In 1702, a convicted murderer named Thomas Busby was about to be hanged for his crimes. His last request was to have his final meal served at his favorite pub in Thirsk, England. He finished his meal, stood up, and said, “May sudden death come to anyone who dare sit in my chair.”

The chair remained in the pub for centuries, and patrons would often dare one another to sit in the cursed seat. During World War II, airmen from a nearby base frequented the pub, and locals noticed that the soldiers who sat in the chair would never return from war. In 1967, two Royal Air Force pilots sat in the chair, only to crash their truck into a tree just after they left. In 1970, a mason tested his fate in the hot seat, only to die that same afternoon by falling into a hole at his job site. A year after that, a roofer who sat in it died after the roof he was working on collapsed. When the pub’s cleaning lady tripped and fell into the chair, she died shortly afterwards from a brain tumor.

This list goes on, and finally the pub owner moved the chair into the basement. Unfortunately, even in storage the chair claimed another victim. After a delivery man took a quick rest while unloading packages in the store room, he was killed in a car accident that same day.

Eventually, the pub owner donated the chair to the local museum in 1972. The museum displays the chair by hanging it five feet in the air so that no one can possibly sit in it by mistake again. Fortunately, no one has sat in the chair since.

Haunted Objects - the Dibbuk Box

A dibbuk box is a wine cabinet which, according to Jewish folklore, is said to be haunted by a restless, evil spirit that is capable of haunting and possessing the living. One particular dibbuk box became famous when it was listed on eBay along with a terrifying backstory.

The story began in September of 2001, when an antique buyer and refinisher attended an estate sale in Portland, Oregon. The auction was held to sell off the belongings of a 103-year-old woman, and her granddaughter informed the antique dealer of the woman’s past when she noticed that he had purchased a simple wooden wine cabinet.

The old woman had been Jewish, the only one of her family members to have survived her time in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. When she immigrated to the United States, the wine cabinet and two other items were the only things she brought with her. The woman’s granddaughter explained that her grandmother had always kept the box hidden away, and said that it should never, ever be opened because it contained a malicious spirit called a dibbuk. She requested that the box be buried with her, but since doing so went against Jewish tradition, her family did not oblige. When the antique dealer asked the granddaughter if she would like to keep the box for sentimental reasons, the woman vehemently refused, becoming very upset and saying, “We made a deal! You have to take it!”

The dealer took his purchase back to his shop and placed it in his workshop in the basement. Immediately, strange and frightening things started happening. He was called by his frantic shop assistant, who said that the lights had gone out, the doors and security gates had locked, and she heard terrible sounds coming from the basement. When he investigated, he discovered a terrible odor of cat urine lingering in the air, and every light bulb in the place had been smashed.

The dealer gave the wine box to his mother as a gift, and the woman immediately suffered a major stroke. In the hospital, she spelled out, “H-A-T-E G-I-F-T” as tears spilled from her eyes uncontrollably. He attempted to give the gift to several more people, but it was always returned to him within a few days, usually because people just didn’t like it, or because they felt that something about it was evil. He began suffering from a recurring nightmare, and he later found that all of his family members who had been around the box were having the same dream. He started seeing shadow figures darting around in his peripheral vision, as well.

After finally admitting that there was something paranormal happening, he went online to research and fell asleep at his computer. When he woke up, he felt like something was breathing on his neck, and when he turned his head he saw a huge shadow figure dashing away from him down the hall. He then decided to list the item on eBay, along with a detailed account of what had happened to him since obtaining the box. Jason Haxton, the curator of a medical museum in Missouri, purchased the box from the eBay auction. He later wrote a book detailing the strange story of the dibbuk box, and in 2012, a horror movie based on the book entitled The Possession was released.


David Tennant and The Proclaimers

Spanning David’s first meeting with the Proclaimers to them presenting him with a special National Television Award.

Excerpt from the Graham Norton Show “Uncut” (April 2007)

Graham Norton:  You were in a fantastic video, the Proclaimers video
David Tennant:  I was
GN:  …and of course the Proclaimers are going to be playing for us in a few moments. They’re here.  The Proclaimers are in the building.  Was it all filmed in one day?
DT:  No!  I got a phone call… Matt Lucas phoned me up and said, “I’m gonna do this thing.”  He knew I’m a big Proclaimers fan.  He said, “Oh come along.  Join in.”  I said of course I will! I’ll get to meet the Proclaimers! But they’d been and gone when I turned up!  They’d filmed their bit, and I’m just stuck with Johnny Ball and Rod, Jane, and Freddie up the back!  And Dusty Bin.  Not that there’s anything wrong with them, they’re lovely people (especially Dusty Bin), but I was devastated.  So to find that tonight I might actually get to meet the Proclaimers… I’m a little bit over-excited.
GN: I hate to break it to you, but we did tape them in the afternoon.  They’re not here.
DT: <long pause> I wouldn’t have a sense of humor about that.
GN: They are here, they are here.  Don’t worry.

my family

private-brown-eyes submitted:

My first time going to mexico i stayed at my Aunts house which i had never met before in my life. She lived in a small “pueblo” or town which took us forever to find but we found it after many hours of asking for directions and getting lost. When we finally did find the house i  met my aunt and her three daughters. I’m usually not the judgmental type and i get along with everyone but these three girls were so peculiar the youngest one barely talked and the oldest one was a loud mouth that pretty much spoke for all of them.

My first day there she took me too the “plaza” which in mexico is like the center of the town where all the boys and girls go to meet and flirt and mingle. Well when i got there it seemed like everyone was staring at me with curiosity and they would pull my cousins aside to whisper things  which i thought was kinda rude but i just figured since it was a small town people were curious to see any new people that had arrived since the only thing it seemed there was to do around there was associated with farming and animals. The first night i spent at the house i couldn’t sleep and i felt tension in the room like i was unwelcome and someone was watching me but of course there was no one there.after a few days of being at the house i told my cousin i couldn’t sleep and she said it was just because i was homesick and that i wasn’t used to country living and i started to think that yea it could be possible, But the following days i started feeling weird i couldn’t sleep and i was never hungry.It got to the point where i was too weak to stand and everything and everyone seemed so distant and everything was happening so fast.

After staying there for weeks. I woke one night at exactly 3 a.m i know this because they had a big clock in their kitchen above the door.while everyone was sleeping i  went outside. I do not know why i did this i just got up and did it. It felt like something came over me and i started throwing up like crazy it must have been 5 minutes straight that i was doing this. I could barely see anything because the sun was barely coming up and it was still dark. When i finally stopped i looked up and everything seemed so quiet and still ,which was weird because usually the roosters would start singing around that time.Through the trees that surrounded the house it looked as if this black figure was running around them really quick just enough for me to see it move through the trees. it felt like it was getting closer the more i looked at it, and for some reason i sat in the lawn chair that was in the backyard and watched it circling me. i was scared but i didn’t move i just sat there for about an hour until someone who got up to go to the bathroom noticed me and brought me in.

The next morning my cousins didn’t ask me anything even tho they knew what had happened they just never brought it up and when i finally asked them what was going on because i was confused and terrified they said that nothing like that had ever happened before and that it was weird .

The last night i was there i was talking to their dad and i told him what happened and he didn’t seem surprised. He called it the black devil because he said it hid through the town and that the whole town was terrified of it but no one talked about it, he said that people would leave their houses and when they returned everything would be in chaos almost as if it did not want anyone to leave. He also said he had seen it a few times himself and most of the town knew it as a nightly visitor. He even told me that once when my oldest cousin got up to use the bathroom which is outside and came back screaming and terrified claiming it had spoken to her and she’d seen it. When i asked her if what her dad said was true she said he was crazy and blew me off.

The whole time i was there i felt drained and no one was willing to talk to me about it. My cousins and my aunt tried to talk me into living there with them, they said they would take care of me. I was tempted to stay but i left. Although im terrified of going back there, im returning this summer to find out what’s going on.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: It’s been a while since you submitted, please give us an update! 9/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!


Warning: this imagine mentions a one brief sentence of suicide, which may be triggering for some, please if it bothers you do not read!!!

 Part 1 | Part 2 | PART 3 | PART 4

It was finally Halloween, and like every year, you were saddened by the thought. today although was filled with laughing children going from house to house asking for candy in their costumes, it was the day that Calum would leave like he always does.

Except this time was different because according to Calum, today would also be the last year you would ever see him. You were still trying to wrap your mind around the thought that Calum had been a ghost for 427 years, looking for his soulmate, keeping his promise to find her in the afterlife, and it just so happened that his soulmate was you. You were alive, and he was ghost, you barely realized that you did in fact love Calum, but now that would be taken from you.

He told you that he could feel something tugging his soul, something pulling him away from you, something that he didn’t know what it was, but now the tugging was stronger than ever, so strong that he felt that maybe he wouldn’t be able to resist it  long enough to see you for another year.

You just couldn’t process that either, it was unfair, it was unfair that the person that you knew was your soulmate was going to be taken from you; your best friend that you looked forward to seeing each year would be gone as well. You just couldn’t accept that, you couldn’t accept that the one person you wanted wouldn’t be in your life anymore.

“(Y/N), you should be out there with your friends”, Calum said noticing that you were invited out for Halloween, yet you refused to go to any.

“No, I refuse to spend our last day with anyone but you”, you said approaching your bed as Calum sat near your desk.

Calum looked at you, his face hurt at you mention his last day, he himself didn’t know what would happen after today, and it scared him. He was already dead, where else would he end up going, he heard that ghost’s leave when they find their peace, but where do they leave, or do they cease to exist?

But Calum knew that it was something bound to happen, he accepted the fact that one day he might not be in your life, leaving him to make your own life, but he couldn’t think of him not watching over you.

“But you have to learn to be without me (Y/N), I mean it’s going to happen”, he said not sounding happen either.

“But I don’t want to learn Calum, I want you here with me”, you said looking down, not wanting him to see how broken you were.

Silence filled the room as you both let the thought sink in. you heard Calum sigh as he walked towards you. He crouched down in front of you. His cold hand gently touched your skin, making you shiver, he caressed it tenderly treating you like a fine piece of glass, and even if his hands were as cold as ice, you could still feel your face heat up with a blush. His hand lifted your face, making you look up at him, his eyes were as sad as yours, his brown eyes having less shine than usual, he looked like he wanted to cry, but so did you.

Calum leaned his forehead against yours, letting your body heat mix with his coldness. In this small moment you were both imprinting the memory into your minds, you burned this memory into your mind. Remembering the way that Calum’s cold face was shaped, the way the lines of his face were so strong, the way his hands felt against your face, calloused yet soft, you were basically trying to remember everything about him, because this would be the last day that you would see him.

The very thought was making your vision clouded with tears that you didn’t even know were there. Why was it that someone so amazing, was going to be taken from you, why? It just didn’t seem fair to you. Calum’s cold fingers gently wiped your tears, as he pressed his lips against yours. The coldness from his lips seeping onto your warm lips, making them tingle, with the contrast of the temperature. Each kiss did feel like déjà vu, reminding you of some past where you would kiss him like the way you were doing now.

Your hands wrapped around his neck, pulling him close to you. Your hands buried themselves on his hair, bringing him closer to deepen your kiss. His hands trailed down from cheeks, leaving a trail of ice that felt that it was burning the skin underneath, each movement making your body shiver with delight. His hands snaked around your waist, grabbing you firmly before he stood up, bringing you up with him, before he sat down, and letting you straddle his lap, as his lips continued to kiss yours.

Calum broke the kiss, leaning his head against yours, letting his cold breath fan your face.

“I will always love you (Y/N), no matter what happens to me”, he whispered to you.

“Calum, don’t say that, please there has to be a way for you to stay here… with me”, you said hoping that you wouldn’t start crying again.

“I would like that (Y/N), but this was going to happen one day, I just didn’t think it would happen like this”, he admitted.

“You knew that you were going to leave me?” you asked.

“No… I promised that I would never leave you, but one day I knew that you were going to leave me, but I hoped that I would still be around, keeping an eye on you, making sure that you were safe”, he said placing a small kiss on your forehead.

“why would I ever leave you Calum, I love you”, you said holding his face in your hands, making him look into your eyes so that he would know that you weren’t lying, that you truly did love him, and nothing would ever make you think otherwise.

“Because you have a life to live”, he said flatly, “you’re alive, you’re going to get older, and I’m going to stay the same age. I can’t give you a life that you want (Y/N), I can’t take you out on dates, I can’t marry you, I can’t even give you a family, I can’t do anything normal. And I don’t want to be the reason that you deny yourself any of those things. I knew that one day I would have to let you go, let you live your life, find someone who will love you as much as I can, and let you spend your life with them, but I hoped I would still be around, but I guess not”, he said with a saddened tone.

You couldn’t imagine a life without Calum, you really couldn’t. Calum had been a part of your life, he was the big brother that you never had as a child, he your best friend growing up, and now he was the man that you had fallen in love with, in some way Calum shaped you to who you are, he taught you to value time, since your time was so limited with him, so you made every second count, since you realized that a day passed by really quickly, and so did a month. You honest couldn’t see Calum not be in your future.

But now that he wasn’t going to be a part of it, what where you to do?

“What if I join you?” you whispered.

“What do you mean?” he asked not sure where you were going with this.

“What if I became like you, then we wouldn’t be apart, and spend an eternity together, I could…”

“Don’t you even dare think that (Y/N)?!” he said raising his voice, mad that you would even consider such a ludicrous thought. “I don’t want you to become like me, I don’t want to be a reason that you end your life. Do you know how much pain that would cause everyone, I can’t be a reason for you to stop living”, he said his eyes looking straight into yours.


“no buts, I want you to live your life (Y/N), I want you to live the life that we were both robbed centuries ago, I might not have gotten a second chance in life like you did, but I’m not going to let you throw it away for me. Besides what if you don’t end up where I’m going, I don’t even know where I’m going after this, and if you do become a ghost, you would hate it, being surrounded by people every day, but no one paying attention to you, watching everyone around you grow older, seeing them grow from children to happy people with their new families, and you can’t do the same, you would feel so alone in a place so full of people, especially since I know I won’t be there. Just promise me you won’t do that, please don’t, (Y/N), you have so much to live for trust me”, he said kissing your lips.

“But you won’t be there”, you said still being stubborn at that thought.

“I know but that still isn’t enough of a reason, nothing should be a reason for you to do consider it”, he said reaching for your hands, interlacing his fingers with yours, letting your fire meet his ice.

You looked up at the clock, two hours till midnight, two hours before you would lose him to some unknown thing. You felt your chest tighten, but you weren’t going to spend your last hour just crying, you would do that after, right now you just want to see him smile, wanting to burn the image of his smile into your memory.

“What is your favorite memory of us?” you asked him trying to make his last moment filled with happy fond memories.

“In this life or our previous one?” he said tilting his head to the side.

“Both”, you answered.

“Well in our past life, we both were one day playing in the fields; I think we were like eight or ten. We were just playing, till we both got tired, and sat down in a field of flowers. You were trying to make a flower crown, but you just couldn’t get it right, it kept falling apart. You grew frustrated, and since my sister had taught me to make them, I made one for you. You were so jealous of me and teasing me that I was a girl, but I just smiled and continued making the flower crown. When I was finally finished I placed it on your head, and you just smiled so widely, and hugged me. I felt so happy, I think that’s the moment I realized that I loved you because then I reached down for a few more flowers and stems, and made you a flower ring, and I asked if you would marry me”, he said with a smile.

“What did I say?” you said with your own smile.

“you said no”, he said letting out a laugh, another thing for you to burn into your memory, “you said that we were too young to get married, that only adults can get married, and you didn’t want my cooties”, he said tickling your sides, “but you still kept the ring” he said with a smile.

“How about you tell me more stories of our old life”, you said wanting to know how in another life, you had actually grew up with Calum.

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yes, I want to know more” you said as you lay down on your bed, patting the space next to you so he could rest beside you.

He smiled, climbing onto your bed. He laid right next to you, smiling as you snuggled into him, he placed his arm around your shoulders holding you close, telling you days of you and him spending days out in the fields just playing, the small dates you and him went on, so much that if felt like a fairy tale that you heard as a child.

He finished telling another story and looked at the time, two minutes till midnight. You felt you heart pang at knowing it was almost time to let him go. Calum looked at the time, seeing he force a smile, at look at you as he let out a sigh at knowing that he was leaving.

You both stood up, as he quickly brought you to a hug. Your body instantly felt cold, but for some reason it wasn’t as cold as other times, for some reason it felt warmer, or maybe you just didn’t care at all, or maybe your body was already used to the cold seeing as you cuddled with him for the last hour. His arms tightened around you, almost as if he was also burning the memory into his mind, taking the memory of the way your body felt against his to where ever he was going. Your arms wrapped around him, holding him tight, hoping that your hug would be enough for him to stay.

“I’m going to miss you Calum”, you whispered into his shirt.

“I’m going to miss you too (Y/N)”, he said as he kissed the top of your head.

You looked up at Calum as he leaned down to press a kiss onto you, his lips not as cold as before either. This one kiss was so innocent, his lips just pressing against yours, letting you remember the shape of his lips and how soft they felt against yours, the way that they were so full and gentle.

You both parted knowing you had less than a minute left, wanting to see him one last time before he vanished.

“Promise me that you will live your life, for the both of us… enjoy it please”, he said with pained smile.

“I promise”, you said to him with smile even if you starting to tear up.

“Promise me that you will be happy”, he said with his own tears running down his face.

“I promise to try”, you said with a smile.

You looked down, seeing his feet starting to disappear. It was finally midnight, October was over, meaning you wouldn’t be able to see him anymore, and you wouldn’t be able to see him ever, since he was leaving for good. He looked down knowing that his time with you was up, he smiled, because despite of how heartbreaking this moment was, he was still grateful. He was grateful because at least he finally found you after searching for you for centuries, that at least he spent his last years watching over you and taking care of you like he promised you he would. Grateful that the love of his life, still loved him even in this life, he couldn’t be sad because of that.

“I love you Calum Hood”, you said kissing his lips seeing as how most of his body was nearly gone or transparent.

His kiss lingered for a moment before he pulled away, his face almost transparent.

“I love you too (Y/N)”, he said as his face disappeared from your view.

Calum Hood was gone.

You finally broke out into tears, your knees no longer holding your weight as you fell in crushing sadness. You remembered that as a child you would watch movies of princesses finding their true love, and deep down you wanted the same, you wanted your happily ever after. And your happily ever after, was with Calum, but he was gone, you felt robbed.

You promised Calum you would live your life and be happy, and you would do just that, but right now that just seemed so difficult to do, right now that seemed like the highest mountain to exist and you wondered how you would even get to the top of it. It was almost ironic, Calum told you that you made him promise you things, and now Calum made you promise. It was funny how the roles have switched, but that still wouldn’t bring him back.

Not knowing what else do to, you climbed into bed, still feeling the cold spot of where Calum was lying on your bed, as you cried yourself to sleep.


Calum knew that he had to give in, there was no point in resisting it any longer, and he felt the tugging of his soul guiding him somewhere he didn’t know. The empty abyss pulling him to who knows where, but unlike other times he went with the flow. He wondered what was beyond this, where do ghosts go after all of this. He was going to find out.

But something about this dark abyss was changing, the darkness that he was in was getting brighter, the area that was once black where now shades of grey that were slowly turning into shades of white. This was new…

But what surprised Calum most of all was he himself felt warm… warmer than usual as well as feeling a weight on his chest that was completely unknown to him.

What was happening to him?




Honestly not going to lie, I actually felt a little sad writing this, like usually I don’t feel sad when I write sad things, since I used to do it so often, but this time I’m like, wow I actually feel my heart breaking.

Idk I think that weird, is it weird?




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