So, it should be general knowledge by now that the dwarf.actors from The Hobbit did a naughty calender for Peter’s 50th birthday. We got quite a lot of information about that this weekend. 

Adam Brown is May because it’s his birthday month. He is wearing his fat suit, roller skates, a sweatband on his head and leg warmers and washes the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car because Peter Jackson owns the original.

Stephen is January, he is wearing his fatsuit and a bra or bikini. 

Richard Armitage’s photo is him in his fatsuit and Thorin make-up, sitting the wrong way round on a chair, Orcrist propped up next to him and he has his head thrown back while Dwalin’s hand is at the edge of his picture blow drying Richard’s hair. 

William Kircher is March, he did his picture himself (while the other ones were kind of “produced” by Graham). He is sitting in a padded cell, having his prosthetic face is front of his (I presume) naked groin.