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Uber Secret Santa Here: Crap, all I write is Captain Swan! I was planning on having the honorable Hook save his damsel in distress, Emma, from the calculating, devious duo of the evil Countess Belle and the Scoundrel King Rumpelstiltskin... but I guess I can rework my original idea. Or I could just be a very sarcastic anti-CSer, one of the two :) Yeah, it will be NO PROBLEM to not include CS. None at all. *wink*

You had me worried there, but I’m glad to know we’re on the same page. ;)

Most people in the Rumbelle fandom are in three groups, regarding CS. 

A) Neutral/ Don’t care. Just here for the Rumbelle.

B) Very anti-CS, for a few different reasons.

C) Swanfire fan as well, therefore generally against CS. 

There are a few people who like Captain Swan and Rumbelle, but they generally favor CS and Outlaw Queen and all that over Rumbelle. Not to over generalize. I’m sure they are people who love Rumbelle and also like CS.

I’m just happy that most Rumbellers are allied with Swanfire or at least against CS. 

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m blatantly in the second and third groups.I’m a very anti person. But also a very pro person. Depends how you look at it.

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Once you get this, list 5 things that make you happy and then put this in the ask of 10 people who reblogged from you last. :)

aw, this is rly cute!
hmm, i’m gonna go with

1) food. cheeseburgers and peaches and ribs and cakes, in particular.

2) BIRDS N SNAKES. i don’t know why, but they’ve always been the most charming and fascinating animals to me. in the first grade i used to hide all the books about snakes in my school library, because i assumed their appeal was universal and i wanted all the snake books to myself. 

3) art! i’m including things like writing, music, and dance here - i’m really excited about a wide variety of creative things. i love when people wanna talk about their fav art with me!

4) haircare/skincare and fashion. there’s something really satisfying about being my own canvas. plus i’m really vain, so.

5) ghosts and psychic phenomena. hoo boy. i’ve had psychic experiences, a couple of my aunties are psychic, and a good friend of mine has a pretty intense history with ghosts. i totally eat it up, and everyone who has a psychic experience or ghost story to tell is encouraged to inbox me, because i. love. it.


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*whispers* Psst, hey. I'm your Secret Santa. Just droppin' in to wish you a happy Monday. And if you want to slip me a particular tag to follow, I'll be sure to do so. It would probably be helpful to the both of us. Well, mostly to me. But still. If there's anything specific you want, or anything specific you DON'T want, just let me know. *slips away into the shadows*

Hi! It’s great to hear from you! This event’s really cool and I actually feel like I know what I’m doing this time, because I was in RSS last year. 

I’ll tag this… rcij15? Sound okay?

Well, if it helps, my prompt was based on a line from It’s Time by Imagine Dragons: “The path to heaven lies through miles of clouded hell.” But that’s obviously a bit longer than five words. 

What I really want is a fic with Rumbelle finding their happy ending (heaven) through a lot of difficulty and angst (hell). Unless you wanna get literal and have them walking through hell like in that one book. Because I’m also here for this. :P

There’s nothing that I specifically don’t want except for Captain Swan. I don’t know you, so you could like CS, but just Rumbelle please. It’s a Rumbelle event and all. But I do also like Swanfire, if you want. What about you? 

I’m excited to be hearing from you! This’ll be cool!

~heqet~ new piece for sale, message/dm if yer interested. Went with a lil dif/lighter color palette with this one to fit the spring vibe i was going for. Featuring a nice tsavo and sapphire crystal. Hope yall like it. #tsavorite #garnet #sapphire #crystal #peridot #tanzanite #tourmaline #pinksapphire #yellowsapphire #diamond #facetedstones #gems #gemstones #silver #18k #gold #pendant #pendantsofig #jewelry #jewelryporn #jewelryofig #inij1 #heqet

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Whoohoo I see you kinda 'liked' the Belgian performance on the Eurovision song contest :p. That makes me happy :) and I'm proud cause whoohoo Belgium, we are small but we are there ha! Ok whatever :) Actually I couldn't watch the semi-finals cause I don't have tv here but I support him anyways. :D

Hiii! :)

Oh you are right!!! In fact I “kinda” liked Belgium :))
Awwww yeah! :) You got style and a wonderful little guy who makes everyone fall in love with him :) (actually I was at the Atomium last summer for a day and I’m so happy haha ^^) Be proud of him! :)
Oww. But maybe you can see it online :)
Yay! Team Loic! :)