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Would you mind doing one where Sakura transfers to a new school. But has been friends with naruto and Sasuke since they were kids. And the whole school only knows her bc she's on sasukes social media, like in his pictures and all?

Transfer Student

“Let’s all give a warm Konoha welcome to our new transfer today, Haruno Sakura,” Kakashi said with a big smile as he introduced the new student to the class.

The class mumbled an incoherent hello as many students continued to glance at their phones and not pay attention to what the teacher was saying. It was homeroom after all and students were more concerned with the latest social gossip than who is the new kid in school. But it was not until one student glanced up that everyone else followed along too.

The whispers started as everyone was in awe of who they saw. It was a girl so that sparked many of the guy’s attention. And because it was a girl, that ignited an interest in the girls of the class because she was deemed too pretty. Any girl that was that pretty was major competition for the hottest guy in school — Uchiha Sasuke.

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daddy Michael getting your baby to laugh for the first time??


so michael was dying to hear and get your baby to laugh or giggle for the first time. and so michael was doing everything he could think of to get baby clifford to laugh, but this little boy would not budge at all. “just do what I do, babe. tickle his tummy and blow raspberries on it. he’s like his daddy with being so ticklish,” you winked, and michael grumbled out something incoherent. “okay bud, your daddy is going to make you laugh because mommy has said that it’s the cutest thing ever. so that’s what daddy’s gonna do” and michael tried everything, from making silly faces to watching baby television, but he still couldn’t get the little tike to laugh. so finally, he caved, rolling up his little boy’s onesie. and michael baby talked, “I’m gonna get’cha!” and his finger tips started tickling his son’s tummy, the little boy starting to break into a tiny fit of giggles. and michael pulls back in awe, and is in love with the sound of his son’s giggles. “babe!! I got him to giggle!!!!” and michael goes back to tickling the little boy’s tummy, blowing a raspberry square in the middle of his tummy, causing the little boy to be laughing so hard, and pushing his tiny hands against michael’s hair. and michael decided that this was his new absolute favorite thing to hear: his son’s laughter

  • <p><b>Me:</b> "Just... play it cool. Smooth. Assured. It's ok man. You got this."<p/><b>Her:</b> *comes online*<p/><b>Me:</b> [random incoherent noises]<p/><b>Me:</b> [falls off chair]<p/><b>Me:</b> [agonises over what to say]<p/><b>Me:</b> [forgets how to type]<p/><b>Me:</b> [typing] hey<p/></p>

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i noticed that the description for dan and phil's book mentions text messages they've sent to each other. omg what if they mention ur blog???? that would be amazing. luv ur blog btw alice and kari u guysare amazing

Haha the possibility of that happen is nil, but if by some miracle (or tragedy, not sure which it would be) they did mention this blog, rest assured that there would be mass hysteria from the both of us and a lot of text posts of just incoherent caps. 

We’re both super excited for the book! I just pre-ordered it because I am phan-loving trash who has no filter when it comes to spending money on shit I don’t need. I think we’re most excited to see how they actually text so we can compare/contrast our text messages and hopefully make them better! 


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Okay, I think it was a while ago when you brought this up (I was scrolling through your blog lol) but on the subject of the Dalish dumping their extra mages: Dalish mage inquisitor (and, I think, any dalish inquisitor) can say something to the effect of 'my clan didn't do that', and their original clan (dalish mage got transplanted I THINK) donated their mages to clans that didn't have them, essentially, when it got to the point where the templars were getting suspicious, etC! SO! Things from

that! I mean, Minaeve could be an unfortunate casualty of a desperate situation: IE Templars getting to close, they needed to sacrifice one to save the rest of the mages from being imprisoned/tranquiled/dead/the clan being purged for harboring ‘apostates’ OR she was right and her clan DID do that, but dalish clans are an extremly diverse group of individuals, no two clans are the same, and when people like Vivienne try to argue that the Dalish are terrible about stuff like that they’re overgeneralizing an entire ethnic group of people because ONE GROUP or a FEW GROUPS (did vivienne just get that impression from Minaeve or others like her?) of like, dozens (how many clans are there?) of clans did THAT ONE THING, therefore all of you do that, because it’s not like you savage elves are all different from each other ammiright?? or none of the above. I dunno. I just have FEELINGS about this.

Ah yes, I remember that.

And yeah, I think you’re right there? Like we know for sure it’s not something all clans do. I imagine it’s a fairly rare practice, in fact, based on us having encountered many clans throughout the games and books and have only heard of that second-hand from a Circle mage, and from Minaeve. Hell, it may only be Minaeve’s clan that does it, we don’t really know.

But anyways, firstly, yes, Dalish clans are incredibly diverse. Just because one clan does it doesn’t mean they all do. And it’s entirely possible that sometimes when humans think this is what they are doing, they are actually doing something else. The idea of some sort of coming of age ceremony, perhaps involving proof one can survive on their own for some time (maybe it’s even specifically for mages) isn’t so unlikely. Misunderstanding the “savages” is incredibly likely in at least some circumstances, considering they already think that one clan doing something means ALL clans do it, or even the majority of them do it. And yes, it is confirmed that it seems most clans prefer to trade their ‘excess’ mages to those that don’t have them (which is mutually beneficial, since their Keeper’s are always mages, so some ARE needed, and for the reason I’m going to get into next).

And also I highly suspect that a large part of the reasoning behind such a practice, regardless of how common it is, is because of the Templars. If you only have a few mages and stay away from the city, the Chantry probably won’t come looking for your clan. But more mages means it’s far more likely for them to attack a Dalish clan, because eventually it will become ‘worth it’. So if you have a whole bunch of mages, but you’re close to a city or in an area where the Templars are more vigilant, you do have to make the choice between those mages and everyone else in the clan.

So really, what bothers me most abut that tidbit is it’s framed in a ‘the Chantry is right, see, even the Dalish recognize the danger of magic’ way, but really, it’s quite the opposite. If the Dalish didn’t have to worry about Templars coming for their mages, they wouldn’t have to get rid of them. And if no one can take them at the meeting of the clans, or they appear at an inopportune time, there’s not much you can do. You have to choose between them, and everyone else, because the Chantry is sure as fuck not known for it’s mercy. It’s horrible, but the current laws regarding magic give them no choice but to do this. I’d say that’s the most likely explanation, at least in my biased little mind lmao.

But yeah, no, feelings. I have the same thing. Because the treatment of the Dalish is pretty terrible anyways, and this misunderstanding only adds to it, not to mention it’s framed in an anti-mage way (and having freedom to use magic is a core of Dalish beliefs, so that doesn’t help). Contact with other, hostile cultures forces adaptation for the sake of survival. It’s just adding insult to injury that Loyalist mages like Vivienne are then using this practice to suit their own arguments, and further contribute to the root cause of the problem.

Just how badly has Barack Obama and his administration damaged relations with our allies in the Middle East? NBC’s Richard Engel reports that the Sunni nations in the region have begun to fear that the Obama administration leaks intel to Iran as part of its efforts at rapprochement with the mullahs, which is why the US got blindsided by the Saudi-led coalition’s operations in Yemen. The White House’s “incoherence” in policy, Engel reports, has most of them losing confidence in American leadership, according to Engel’s contacts (via Free Beacon):
  • Lynn:After [Dissent] though I really wanted a custom response.
  • "If you weren't there..."
  • "So I'll just always be here. With you."
  • Amy:/Yes/
  • Lynn:/adorable forhead bump of love, "You can always count on me. I will be here for you."
  • Like I kinda wanna rewrite all of the end of that quest beginning of romance thing.... Just to be sappy and ridiculous.
  • Amy:/nodnod
  • Lynn:Short romantic fluff seems to be my forte these days...
  • Amy:Chalk up any romance fail to "Varric wasn't there and is guessing"
  • Lynn:Varric "Why did You Make Me Write Romance" Tethras
  • "I don't know, they were probably really dramatic bodice-ripping romance."
  • Hawke reads the book like "......Eh, I won't correct him, I'm pretty sure there was more awkward crying, mumbled incoherency and getting tangled in robes."
  • (First night Anders and Hawke have sex involves them both getting tangled in eachother's far, far too complicated clothing. Hawke falls off the bed, his feet trapped in a mess of buckles and feathers.)
  • Amy:(LOL)
  • [Hawke:Yet another reason for you to let me buy you a new outfit]
  • Lynn:(Anders: *nervously peeks over the bed*
  • Hawke:*is stunned for a moment before trying to strike a sexy pose, mostly naked and half off the bed* ...hey. *eyebrow waggle*)
  • Amy:/cackling
  • Lynn:And that is why they never told Varric the truth...
  • they probably ended up telling Isabella though... While getting wasted at the Hanged Man and making fun of each other.
  • Amy:Hahaha
  • Oh yeah
  • Lynn:Like Anders will sometimes turn to Hawke and be all. "....Hey. /eyebrow wiggle" And Hawke will blush and kinda giggle. And it's like an injoke for a while.
  • Amy:/giggle
  • Lynn:(I love fluffy domestic nonsense. I'm so sorry universe. I want Hawke and Anders fumbling their way through baking a cake. I want awkward first times where they talk out what each other likes, I want breakfasts in bed, and trying to clean, and how people sleep and so much sap.)
  • Amy:(/the grabbiest of hands)
Achilles and Glory Feels

So apparently today I feel like actually writing posts, and I’ve been feeling the Achilles/Patroclus pain today. So here goes.

Mainly this is just gonna be me incoherently crying about how perfectly the myth ends. To make references easier I’ll be mainly using The Song of Achilles as the basis.

So in Greek culture, everything, and I mean absolutely everything you were worth was based around bravery in war. They have these words, like ἄριστος, which yeah technically means best, but it’s so much more than that. (I’m taking Archaic Greek right now, and the brilliant thing about the language is that there is so much meaning behind each word). So ἄριστος, it’s best, but pretty much the implication is best in battle, which is directly related to one’s worth as a person, especially for a prince, like Achilles.

And the thing about Achilles (especially in TSOA) is that the reason Patroclus is capable of liking him, and he references this several times, is that Achilles is so much better, and faster, and more skilled than anyone else, that there is no chance of comparison, and so there is no use in resenting him. And Achilles was born with these abilities, right, so he doesn’t act like he thinks he’s better than anyone else, because he simply is, it is a fact. In fact, you’ll notice that Achilles doesn’t even really brag or care about his honor and glory and others perception of him until he goes to war, when suddenly people are trying to compete with him, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Brief Encounters & Pop Illuminations

So I want to end this by saying: thank you for reading my rather incoherent ramblings on Franz Ferdinand and for suffering through my endless posts. Who knew there was so much to say? I hope you found out something you didn’t know about them, or at least found cause to revisit their material.

I also want to end this by saying: I really like this band.

I’m thankful they existed. I’m thankful they continue to exist. I’m thankful they were part of the wave that brought back guitars but were still confident enough to admit that it was okay to enjoy music on a superficial level – that you didn’t have to pull apart the complexities to get the appeal. 

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Freewood for the ship thingy :D

The ship is my: OTP, my life force like this ship is probably the best ship in the whole world to me right now (other than ot6) 

I consider this ship’s feelings: hella Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | (occasionaly) Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it (prob get a pet instead)

General Opinion: This ship… like i love it so much. It’s everything i could ask for in an otp and the fanfics/fanarts that surround it are mind-blowingly amazing!! This ship though has torn me into pieces and i fucking love it alot like alotalot.. *lays on the floor making incoherent noises*

Psycho-Pass conspiracy theories

So after watching and reading stuff about conspiracy theories, I began to think about PP

Disclaimer: it’s late and my imagination is running wild. Some things might be incoherent.

Sasayama, Kougami and Makishima had staged all of the events.

Sasayama had committed a crime which forced his crime coefficient higher than 300 and it was unable to recover. This would mean a death sentence or permanent confinement for Sasayama soon enough.
He had been tracking down a man taking illegal drugs to lower his crime coefficient in order to commit heinous crimes without being arrested.

Kougami was frustrated at not having been able to help his partner, because he was bound by the law and Sibyl as an inspector. He began to think about escaping from the MWPSB and working as an individual, outside the law.

At the same time, they met a man named Makishima Shougo, who was aware that he was criminally asymptomatic. He had grown tired of the world filled with mindless sheep as well as weary of his solitude as a man who could not be judged. His wish was to leave this world in which people could not make decisions of their free will, but he wanted to see the splendour of human souls for the last time.

And thus the events that we know unfolded from then on. Sasayama died of his own free will, rather than being executed on Sibyl’s orders or being confined with other latent criminals for the rest of his life.

And everything went according to plan, with the death of Makishima allowing Kougami to flee Japan and from Sibyl’s rule.

And the only drawback to their entire plan was the fact that Kougami had never expected to meet a woman like Tsunemori Akane. But by then, it was too late.