Roll of Honour. 1919-1970. Names of the #Worcestershire Regiment soldiers who lost their lives in overseas campaigns, when and where. #burma and #Eritrea were surprisingly high. You can freely access the books in #worcestercathedral. The regiment was also involved in the #BostonMassacre and the opening salvoes of the #AmericanRevolution.
In 1768 along with the 14th Regiment of Foot they were sent to Boston, Massachusetts, where on the evening of 5 March 1770, men of the 29th Grenadier Company under the command of Captain Thomas Preston took part in the Boston Massacre. Five colonists died during the riot in front of the Boston customs house. Due to the incident, the regiment earned the nickname the Vein Openers for drawing first blood in the American Revolution. The men involved were tried for murder and were defended by John Adams (who later became President of the United States). Two of the men involved, Hugh Montgomery and Matthew Kilroy, were found guilty of manslaughter and branded on the thumb. Captain Thomas Preston and the other men involved were found not guilty. The 29th left #Boston in 1771 for British controlled #Florida before returning to England in 1773.#honourroll #honorroll #army #navy #airforce almost found your name @jptbubba1979 (at Worcester Cathedral)

I promised this girl for a girl’s day a long time ago, and what better timing when I’m on vacation and she made honor rolls!! Went to Barnes and Noble, and this girl was grabbing books left to right. Lol. Went shopping around the mall to look for her Halloween costume, came out buying candy instead. And then she wanted to go Chuck E. Cheese. I swear that place was like a kid casino for her cause she was over there busting out her wallet cause she wanted to play some more. Spoiled her, but she earned it!! Keep it up, Des!!! 😊 #spoiledher #sheearnedit #honorroll #girlsday #barnesandnoble #minecraft #chuckecheese #familyovereverything


This year, 13-year-old baseball phenom, honor roll student Mo’ne Davis lead her team to the Little League World Series, became the first little leaguer to grace the cover of “Sports Illustrated" and threw out the ceremonial first pitch at game 4 of the Major League Baseball World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals

"Dear United States of America, I have a passion for sports … I stand for girls who want to play sports with the boys and to be a role model for people young and old …

Mission accomplished, Mo’ne!  

It’s #TBT again! We go to #1997 this week. Here is me after I got my honor roll trophy in 2nd grade. That was so year that it was tough dealing with a bully who wouldn’t get off my ass and also being in my own little world at times. Still, I had high grades in every class. That was enough to get me the honor roll that year. If I had to pick the best moment of my days in elementary school, this moment would have been the best one. Plus thus photo was the first time I a “What now bitches?” face. I had every right to say that without getting in trouble at that moment! My mom had to stay home with my little brother so my cousin and my older brother came with me on this moment. Awesome times. This was when I realized I am destined for great things. I now keep that trophy on my shelf to remind me of that. No matter how hard life seems, it ain’t forever. With every difficulty comes ease. And the rewards are sweet. Always remember that! #throwbackthurday #2ndgrade #honorroll #inspiration #motivation