I have the best followers

I’m serious. You guys have stuck with my blog even though I have been so inconsistent with my updates. I’ve been dealing with a lot of irl health issues that have made it hard to keep up with this blog, and despite that I’m still getting new followers every day. All of you are amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better community to unleash all this creepy shit on.

And now for some good news - My favorite month is almost here! Expect more awesomely creepy updates throughout October as well as daily updates about my annual horror movie challenge. I’ll be attempting to watch 2 horror movies a day every day in October - each HMC post will list the movies I’ve watched that day as well as a short review of both movies from yours truly.

Expect more consistent updates as my health improves and as we move towards the best month of the year.

And remember - stay creepy!