Bill Hader talking about tumblr on the Meredith Vieira Show.

للبعيدين جدًا، للذين لا تصلهم كلماتنا ولا أصواتنا، للذين غادرونا دون ترتيب ودون موعد مُسبق، للذين لن يعودوا.. طبتم في فردوس الرحمن نعيمًا.

I completely forgot about this build. I once built a Yoglabs buried beneath a desert but abandoned it near the end because I didn’t have enough room. I plan to put this build in my Sentinel map with the robots and stuff. This was built long ago, if you look at the third picture then you’ll see it’s in fact my tumblr avatar which I’ve had since I opened my account. :p

This will probably be THE most important prop on the map apart from the robots. Because this has a bit of a plot to it as you can see from the cloning vats on the pictures. Let me shortly explain what the plot in my head includes. Story time!

after the great heroes, Xephos and Honeydew went down in history for being the bravest individuals in all of minecraftia, the world once again knew peace. No one knows what happened those days in the desert. In this age their heroics are but a myth. Since the heroes never returned from the desert. Only a few people still know about them. One such person was an explorer. One day he dared go beyond the walls that to this day imprison great evils that threaten to destroy the world. This curious explorer stumbles upon a peculier ruin. As it’s not like any ruin he has seen before. This ruin was made of a strange metal that no man had seen before. Intruiged by the weird hand-like shape of the ruin, the man enters it. Inside he finds glass boxes that display letters and numbers and weird metal blocks that have gauges and meters. He is bedazzled by what he is seeing. As he further transcends a flight of stairs, he finds himself in a room of sand and sandstone. He is also surrounded by weird sources off light, suddenly he freezes. Before him he sees something he knew he might encounter…before him is the face of the master of evil himself. Israphel. A giant head is crafted in the wall. Below it an entrance into the depths. Our explorer takes a deep breath and slowly steps through the tunnel beneath the Israphel head. After climbing a ladder he sees before him a dark tunnel. At the end however he sees a long vertical exit with light on the other side. Next to him is a lever, after he pulls it. The tunnel lights up from beginning to end and while that happens, our explorer lets out a huge scream. The tunnel walls are covered with skeletons of people! Without thinking he closes his eyes and rapidly runs past all of them trying to supress the image that he is now seeing in his mind…Once he runs through the exit he immediatly stops because the path before him is narrow and doesn’t look very stable to run across. As he looks up he sees an enormous door. ‘It’s even bigger than Verigan’s Hold’ he thinks to himself. After closer examination he can see tiny rooms hanging on the walls…with people inside. They look…preserved in the ice somehow…’how is that even possible?!’ he thinks. He squints his eyes but quickly opens them widely again. ‘I…Is that…Is that you? Xephos? Honeydew?’.

So long story short. My idea about the whole shadow of Israphel plot is this: Yoglabs fails and an evil clone is born by the name of Israphel. After many years the world is thrown back into a medieval age due to evil yoglabs experiments (robots) destroying the world. After hundreds of years a group by the name of templars succeeded into building a wall with sand on the other side. The sand being there to keep the robots trapped. And a machine (the spire) built from the ruins of Yoglabs to power the wall so the sand wouldn’t get out. After another hundred years people forgot about the robots and started believing the sand was evil as it had been seen crawling up the wall like a virus. (here begins shadow of israphel) After the yogs go into the desert to fight Israphel, the evil clone that survived this long. They somehow failed and ended up perishing in the desert. What no one knows however is that those were clones of the original Xephos and Honeydew who are still preserved in a cloning vat in the ruins of Yoglabs. And this is where our explorer finds them. The originals however will have no clue about what happened to the world and all the events that happened during shadow of israphel. Israphel is somewhere roaming around and Daisy also died but her clone didn’t. Just like the heroes. I could go into more detail but holy hell this post is getting pretty long. I hope you like my little story I made here. Took me like half an hour to type XD *yogfantasizing intensifies*

just want to remind everyone that this blog is all jokes and no one here really cares what bill wears or how often he wears it! he could wear a garbage bag every day and while i’d be thoroughly confused and concerned, i would not tell him how to dress himself (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧