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whats a handler????

Some costumes aren’t too difficult to walk in and are easy to hold your bags with. But this isn’t always the case.

Sometimes a costume make it very difficult to hold bags and personal items, or even impossible. This could be due to large props (my Penny floating swords), the fabric the costume is made out of (I can’t wear a backpack while wearing my Zuko vest), limited/no vision (masks, blindfolds, mesh contacts), or just bulky costumes that are difficult to walk in.

During these circumstances, it is SUPER USEFUL AND AWESOME to have a handler. A handler will help keep you organized, hold your things, help reach for your personal items, guide you when your vision is compromised, watch your back so any props like wings don’t become damaged, and generally ensure that your costume stays functioning during your time at a convention. They are AMAZING and can be the difference to having a horrible time and having an awesome time at a con. 

Because of this, handlers often aren’t in costume, or are in minimal costume. Because they aren’t looking ~super amazing~, they can often be ignored by others, or in some unfortunate cases, forgotten. Which is terrible because handlers are life savers.

incoherentelegy has acted as my handler a few times now and she is honestly a life saver. I honestly can’t imagine just surviving without her. That’s what I loved so much about the Mega64 guys at PAX, actually. They were very kind and didn’t ignore her. They spoke to BOTH of us, and even recognized SELENA the next day. 

tl;dr never treat a handler like crap because they deserve your praise and love and chicken nuggies

Thursday show for they

There is no way of I believe that all development and all hint of NaruSaku goes to waste because of a movie.
Were 698 chapters of Naruto loving single girl, wishing her and only her for himself. They went through everything together, they understand more than anyone else.
Everything happened so far always walked to a conclusion that they would notice that they loved each other at some point.
And now comes a film that wants to make it look like advertising that focuses on Hinata? She (with the advantages of a protagonist) will get everything you’ve always wanted?
Naruto’s love for Sakura turned into what?
No, it does not belong. I believe that MK is not a writer incoherent.


Missy Is The Doctor, Clara Is The Doctor, Everyone's The Doctor!

In my last post I made the slightly risky suggestion that Missy might be a dark version of the Doctor. Risky - not because it is particularly innovative or something, but rather because it is based on very little and there are most likely only a couple of days left before the theory gets disproved solved.

This theory, on the other hand, is going to tell you how I think Clara might become the Doctor. Or at least how she is intended to become the Doctor. Yes, yes, crazy and incoherent, I know. But let me explain where I am coming from and how it all fits together.


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i’m not even trying to exagerate here.  but realistically, the plot/narrative is set up in a way that if princess mechanic were canon, it would make sense, like a lot of sense like.  there’s so many little things i could point out (the fact that it was raven and not finn that looked back at clarke when they shot the rockets is a hill i am prepared to dIE ON).  but even just as an overall thing, the characters and what they’ve been though make sense for each other.  and honestly, if they went this route, i literally would not care if they turned the plot into smth about mutant bunnies being the real antagonists, i would watch every second.

tl;dr: (it’s not actually long, just incoherent af) i’m really thirsty for real representation of queer girls.  and all i want is clarke and raven reuniting by running into each others arms and kissing

Okay. Um. Wow. I just… I want to know what this fake movie plot would’ve been.

Like, okay, I get Lina, Amelia and Martina being Bond girls. It’s fanservice. No brainer there. It’s more the Xellos as James Bond?!?! thing. Like, I get that he’s sort of a spy, but but but not that kind of—

Is he wearing an earring? Why are Gourry and Zel ‘sploded? Did Gourry not look good enough in a tux for you? Why would Xellos ever need a gun? I’M CONFUSED.

@people who are angry about the new update:

  • tru

@people who are making incoherent text posts about how it’s ruining your entire tumblr experience and crying like it’s killed your firstborn

  • chill

yeah sorry that was an incoherent way to complain about how this particular dude gets away with saying shit like that all the time, groping people, etc…he kissed me on the mouth last night for example, like, not consensually. anyway in my sober state I realize what I was trying to say is he can do it specifically because he’s trans because other men code him as not actually a dude so they don’t take his bodily threats against women seriously (not that they automatically would if he were cis! but it’s a thing ya know) and that’s transphobia!!! but then it puts me in a threatened position so nobody wins no one wins! I mean, he wins because he can do whatever the fuck he wants and no one can say anything about it without being blasted with accusations of being “too PC” because haha male privilege

this happened today
  • me:*trying to walk through the hallways at school*
  • some girl:*is standing in the middle of crowded hallway*
  • me:excuse me
  • the girl doesnt move
  • me:EXCUSE ME
  • girl still doesnt move
  • me:*pushes past girl*
  • me:because you were blocking the hallway and when i said excuse me you didn't move!
  • girl:*makes stank face and starts mumbling incoherent cuss words probably*
  • me:???

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so there's a guy at my work who is, like, utter perfection. tall, beard, dreadlocks (aka fucking gorgeous) and he PLAYS GUITAR and rides a motorbike AND he is such a sweetheart, we work in aged care and he calls everyone "my love" (SWOON). i am SO INTO HIM but I turn into an INCOHERENT POTATO whenever I am near him and UGH I just want him so bad. Sob. anyway, its 12.30am and I felt like sulking to someone about my social ineptitude, apologies. gosh boys

tall beard boys on bikes? you lucky thing.
take a few deep breaths next time before he gets too close, so you’re prepared. remember you are radical and cool and no matter how many dreadlocks or catchphrases any given boy’s got he would still be truly lucky to get to hang out with you at all, and that should put you in the right mindset going forward.

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Hello! I love your blog and you're such a funny and pretty person, but you are also so wise and have some powerful words, especially because you're only seventeen! Please say you're an author or inspirational speaker or something? But I agree with the other anon message, you should become a Youtube vlogger, and do daily vlogs or scene videos because you're hilarious! Are you British, and if you are do you annunciate your words? Thank you! I love you so much! :}

Ah, you people are so nice! I’m not an author because, when I write and get really into it and excited, I turn incoherent when I write so it’s just a babble that doesn’t make sense. And i’m also not an inspirational writer. AND I’m currently doing the worse in my class in English Literature A-Level so yeah, that’s a roller coaster :’) But thanks I suppose. As I did mention before I have considered but, like, I suppose no one would watch me and well yeah no :’D

I am indeed British, I come from Berkshire which is like the Royal section of England if you look at it like that, but from a bit of a low area, but I do enunciate relatively well, but I just speak really quickly and people don’t understand and my God, I have rambled. But thank you! I love you as well :D