising what you do yourself. But yeah I move on cause I don't need to change the mind of an incoherent costumes gal online:) I wouldn't even care much, but your ego's too big to think someone even studies you. Also content isn't only gear, but how would you know. GN

My rear isn’t hurting, first of all, and second, as an online costumes gal, im entitled to an opinion as much as you. and in MY opinion, i DO agree 110% that people talk alot about costumes and not enough about OTHER game related topics. i say this more as a confession, than a self-criticism. but you’re right, my ego is large, mostly because i work damn fucking hard for what i show, and no amount of belittling will make me feel bad about what i post on my own blog.

also, costume collecting doesn’t mean im completely incapable of understanding the ins and outs of Tera. im quite aware of the other aspects of the game. dont mistake my lack of content for ignorance, it’s rude. are you rude? hmm…  

BLEURGH - Part 1

It’s 7:15 in the morning (the things I do to watch a new video), I almost got a heart attack because I went at the playlist and didn’t see ANY new video, but I’m okay now. I have about 15 minutes before I have to go to school, so LETS DO THIS.

  • Ben’s ability to transform incoherent sounds into video titles never ceases to amaze me.
  • BEN! AND BEA! IN A BATH! I AM SO AMAZED this is gonna be good
  • He holds her in a semi-hug THIS IS SO CUTE
  • Their heads are touching I CAN’T IT’S TOO EARLY FOR THIS
  • We knew that they watched ‘Love Gods’from the tweets, but it’s nice to watch their reactions.
  • "I want to get them back" may I suggest PLOTTING TO MAKE PEDRAZAR HAPPEN?
  • Well, they aren’t going to do that. BUT they acknowledged it so I’m fine. For today.
  • "Ugh" Ben, your Bea side is showing.
  • They are being childish together THAT’S WHAT OTPS ARE MADE OF
  • "You mean when I was 14 and I didn’t know I liked you?" BEN YOU ARE GOLDEN

I have to stop because I have to go :(((((((( But I hope I’ll be able to finish this later!

I just went to a screening of St. Vincent and it was honestly incredible. I can’t get over the performances and the script I’m in love. Also after the screening the cast and director came out to talk about the movie and the little boy is so cute!!! Also Bill Murray is kind of a jerk but he’s seriously funny. Melissa McCarthy couldn’t be there because of the flu but everyone spike kindly of her. I just can’t stress enough how good this movie is and recommend you all see it.

I have to write this down somewhere even though it's 0% coherent

OK so you know how The Doctor wants to know “who frowned me this face?”


and there are a couple of candidates:



Moffat of course said it was possible that the faces come from somewhere, they aren’t random.

And obvs John Frobisher had a lot to frown about (although The Doctor was absent in CoE).


(here is where the incoherence starts)

do you guys remember when The Doctor used to go around with a shapeshifting alien who liked to take the form of… a penguin?


And the penguin’s name was Frobisher.

And, well, PENGUINS


(gifsource: dadskills)

I don’t know where I meant to go with this.

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is there a reason that you are straight edge? just wondering your reason(s) x

I was a bit of an outcast in high school, no real friends, I hung out by myself mostly, so I was never invited to any parties, and was never really immersed in the tradition that is underage drinking.

I’m mostly edge for my health, but I’m also edge because I’ve seen what it does to people. I’ve seen people punch holes in doors, I’ve witnessed a girl urinate on herself and keep dancing, I’ve seen seemingly normal people turn into incoherent wrecks, I’ve been woken up in the early hours of the morning on New Year’s Day by my mother, telling me that my little brother had to get his stomach pumped because someone spiked his drink.

So yeah, that’s why I’m edge.

The feeling of wanting to dig sharp teeth and sharp claws into those who have hurt a dear friend, but feeling trapped and worthless because you can’t.

The feeling of wanting to back someone who’s hurting with wings, and flame, and terrible claws, so as to provide defense and comfort, but possessing none of those.

The feeling of wanting to help, but not knowing how, and not knowing how to ask.


I bottle things up, everyone does to some extent, but the lower I feel the more I withdraw and bottle up my emotions. Then when the bottle cracks and words and emotions pour out it seems that extra emotion leaks out in the most unlikely moments. I got a lot of crafting done the last week or so, and I am pleased with that, but in a way I threw myself into it after I’d had my CBT session and because I was feeling quite low and anxious. 

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I got about 3-4 hours of broken sleep last night and am completely exhausted.

If ever there was a time to send me random anon asks for stupid incoherent answers, that time is now.

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I just browse the Tera tag to get information on new content and so, so no thanks I don't need an account to study you for sure. As someone that really agrees on that post, I find it incoherent that you abundantly contribute to that 90% of Tera discussions being on costumes since that's all you post about. Maybe I missed all the posts where you discussed about all the current content you run besides no-brain RE and cutesy screenshots. My bad for not 'studying' you enough through the Tera tag.

someone’s acting a little salty ^.^ dun like being called out eh? lol people like my “cutesy” “no-brain” posts just fine. i don’t claim to post gear related things, but like people have pointed out, i can agree with the statement mentioned and enjoy my costumes. if you’re looking for information on things such as gear my blog is def not the right choice, so maybe you shouldn’t “study” me, and move right along :)

and btw, if you arent going to take the time to research your argument (saying i dont talk about gear at all without actually looking at my blog to verify that) maybe you shouldn’t be talking at all.. much less messaging me about in in anon O.o