“I usually don’t give my Pokemon names but, for Alpha Sapphire for the first time I gave all my Pokemon names

[tl from top to bottom, left then right: Macadamia, Croquette, Milk, Porun, CHAYU, Sashimi]

The Pikachu, like Satoshi in the anime,

She’s always with me as my partner so, I took the chance to name her this \(//∇//)\

Wa, I, might be creepy~!!!! lol lol”

- Harunan blog (x)

but seriously, that pikachu’s name tho~ hahaha :))) <3 I see what u did there, Chayu Trainer X’D

Maa-saku moments from Morning Musume ’14 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~

From 2014/09/06

Fan mail #2: The listener notes how the members of the group spend over half the weekends of their year performing concerts, and thus notes that they must be spending quite a lot of time staying in hotels as a consequence. He asks the hosts how they usually spend their free time in hotels, and if they have any preferences as to which members to share a room with.

Maa-chan says she has the most fun sharing a room with Oda-chan. Ikuta and Harunan are surprised to hear this, thinking she was going to name someone like Duu instead, but Maa-chan says she perhaps surprisingly doesn’t want to share a room with Duu all that badly. Harunan has noticed Maa-chan and Oda-chan being friendly and often listening to music together on their phones.

And the from the radio episode after the NY concert 

 Ayumin and Maa-chan were discussing about their new york trip,Maa-chan mentioned  that because of the time difference she actually slept when they were having dinner. Apparently Sakura and Maa-chan were staying in the same hotel room and because Maa-chan slept through the dinner she always wakes up around 2.30 in the morning and said that Sakura would always say “I hope Satou-san wouldn’t wake up at 2.30 today again” (in a cute way) but Maa-chan still wakes up at 2:30 everday. And then Maa-chan said because Sakura is kind she would always stay up late to accompany her even though Maa-chan told her it’s okay to go to bed first. Sakura would tell Maa-chan “I’ll stay awake until Satou-chan falls asleep, It’s scary right?”

 Then Maa-chan said that she’s happy that such a kind Kouhai joined Morning Musume LOL then Ayumin scolded her saying “Aren’t you just using her good intention? and Maa replied that it’s not like that and said that if it’s Duu, Duu would’ve have scolded her instead. 

 They were talking about some stories about them being in a Plane and Ayumin said that whenever Oda-chan sits next to Maa-chan they would cover themselves with a blanket and asked Maa-chan what they were doing under the blanket. Then Maa replied "You know.. it’d be bad if anyone saw what was going on inside"" so Ayumin says “What’s that!~ so it’s a secret between you two then” and says “Both of you sure gets along well”

 credits to: Helloproradio.com and kryssae11-simplemaindead15

Momusu Friends

Everyone has that one friend…

Fukuchan- that friend that spoils you
Ikuta- that friend you play sports with
Riho- that friend that you only have confidence to hit up when you’re drunk
Zukki- that friend you hang out with after a break up
Harunan- that friend you always take clothes shopping for a second opinion (also the friend that you’re always lending a shoulder to)
Ayumi- that friend that always sends you texts that you don’t understand due to typos
Maachan- that friend that becomes friends with all your other friends and brings everyone together for parties
Duu- that friend that everyone thinks (knows) you’re secretly dating
Sakura- that friend that always gets a little too close for comfort, but you find yourself liking it eventually