Have we met? || Nalani and Dannis

A string of curses fell from her lips as she cut her hand on her sword. Gripping the corner of her cloak she held it up against the cut on her finger, muttering under her breath as she did. This wasn’t the first time her hand had slipped while polishing her sword. A person would think that she would be more careful but when it came to her that was not the case.

As she gripped her injured finger, watching her cloak stain red with blood she frowned. Where had all those curse words come from? She had never uttered them before. It was not the first time that something like this happened to her. Sometimes she would say something and not even realize that she said it much less knew about it. It always made her wonder just who she was before she lost her memory. But of course she could never figure it out. Sighing she removed the cloak to inspect her cut, frowning when she saw that it was still bleeding. She was just about to rip a piece of her cloak when she felt someone looking at her and she looked up.



also!! i ordered some tshirts online and im super psyched about it bc now i have shit to look forward to >:3 i wanted to get a blu team shirt but it was long-sleeved menaing i probably wouldnt wear it until summer was over so theres no point in buying it now yknow. but still. i got shirts which is good bc all my good tshirts keep disspaearing out of my closet for some reasnon………..squints


Hello guys !!!

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[WM] Console Sega Wondermega System HWM-5000 (Megadrive & Mega CD)

[WM] Console Sega Wondermega System HWM-5000 (Megadrive & Mega CD)

drakethemage asked:

do you have any tips or tricks on face posing the femscout? Just curious =3

Yeah I guess I do,

First, I recommend using the “HWM Face Poser Fix” and the “Enhanced Faceposer,” they really help with making faces.

Second, take your time in moving around facial flexes, rush and it will look like a slasher film, take your time and it will look great.

Third, never use preset facial flexes or the randomize button, they look like a horrible mess.

Fourth, keep the flex scale at 1, moving it too far can make it look weird, moving it backwards can make it look like Satan.

Those are pretty much the only methods I can think of, I hope it helped.

Our new split EP with The Vatican is now available to download/stream via Bandcamp. We’ll have physical copies on our West coast tour, which starts tomorrow night.

5.15 / Portland. High Water Mark w/ Humours, Hang the Old Year.
5.16 / Bend. Reed Pubw/ The Kronk Men, Rütäbägä
5.17 / Ashland. Base Kamp Awesome w/ Ten Foot Fetus, Urinator, Hermits.
5.18 / Sacramento. Cafe Colonial w/ RAD, Super Unison, Composite, Human Body.
5.19 off day in the Bay.
5.20 / Fresno. Audie’s Olympic w/ Murk Rider, Moontrail, The Jules Winfield.
5.21 / Los Osos. Sweet Springs Saloon w/ Murk Rider, Moontrail.
5.22 / Oakland. Merchants Bar w/ Embers, Bloodmoss.
5.23 / Santa Cruz. Cafe Pergolisi w/ Leucrota, Pinnacle, Yawn.
5.24 / Redwood City. Boby D’s w/ ION, Thunderfuck, Serial Hawk.
5.25 / San Jose. Rock Shop w/ Leucrota.
5.26 / Chico. Moss House w/ Coping, T.D.C.
5.27 / Ashland. Club 66 w/ Existential Depression.
5.28 / Eugene. The Wandering Goat w/ Harrow, Septic Burial.
5.29 / Salem. Wisp House w/ Sol, Muscle & Marrow.
5.30 / Portland. The Bloodshed w/ Snakes, Bastard Feast, Moan, Black Magick Dragon.

Super excited cause I bought a choker and sweater from Nikki lipstick.
And the choker I tried to buy before from the actual maker but their shipping was 25$, more then the choker itself
But Nikki lipsticks shipping was 10 inducing the sweater.

I just keep buying shit online again I guess. But I’m srsly tired of all the shit I own and don’t feel like going to a store. Idk whatever.

Lamentations 3:33 translations


For he is not predisposed to afflict or to grieve people.

en to ur:

اس لئے کہ وہ مبتلا یا رنجیدہ افراد کے لیے پراداسپاس ہے نہیں ۔

ur to zh-CHS:

因为他是患有创伤后应激障碍或伤心的不是 pradspas。

zh-CHS to fi:

Koska hän on post-traumaattinen stressihäiriö kärsivät tai surullinen, ei pradspas.

fi to ar:

نظراً لأنه يعاني من اضطراب الإجهاد اللاحق للصدمة النفسية، أو حزينة، لا برادسباس.

ar to de:

Weil er, posttraumatische Störung psychische Trauma, oder traurig leidet, nicht Bradsbas.

de to ja:

彼は、心的外傷後の障害の精神的外傷、または悲しい苦しむ、Bradsbas ないので。

ja to ht:

Li se a mantal chòk de troubles post chokan, ou lapenn manje mizè, pa Bradsbas.

ht to mww:

Nws yog kev puas hlwb cov poob siab kev hwm tus ncej disappointing, koj tu siab noj tsev cia puav pheej, tsis Bradsbas.

mww to en:

It is the mental shock of respect for pole sympathy, disappointing food Museum, not Bradsbas.

Aston Martin cars define the true luxury of driving

Aston Martin doesn’t need any introduction in the automotive industry. The cars it manufactures garner huge interest among users. Since its inception, the luxury car maker has seen major upheavals in the industry.

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