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Once you get this, list 5 things that make you happy and then put this in the ask of 10 people who reblogged from you last. :)

aw, this is rly cute!
hmm, i’m gonna go with

1) food. cheeseburgers and peaches and ribs and cakes, in particular.

2) BIRDS N SNAKES. i don’t know why, but they’ve always been the most charming and fascinating animals to me. in the first grade i used to hide all the books about snakes in my school library, because i assumed their appeal was universal and i wanted all the snake books to myself. 

3) art! i’m including things like writing, music, and dance here - i’m really excited about a wide variety of creative things. i love when people wanna talk about their fav art with me!

4) haircare/skincare and fashion. there’s something really satisfying about being my own canvas. plus i’m really vain, so.

5) ghosts and psychic phenomena. hoo boy. i’ve had psychic experiences, a couple of my aunties are psychic, and a good friend of mine has a pretty intense history with ghosts. i totally eat it up, and everyone who has a psychic experience or ghost story to tell is encouraged to inbox me, because i. love. it.


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~heqet~ new piece for sale, message/dm if yer interested. Went with a lil dif/lighter color palette with this one to fit the spring vibe i was going for. Featuring a nice tsavo and sapphire crystal. Hope yall like it. #tsavorite #garnet #sapphire #crystal #peridot #tanzanite #tourmaline #pinksapphire #yellowsapphire #diamond #facetedstones #gems #gemstones #silver #18k #gold #pendant #pendantsofig #jewelry #jewelryporn #jewelryofig #inij1 #heqet

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Whoohoo I see you kinda 'liked' the Belgian performance on the Eurovision song contest :p. That makes me happy :) and I'm proud cause whoohoo Belgium, we are small but we are there ha! Ok whatever :) Actually I couldn't watch the semi-finals cause I don't have tv here but I support him anyways. :D

Hiii! :)

Oh you are right!!! In fact I “kinda” liked Belgium :))
Awwww yeah! :) You got style and a wonderful little guy who makes everyone fall in love with him :) (actually I was at the Atomium last summer for a day and I’m so happy haha ^^) Be proud of him! :)
Oww. But maybe you can see it online :)
Yay! Team Loic! :)