This was supposed to be for our random and quite ridiculous office!AU with sigtryggr - here are her related silly drawings ahahaha - but ended up more like a regular modern!AU thing… which is fine with me, haha. Those ties LOL. I was getting impatient with the coloring, though. *shrugs* I looooove these dorks. I gave Hiccup the same style of messenger bag that I have. It was originally designed for city cycling, and has this extra strap that prevents it from sliding off your back and into your lap as you cycle. Also, it’s super sturdy and waterproof. And the straps are made of actual safety belt material haha. Yep. It’s a cool bag, if I might say so myself. And it IS totally Hiccup-y, you feel like you’re buckling up when you put it on, because you fasten this strap and pull on this other one to get it to a comfortable position. Yeah. :D Lots of babbling about my awesome bag… XD I should go to bed! *waves and leaves*


threesome-con-larry asked me a while back to make a post comparing Hiccup’s and Valka’s maps. I’ve also seen a couple of people muse aloud in text posts about how they compare — whether Valka’s is a massive extension of the small territory Hiccup has mapped out, or whatever. I’m too preoccupied right now to make my own analysis, so have at it, folks!

High-res version of Hiccup’s map is here: (credit for this goes to zer0x1 ) and high-res screencap of Valka’s map is here: