The Calientes

  • Type: 2 Young Adult, Female + Young Adult, Male
  • Traits: Nina: Noncommittal, Childish, Romantic. Dina: Hot-Headed, Noncommittal, Romantic. Don: Noncommittal, Self-Assured, Romantic
  • CC-free

My version of the fiery Calinete twins, and Don Lothario.

Many moons ago someone requested the Calientes in my style. While I made them almost immediately after they were requested, I kept putting off the upload in hopes that EA will fix the borked male eyes that the March patch caused, so I can use the less-saturated green eyes on Don. Well, it’s been 2+ months now and the issue has not been sorted, so I’m just releasing them, otherwise we might be waiting for a year.

I ditched Katrina since I tend to base my remakes on TS2/TS3 and her very existence goes against the Caliente lore of the previous games. Special thanks to zoragraves for providing me with TS2 outfit pics so I could base some of their clothes on them.

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Terms of use: Please do not reupload or claim as your own. Feel free to tag me (#jools simming or #joolssimming) if you use my creations, I’d love to see what you’ve done with them.