Funeral procession for Martyr Jihad Imad Mughniyeh

Ardına bakmadan çekip gidenIerin peşine düşmek için yaratıImadık biz.. Bir görünüp bir kayboImak ayın ve yıIdızIarın işidir.. Sen insansın.. HatırIadın mı?

Tarık Tufan 

hellllo??? did Fragile make it or did he actually die because did we ever actually see him the “oohhhh they’re alive and also naked!!!” scene??? i was thinking about him once like “lmao we dont even see his entire face how could OH ? come to think of it actually idk if we even saw him without his box” and it actually makes perfect sense? hes too old and slow to even move so maybe fish couldnt get him out of his box in time oh no OH NO

rip in pieces fragile or just one flat piece