roommates and pets!


“We have a great episode where McGarrett and Danny are on a long-term stake out … They move into this apartment together and Cloris Leachman is a nosy neighbor who keeps popping by. When she finds out they’re cops, she wants them to help her investigate the person stealing her fern.”

Feb 27 needs to get here SOON !

when cath comes back i want them to come home together when everything has quieted down a bit and it’s just the two of them and while cath was thrilled to see everyone again and she missed them so much it’s nice to be alone too because the flight was long and tiring and the reunion was emotional and she feels drained but steve just cups her face and leans down, kissing her so gently and oh god she missed this, missed him indescribable amounts and there’s an ache inside her and she needs more and she puts her arms around him and pulls him down, opening up and he tastes so good and she feels dizzy and everything is steve and she feels so right again and knows this is where she belongs, in his arms, forever


"Figured you guys need some grub … hospital food is the worst. And the portions? Very small."