They’ll see each other it’s like a stand still moment, their chests heaving, tears forming in their eyes, Beth runs to Daryl and he runs to her throwing his bow off to the side, he lifts her in the air, she wraps her arms around his neck burying her head in the crook, her legs wound around his waist. Daryl whimpers as he holds Beth tight in his arms, his knees buckle from shaking so badly but he breaks his fall with his hand. Beth is silent because she can not find her voice, Daryl is whimpering incoherent things as he brushes her hair out of her face and his thumb gently caresses over her cut, the other thumb now swiping tears. He can’t believe she is alive, he can’t believe that she survived without him. She shakes her head when she tries to speak but can not, she grips Daryl’s wrist thats cupping her face and turns kissing his palm…

And in that moment they both knew….

Levels of me fucked up.

1) Saying slightly funnier things.
2) Deeper understanding of concepts.
3)Talking about the fundamental reasons why humans exist.
4) Deep conversations about the human consciousness and how unfathomablely deep and complex it is.
6) Dancing.
7) Rapping.
8) incoherent mumbling.

Connor comes home from work late. Oliver, it seems, tried to stay up waiting for him but passed out on the couch. The television screen shows the Netflix menu, and there’s some stale popcorn on the coffee table beside a half-finished bottle of beer. Oliver’s glasses are there, too, close to the edge.

Connor walks to Oliver and shakes his shoulder. “I’m home, baby.”

Oliver just turns his head further into the couch cushion and mumbles something incoherent.

Connor watches him for a moment, smiling wide because no one can see. Then he walks into the bedroom. He takes off his clothes, hangs up his suit. When he’s down to his tank top and boxers, he grabs a blanket off the bed and shuffles back into the living room.

He clicks off the tv, and then unceremoniously drapes himself and the blanket across Oliver’s sleeping form.

Oliver startles awake with an umph! He blinks a few times before his dark eyes focus on Connor. “You’re home,” he says and starts to smile.

Connor glances away from Oliver’s wide smile, the one that’s so cute it threatens to make him blush just looking at it. Connor Walsh does not blush. “Yeah.”

"Good." Oliver wraps his arms around Connor and pulls him closer. Their lips meet, and just as Connor goes to deepen the kiss, Oliver breaks it. His head turns, eyes closed, and he starts to snore.

"Are you kidding me right now?" Connor laughs, but when Oliver doesn’t stir, when his lips don’t even twitch with a hidden smile, Connor knows he’s genuinely asleep.

"Fine," Connor sighs, ever suffering. "In the morning, then."

He lowers his head to Oliver’s chest. Oliver is so warm. And his arms, even in sleep, hold Connor like something precious, something to be protected.

Just like this, somewhere between one heartbeat and the next, Connor falls asleep and dreams of sunshine.

incoherentelegy replied to your post: chesutoberry reblogged your post what…

Sounds like you don’t need him as a friend any more, considering how he isn’t willing to respect your boundaries when it comes to conversations like that.

Hi Selena!
It’s absolutely ridiculous, it’s never been taken out of perspective - not to mention proportion - and I just mentioned to my sister-in-law how he always ends up like this and starts blaming me for not continuing with the conversation when it comes to a sexual note, like, what are you even about, man. 

I can handle a conversation about kinks and stuff, sure. But not when he starts to EDUCATE me about it’s sexual purpose when I know, and I am not about him trying to “convert” me into his bullshit. 

Two Is Better Than One (Happy Phanniversary!)

summary; five years of dan and phil realizing that life is better with the other on their side.

genre; fluff

word count; 961 words

a/n; just a drabble/song!fic based on two is better than  one by boys like girls ft. taylor swiftfor today i jsut wanted to post something ok bye and and tell me what you think ofc i lov e you

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There’s a small smile forming against pale flesh, slight dimple poking outwards as his lips established into a full grin. With dilated blue eyes and flushed cheeks, a tiny giggle passes his roseate lips. “‘S nice how you’re always able to see me, yet to everyone else I’m like —— invisible.” His words are somewhat incoherent and jumbled due to the joint he finished minutes before, and his blonde hair is disheveled, and he looks downright ridiculous, yet he’s still blissfully beaming.  



So elusive-j put Batgirl #35 (written by brendenfletcher) into my hands the other day and god am I glad she did. I used to scoff at DC, swearing my undying allegiance to Marvel and Marvel alone, unwilling to plunge myself into what I thought to bed dark, gloomy and self-involved plotlines of the forever depressive Batman and his unbearably naive counterpart Superman.

I was so wrong…!

Batgirl is fresh, new, colorful; with real life and real characters and amazing art. I was immediately taken by the complexity of her personality - she is a human and acts the way humans do - sometimes awesomely, but also sometimes wrongly or selfishly. She doesn’t have this “nobility-sooper-righteousness-I-am-god-of-good” complex and in three words - I loved it. 

And then! babsdraws came to fantasticcomics and I got to meet her and show off the piece to her and get my issue autographed, which was amazing even though I just babbled incoherently the whole time. 

So I hope you all enjoy this last piece, probably the last one for a bit of a while - Midterm #2 just happened in the class I teach and now I have 220 copies to grade. Yeah. 

It is made of about 176 pieces of glass (although I’m sure I counted it wrong), some of which are… really small. I think the smallest one is the tiny bit of hair strand on top of her jacket, a couple of millimeters long. My large SAGA Alana piece had about the same number of individual glass pieces! 

The hair is a whispy orange, the painted-on details are the face, ear, gloves, satchel and boot laces - everything else is solder lines. I wanted to maintain the illusion that she is swinging from the rope she is holding by attaching the anchor ring atop her hand, where the rope end would be. The yellow glass for the cloak is actually wavy and textured waterglass to give it the impression that it is a wavy piece of fabric (you can kind of see it in the third picture). 


frozenflower95 said:

I enjoy reading your long, analytical posts about Gintama. Just thought I'd let you know :) Keep 'em coming!

I am!!! Very glad to know!!!!! I usually feel very ashamed of them because they’re so wordy and don’t make sense but it’s things I really want to talk about so I always end up posting these incoherent rants and hope someone will agree w/ me or something and I just basically just want to share my thoughts so I feel kinda bad about clogging ppl’s dashes but I’m glad to know that there are people who enjoy reading those!!

amarielah replied to your post: I just remembered that canonically Pad…

Oh hey, you’re right. Damn.

TCW sometimes drops these tantalizing hints that make me want to scream incoherently into a pillow that they never (a) followed them or (b) realized the consequences.  (Or that it was cancelled.  You know.  TCW makes me scream about many things.)

Even just from the scenes that Emdee is in in Tales, Dooku could get a few key points: Obi-Wan is a fucking wreck, he went straight to Padme, and Padme is also kind of a wreck (though a slightly more together one than Obi-Wan).  *headtilt*  I’m not sure I can actually do anything with that, but it’s something to think about.

anonymous said:

Maybe she uses the bathtub as a sorta 'skating ramp,' the lamest one ever, but it's something :P She probably annoys Donna and August the most, 'cus she'll skate inside and August gets mad at her. She tries to skate in Donna's make-shift 'lab' and Donna kicks her out :P So, basically, Cassie probably spends most of time whining at how lame everything is


"I’m a peacock. You gotta let me fly!”

Prophecy, ch. 16

Fandom: Frozen

Pairing: Elsanna

Rating: M

Genre: supernatural/drama (dragon!elsa)

Anna’s body undulated with every thrust from her sister above, her back sliding against the satin sheets, and her breathing ragged.  Her arms were around Elsa’s shoulders and her legs encircled her hips.  After many minutes of the exquisite sensations she opened her eyes.  “You are… unrelenting tonight.”


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anonymous said:

I think it was hypocritical for you to reblog that post about silent readers. Your 1DFF profile says you only have left 28 reviews in your time.

heyyy now, let’s not be hasty! I understand where you’re coming from, but 1DFF doesn’t let me review anything! I usually hit up the authors ask box on here and leave them a very incoherent set of ramblings, where I freak out over how incredible they are!! 

anonymous said:

Do coordi-noonas actually dress idols? Or do you guys give them the clothes they need to wear and let them change in a private dressing room?

when it comes to dressing someone, they would considerably have their undergarments already on, if that is what you are pertaining to, love…

i have not had to physically dress and undress someone, as if they were in an incoherent state or anything of the sort, however, during times of high time constraints, quick wardrobe changes, and situations that required extreme hastiness, i have had to assist in changes and adjustments with clothing, but with that being said, they are human and are perfectly capable of functioning with enough coordination (with the exception of those few who are simply special- and i say that endearingly) to dress and undress themselves. we are there to perfect.