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Wow, thank you! I’m glad (and also slightly horrified) that I’m one of the (few?) people that seem to accept ships they’re not fans of. There aren’t enough people that can see it as not being a personal offense to them and that’s a bit strange.

People always make it about them. We are such a “us” culture. Oh look, i am disgusted by this thing.

Therefore, this person is personally attacking me.

In terms of shipping fictional characters, this is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t care if you ship ereri, eruri, eremika, fucking uchihacest for all I care.

It’s a ship and if you hate it blacklist it? If the person doesn’t tag, unfollow them?

No one is shoving ships down your throat here. If they are, they are a shitty person anyway for doing it after expressing it isn’t your cup of tea.

Thin ice... 24.10.2014

   Yesterday was a weird episode. It needed some (well a little) thinking. 

And sleep.

     When Sunehri walked right up to Rehan, almost daring him to recognize her, she had put her “con” at risk there. She was willing to make exceptions to this blanket disdainful regard of everyone in the Ibrahim mansion.

   But she was very much upset by his lack of recognition. 

   As expected, Aahil did not mean he realized she was not Sanam, but instead called her an angel from heaven… 


   Sunheri makes a face. Oh man, not these lame overdone praises again… She throws a wet towel on the moment, dousing his praise as silly, and leaves him to check on the laddoos.

    Aahil is left disturbed. He even looked a little angry. What’s wrong with Sanam? She has not been herself since the Kohinoor event… He is left thinking, hopefully piecing some clues together towards some suspicion. 

    Sunehri walks into Rehan. Rehan is back to friend mode. Is everything okay Sanam? I know you very well, you’re upset. Did Aahil bhai say something? 

<I felt a little touched for this, the old Rehan who was always there for Sanam as a friend, when no one else was. It was really sweet. But not so for Sunehri…>

   Sunehri looks at Rehan inquisitively, realizing there’s another equation here. Rehan and Sanam were close, close enough for her to confide about her husband. When her husband was such a loving and romantic man, why would she need to confide in Rehan about?

   But before she could form these questions in her head, Rehan went on.

"Actually Sanam, I wanted to tell you something. I met a girl, who looks exactly like you. A doppelganger. She looks identical to you, but that’s where the similarities end…"

Now Sunehri looks like a girl who has stumbled upon her boyfriends diary, probing it to see what he would say about her in confidence.

Tch tch Sunehri… If you wanted a chance with him, that’s the one thing you shouldn’t have done. Fooled him further.

Now the actual Sanam would’ve jumped at this information, as it is she was looking out for news of her family. But a lookalike would’ve garnered at least more curiosity in Sanam than Sunehri showed. Sunehri only wanted to know if Rehan still had feelings for her.

“She’s a very selfish person Sanam. She cares for no one but herself…”


   Sunehri asks him, You don’t think she deserves another chance? To explain herself? 

Rehan heaves a sigh and says there is no point. 

Sunehri leaves and thinks to herself; how can Rehan just put her away from his mind like that, when she had given him so much more importance…


She tells herself to concentrate on the con and leave as soon as its done. In the mean time, Dilshaad has been silently wheeling herself in pursuit of Sunehri. <I swear, I’m looking at the minutes wasted just watching her struggle and turn, corridor after corridor !! Ugh!>

But she gets Sunehri’s attention, and the younger girl recognizes her as the abandoned old woman from the hotel. Some mild curiosity in her face as Dilshaad uses hand signs to illustrate hell and highwater to her.

Dilshaad says Leave here Sunehri, it is  not safe for you. Leave! 

Meanwhile, Haya receives a parcel from Rahat. clothes and some firecrackers. Which she uses which some random children. Her dupatta catches fire, and Faiz jumps to her rescue. Haya then faints dramatically into his arms…


What?! What is going there? Haya’s story is becoming ridiculous !!


He sprinted, half believing he could outdistance death itself, ignoring the jets of light flying in the darkness all around him, and the sound of the lake crashing like the sea, and the creaking of the Forest though the night was windless; through grounds that seemed, themselves, to have risen in rebellion, he ran faster than he had ever moved in his life…