blurryface twitter timeline

april 14-21:

april 22-24:

april 24:

  • favorited tweets that include the phrase “stressed out” then unfaved them
  • blocked people on twitter
  • sent some people dms saying “DONT FOLLOW ME” or “THATS WHAT YOU THINK” over and over with typos, then blocking them too
  • later unblocked some, if not all, of the people they blocked before

april 25 (yesterday):

  • had a minute long livestream on periscope that was just this image (an index card sitting on the floor, reading “MY NAME’S BLURRYFACE AND I CARE WHAT YOU THINK!!”)
  • posted another video with reversed audio that when played forward is apparently some of the audio for stressed out, according to shazam

april 26 (today):

  • tweeted  this (“MONDAYNIH T”)
  • tweeted these two photos
  • tweeted a photo of a fan’s tweet (original tweet here)
  • changed their twitter header
  • the band’s official twitter account later changed it to the same thing
  • supposedly hacked into the skeleton clique twitter and tweeted “ ILL TELL YOUWHATTO SAY”
  • had another minute-long livestream on periscope that was all black and only played static
  • josh’s mom tweeted that she knew nothing about the account
  • her tweet was later deleted
  • retweeted fans’ tweets about the twitter header change
  • posted another video of a show without audio

sources: (x) (x)

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whocares-1234 asked:

So I was listening to ode to sleep and I heard the lines "I swear I heard demons yelling, those crazy words they were spelling" and it reminded of the blurryface twitter account because the way he wrote his words were strange, for example "YOUWILL ONLY FINDMEON TWITTER. YOUWILLONLYFIND MEO N TWITTER. YOU WILL ONLY FIND ME ONTWITTER. THERESTARELIARS." And also "nOT SUNDAYNIHT MON DAYNIHT IMADE THEMC HANGE It" so yea idk, you think there's a connection?

ohh this is an interesting connection


anonymous asked:

could you please explain what is happening with the blurryface thing ? im so sorry the only thing i know is that there is a twitter account but idk what is happening. i looked everywhere but i cant find anything ? help please ?

Yeah, sure!

I’ll just point out the important moments:

  •  this twitter account had been made long before fans found out the title of the upcoming album (but one of the posts i’ve seen said that the url had been taken by some girl and later twenty one pilots just asked her to give them the url)
  • it posts different blurry photos and videos with no sound of tyler and josh performing/off stage
  • there is a video with reversed music of the song STRESSED OUT (was confirmed via shazam) which is believed to be the next song they are gonna release soon (like people say, they’re trying to stress us all out with the blurryface thing so we are ready for the song)
  • blurryface posted a tweet saying “nOT SUNDAYNIHT MON DAYNIHT IMADE THEMC HANGE It” on Saturday
  • then it posted a picture with the phrase “How come i’m never able  to indentify where it’s coming from?” (it is believe to be lyrics from the upcoming song)
  • it posted two pictures of tweets people had been sending to it (not very important informaton as i think, but it was creepy ashell)
  • THEN twenty one pilots’ official twitter and facebook account changed their headers to the pic where the date of the release of the album is painted over, and MONDAY NIH T is written underneath
  • blurryface posted a photo of the facebook header and then changed its own header to the same pic as well
  • that’s why many people think we can get the album tonight, but without the song “goner” as the letter “G” is always missing in the word “NIH T”
  • as far as i know, there were 3 live broadcasts via “periscope”. in the first one there was a paper with the words “I’M BLURRYFACE AND I CARE WHAT YOU THINK”(tbh i dont remember the exact phrase, but it was smth like that). The second and the third ones were just black(as if covered with a hand) with some static sound.
  • blurryface account was blocking fans at some point, sending them messages like “DONT FOLLOW ME DONTFOLLOW ME” and “ICAREWHATYOUTHINK”, then it unblocked almost everyone, if not all
  • favourited and then unfavourited tweets with the words “STRESSED OUT”
  • there was a fake blurryface account(@ bluuryface) scaring people(many of them thought it was josh but it would be too odd and quite rude for him tbh), but now it is proved as fake as the owner admitted it
  • the official blurryface account favourited tweets pointing out that the “@ bluuryface” is a fake
  • it posted a tweet “SOMANYFAKES.YOUARELIARS.THEREISONLY ONE BLURRYFACE” and immediately deleted it
  • something is definitely happening on a monday nih t

that’s all that i was able to remember. If i i come up with something new, i’ll add it. Also, if i missed anything or you do not understand something, do not hesistate to write me!

[part of] my blurryface theory

You know how they were originally saying that something was going to happen Sunday night but then tweeted  “ nOT SUNDAYNIHT MON DAYNIHT IMADE THEMC HANGE It” which is saying “not Sunday night, Monday night, I made them change it”.

What if this has something to do with how blurryface is supposed to represent tyler’s fears, anxieties, and doubts, and for whatever reason the band was nervous or doubting the song, so it was blurryface who made them change the date? Maybe it’s just insight on how blurryface has held him back in the past. I dont know if this makes sense or means anything in the long run, but it’s a thought i had.