Monster Hunter X

Famitsu scans for 06-04-15

Couple things I’ll go over here. Lots of concept art, real great to see it for the flagship monsters. They also mention each flagship’s species type, but no names yet so I’ll use the nicknames;

Carnotaurus - Brute Wyvern
Dragonfly - Flying Wyvern
Popodrome - Fanged Beast
Bubbles - Leviathan

There’s a Guild Research Base, which would explain all the scholarly drawings we’ve seen. They do touch on the fact there’s 4 unique Hunting Styles and that they are balanced, but there’s nothing really in-depth about them.

I didn’t expect too much in this issue of Famitsu since the game was JUST revealed. There was also some stuff for the new Airou game, which I’ll make another post for. For now, I’ll leave the rest of the finer details for gaijinhunter to go over.


We Asked 8 Famous Authors For The Most Important Advice They’d Give To Young Writers

“If a character that you have written comes to life, this is unnatural and an abomination in the eyes of God. As its author, it is your duty to destroy the creature before it is able to escape and wreak unfathomable havoc upon the world. And believe me, it will try to escape. They always do.” -Jonathan Franzen



           The hair transition is very symbolic to me. It happens all the time when you’re trying to accelerate a change that hasn’t quite happened yet on an inner level. Like when you’re going through a breakup and you’re not over the person, but you cut your hair and bleach it to tell the world, “This is a new beginning.” I think Delphine is trying to force herself into a transition.

         — Evelyne Brochu in Delphine’s curls hair have been straightened.  

Exo reaction when you catch them watching porn

Sehun: Stop pointing that finger at me and call me a little perv cause I saw your  pc’s history and you visit the same site as me.

Kai: Don’t be so surprised babe, from where do you think I know what I know now.

Tao: Y/N:So you decided to watch how pros do it so you can learn something from it.

*his manly ego just got hurt*Someone hold me cause I will slap you girl. 

Kyungsoo: Can you please stop looking at me like that cause you’re making it even more awkward than already is. 

Chanyeol:*startled by you presence* For how long have you been standing there?

Chen: Omg you caught me watching porn, the sun won’t come out tomorrow morning. 

Baekhyun: So…you kind of saw what I was watching didn’t you?

Lay: Hey baby *suggestive eyebrows move*

Suho:*closes the movie in a second*  I wasn’t watching anything.

Kris: God not again.

Luhan: What I was watching?….oh that…it was.. you know…..a porn movie. 

Xiumin: I’m glad you decided to drop by. 

anonymous asked:

the negativity is because Orphan Black was FLAWLESS in the first two season. by that I mean flawless for the fans. Do you want Helena & Sarah? Here have a roadtrip. Do you want Cophine? There it goes, we'll even make her call her puppy. Do you Sarah & Kira? How about we throw a bit of auntie Alison, Helena, Cosima, uncle Felix & make them all dance? OB negativity is like greeks complaining if Zeus ever made a mistake NO YOU ARE A GOD YOU ARE PERFECT YOU CANT!! does it make sense now?

You know what you just listed there? Those things? Fan-service. Not plot points, not storyline-building things, not what makes a show a show. Those are the little inside-joke, wink moments that casual viewers wouldn’t bat an eye at but the fandom erupted over. Those are the things you really care about when you binge the show, like most of us did (more than once).

You know what they tried to do this season? I’ll make a list for you (below the cut, ‘cause this is about to get long):

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