Had to close up the copy center by myself for the first time tonight. Some parts were nice and calm, others were stressful and I had to call my supervisor/manager multiple times to help me out with stuff (they’re totally cool with it tho cuz they know i’m a greenhorn.) I’ve had about two and a half weeks of training, but I still feel so unprepared for certain things b/c I haven’t had enough experience doing them without aid. But, that’s how ya have to learn sometimes. :T Either way, being by yourself is the woooooooorst.

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"S-sebastian I'd like to join you in the war!" Adam blurted out, putting a hand over his mouth after he said it. Well, he wasn't going to just take it back. He knew a certain someone wouldn't be happy at all but... He felt like he just had to.


    “Adam? No, no. …” Sebastian gingerly cupped his gloved hands over the other’s cheeks, meeting his gaze with a pleading expression. “You can join Freygard. You will find safety here and happiness, but know that I cannot allow any harm to come to you. I could use numbers, but I can’t afford to risk you. Do you wish to change your mind or would you like to learn archery with the greenhorns?”

7 November 2014

Film: GRETCHEN THE GREENHORN (d. Chester and Sidney Franklin, 2014, USA) 

Forum: Laptop       Format: DVD (home library)

Observations:  This was my entertainment on the return flight from Los Angeles, a five-reeler starring Dorothy Gish released by Fine Arts, a production company supervised by D. W. Griffith, and renowned in its era for quality and gentility. Gish is a recent immigrant whose father gets lured into a counterfeiting scheme. For a simple programmer, this brisk film shows a lot of art and resourcefulness (the use of natural light sources and irises was especially nice).

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This week’s guest on Greenhorns Radio is Rachel Budde. She is the maker and creator of Fat and the Moon herbal body care. Budde’s practice is informed by herbalism, ethnobotany, feminism, ancestoral knowledge and the DIY philosophy. Her knowledge and interest in plant medicine span the practical and magical. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"Fat and the Moon is my livelihood and I’m very blessed and lucky for that to be the case." [09:00]

—Rachel Budde on Greenhorns Radio


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Well, yeah… crossover time. Also Hughes is an ass. But a likeable one. Also Falk is amazing. Self-loving-mechanic-pilot.

Also Yuelia is great. She’s an amazing main character.

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In San Lorenzo we took a short horseback tour around a nearby Finca (a ranch or estate, you’ve probably seen it on a wine label). What with its reputation for beef, Argentina has a long and storied cowboy (gaucho) culture, and our B&B host Alex enthused about the rugged authenticity of the guys who run the tours, and how the finca is still primarily in the cattle business – sounded great, we signed up. It did lead me to wonder how eager these cattle-ranching dudes were in dragging greenhorn Canadians around for an hour and a half when there was probably real work to be done, but that’s not my business.

‘Rugged’ was correct, as we were picked up at the B&B in a really crappy old Toyota Corolla. Our guide Ernesto was a very round, breathy fellow in his 50’s who spoke to us in slow, congested Spanish. Alanna at one point must have inadvertently communicated a – wholly nonexistant – fear of horses, as throughout the ride Ernesto would stop and reassure her like the delicate, faint-hearted maiden she isn’t.

Along with a honeymooning Belgian couple we sauntered up and down hillsides, at times glimpsing Salta below but mostly looking out over the finca, which extended as far as visibility allowed in every direction. My last horseback experience was at least sixteen years ago and resulted in an awful allergic reaction and I hadn’t been on one since. Half an hour into the trip I did indeed become wheezy and was somewhat of a mess for the rest of the afternoon. Still had a great time. Plus I’ve been tending to a creeping rip in the crotch of my jeans for the past month and I can happily report that an hour and a half on horseback did not exacerbate things.

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our moms are the same :( i get told to “try harder” to stop my OCD tics. im like 25 and just realizing theres even treatment because ive been blackmailed like you not to “take the easy way out” my whole life, like wtf is that method actually why

that sucks and yeah we’re in a very uncool boat :/ i don’t know why ppl think that’s the solution like what? and tbh i just desperately want to be better. my mom has tics too like i honestly don’t get it there’s so much stigma it’s a total “you can fix it” thing like what (again)? the whole “acting like it’s not there” thing doesn’t work.

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Spin the Bottle~


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// The screenshot is to prove that I didn’t just choose whatever I liked best :D

Tenpou straightened his clothes before knocking on the door. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt so nervous, probably since he was a greenhorn recruit in the Western Army, or even since his teenage years. The uncomfortable feeling gnawed on his nerves, making him jittery, and it took sheer willpower to school his face back into its usual airheaded mask and tell his mind to just Stop. Fretting.

A voice from the other side told him to come in, and Tenpou turned the handle strolling into the room.

"Shut in as always," he said as a way of greeting. "Why don’t you go out from time to time? Some sunshine won’t hurt, Konzen."

"If you’re here to bother me, you can find your way out," the other god grunted in response.

"So curt," Tenpou chuckled. "Why don’t you join me for a picnic?" He locked eyes with Konzen. "Goku will be delighted," he added in a light tone.

"Then take him out yourself," Konzen replied. "I’m busy." He turned away to look at some papers.

Tenpou smiled. He didn’t expect it to be easy — it wouldn’t be Konzen if he agreed to everything he was told, he needed either iron reasoning or careful persuasion, and that was one of the reasons Tenpou… well. He left that thought for later.

"Please," he said. "Your papers won’t go anywhere, and an hour outside will do wonders to your concentration."

"Are you suggesting—"

"Of course not," Tenpou placated, hiding a small smile at Konzen’s disgruntled look at being interrupted. "But would it hurt to be able to concentrate even more after a refreshing picnic?" This time he did smile, deliberately, pouring all of his good intent into the movement of his lips and eyes.

Konzen huffed in reply, and Tenpou knew he’d won this one.

After a few very loud minutes — Goku was predictably overjoyed at the chance to spend time outside and eat outside — they were settling under one of the sakura trees. Konzen spread the blanket on the ground, taking special care to smooth out the wrinkles, while Tenpou produced a bottle of sake and two cups out of a basket.

"Konzen! Ten-chan!" Goku called from where he was gathering flowers. "Can I make a flower crown out of these?" He had an armful of poppies.

"Do whatever you want as long as you don’t litter them in my room," Konzen called back. He sounded annoyed as usual, but Tenpou knew better. These was a soft spot in Konzen’s heart, and that spot had golden eyes.

Goku plopped on the ground getting to work happily.

"You’re good to him," Tenpou said pouring sake into the small cups. "Who would’ve thought you’d be such a good parent."

"I’m not his parent," Konzen grunted back in an annoyed tone of someone who had to repeat something for the thousandth time.

"Of course you are," Tenpou countered. "Family is more than blood."

"Oh?" Konzen raised a brow.

"Of course it is," Tenpou confirmed with yet another smile. "Family is joining of hearts, a bond."

"Isn’t it too sentimental for you?" Konzen huffed. "Then do you have someone you have a bond with?"

Tenpou was silent for a moment, looking Konzen in the eyes. “Well…” he said finally. “There’s Kenren for one.” He watched carefully, trying to see a reaction on Konzen’s face. There was a twitch, a barely noticeable tightening of the blond’s jaw, but it wasn’t something easy to interpret. “He’s like a brother to me,” Tenpou continued, and Konzen’s jaw relaxed. It made Tenpou’s eyes crinkle before he continued.

"Then there’s Goku," he said. "He’s like a nephew, or a step child that I would claim as my own." He made another pause to watch Konzen’s reaction. The corners of the blond god’s eyes twitched, crinkling for less than a moment, and Tenpou couldn’t help a smile at the reaction.

"Then there’s…" Tenpou made another pause, as much for dramatic effect as to settle his screaming nerves. "You," he finished the sentence.

"And where do I fit in your happy family?" Konzen asked in a bored tone, his slightly twinkling eyes betraying his mask.

Tenpou opened his mouth to continue, but then closed it again. Then he leaned towards Konzen as if to whisper something in his ear. The blond leaned closer with an annoyed expression, but then his eyes widened as instead of going to his ear Tenpou turned his head just enough so that his lips met Konzen’s in a soft kiss.

The blond’s lips didn’t move, but instead of making Tenpou uncomfortable, it made him smile. Konzen didn’t recoil, it was a good sign in itself. If anything, the blond god was most probably shocked. Tenpou slid his lips carefully from Konzen’s lips along his jawline and to his ear. While there, he whispered three words. Just three. “I love you.”

Tenpou leaned back, looking at Konzen’s figure, tense as a statue.

"Konzen! Ten-chan!" Goku ran towards them, a flower crown in his hands. "Look what I made!"

"I think, you need a model for that," Tenpou said with a smile.

Goku beamed before putting the flower crown on Konzen’s head.

"You look beautiful," Tenpou said with a smile. Konzen’s cheeks turned pink.

// Mun is in the middle of drinking with colleagues (in the office), so sorry for the mistakes ^^”

All of us greenhorns. Don’t know how good the racist jokes are in Australia, but it’ll be hard to top this crew. @chase_suarez @bug_murphy @emantattooer