School to parents is a place you simply send your children off too, to get an joyful education….. BULLL SHIT!!!!!!!! maybe it was that way in elementary school…This is high school.. A.K.A HELL ON EARTH. FOR STARTERS WHAT EVIL PERSON wakes A teenager up every morning at 6:00 am??? Then we have to ride a smelly bus filled with loud and rude children who obviously were raised in a bando. Then we get to school and walk the greenmile to the road of death in our first period. Homework for each class every night. I have 4 classes a day…some schools have 8 classes a day ..we get at least 2 sheets of homework per class…YOU DO THE MATH AMERICA. we go to school for 8 hours…that means we have only 6 hours of the day left before we have to go to bed if we want and adequate 10 hours of sleep. That means within those 6 hours I have to do my chores, do my homework, watch my siblings, go to a part time job (if u have one),eat dinner and socialize if there’s any time left. WE ARE STILL KIDS SOCIETY. WE ARE NOT ROBOTS YOU CAN CONTROL TO DO ANYTHING. WE ARE STILL HUMANS