So I might have a slight addiction to #kumacrafts but I can’t help it. These are my most worn #jewelry pieces. I adore all of them. #sailormoon #transformation #brooch #sailorchibimoon #usagitsukino #usagi #lunap #sailormoonr#sailormoonsupers #sailormoons #pgsm #necklace #moonie #wand #holygrail

Claims that the Holy Grail has been found after sitting for 1,000 years in a Spanish church face a tough inquisition from doubtful historians. The cup joined a list of hundreds of pretenders to the title of Holy Grail, including one in the eastern Spanish city of Valencia. Made of onyx and encased in gold and precious stones, the goblet in Leon has been known as the chalice of the Infanta Dona Urraca, daughter of Fernando I, king of Leon in the mid-11th century. The historians Margarita Torres and Jose Manuel Ortega del Rio identified it as the prized Biblical relic in their book “Kings of the Grail”, presented last week.

My professor from university has been interviewed in regards to this new found “grail”. See Dr. Therese Martin’s explanation regarding the subject.

I have seen this chalice in person various times, I must admit it is lovely.