Hi Tumblr friends, I’m still alive and kickin’ (see what I did there). I haven’t been on much in the last couple months. That is probably because I haven’t really been active or running. So I’ll do an update coffee date bullet point style.

  • First I’ll start with my most recent weekend and 5k since my last post mentioned it and the goal time I wanted. Didn’t quite make my goal of under 29 though. It was a great weekend with wonderful friends. 
  • image

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  • Went to a great wedding a couple weeks ago for two great people and partied beforehand.


  • Celebrated a few birthdays with dinner at Texas Roadhouse one Friday night (Randy’s, Mom’s and mine!). Then celebrated Randy’s and my birthday with friends the following day with lunch at Greenmill, then dinner with his parent’s that same night. It was a great birthday weekend!
  • Went bow hunting for the first time and was unsuccessful. But I did get to see 6 deer in one night, my new record for the most amount of deer I’ve seen in one sitting. Can’t wait to get out there again in a couple weeks. Hopefully with more success.
  • With it being October, Party City gets really busy with the Halloween season so I’ve been busy working weekends and nights. 
  • And finally tonight is senior night for my niece’s school’s football team and cheerleaders, so she will be recognized at the game as a senior. I can’t believe she’s a senior! It’s also pink out night which explains the bright pink sweatshirt and nails in my coffee date photo.

I hope to do a better job going forward of posting more. This blog really helped me in the beginning to stay focused on fitness and I’ve lost that somewhere along the way. 

Have a great day!

Terrible photos but Paper Machete at the Green Mill is one of the best shows I have ever been a part of. Every Saturday at 3pm, 150’ish ppl pile into the Green Mill in Chicago to watch a cabaret style show with comics, singers, characters, Patsy Cline cover bands and whatever else. They have two stages - a traditional one and then one right behind a long curving bar. When you look at it, you think “oh god there’s no way this is going to work.” But then you do your thing and you realize the entire audience loves this show and blah blah blah just check it out already. Out of town comics just do their regular stuff but Chicago comics are given prompts of what to write based on that week’s news. It’s completely free and the only advertisement is word of mouth. If you’re in or will be in Chicago, go see Paper Machete at the Green Mill on Saturdays at 3pm. #benzit #chicago #Illinois #greenmill #papermachete