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I've haven't written for over a year. Every time I want to or feel like it, I talk myself out of it; 'I'll do it later' or 'I'm not in right mood to write' or 'my heart isn't in it'... How do you help yourself get that kick start to writing again? I miss it so much but can't bring myself to jump back into it!! :(

Try not to think so much. I know it’s easier said than done, but here are some tips;

  • Put on your favourite movie, one you’ve seen a million times.
  • Or put on an old tv show; don’t pressure yourself with silence.
  • Grap a notebook and pen.
  • Put pen to paper and write a word, any word.
  • You can even start out with a doodle if you like.
  • Don’t think about writing a story, just write anything.
  • Write about the weather, what you had for breakfast, a dream you had, anything at all. Write something that means nothing.
  • Write for five minutes, then leave it.
  • Tomorrow, write for ten minutes.
  • Increase it each day.
  • I promise you, that sooner or later, a character, a story idea, a scene, something, will come to you and ask to be written.
  • But don’t pressure yourself.
  • You don’t need to write an entire novel on day one.
  • Write snippets, write sketches, write things you’ll never finish.
  • Don’t pressure yourself.
  • Allow yourself to write rubbish.
  • And in between the writing, read, read, read, read, read.
  • Be brave. I know you can do it.

Here comes my second clothing!!

This time panties:) Making them was some real pain, but however, it’s done!

- three different variations

- morphs enabled

- full 3d mesh

I’m so sorry, they have a little issue on the inside of one leg, but since Milkshape decided to leave me and stop working, I can’t correct it. I will update it, when I got the control back haha. Well, all in all they work good, so should not be that bad :)

So if you wanna, grap them here:


As usual, do not claim as your own, but feel free to use the mesh or so:) If you want, you can tag me when you use them, because I would love to see it :)

I’m on a holiday and instead of going to the beach i’m in my hotel room squeeing while watching the new promo over and over again. Also different versions of the Olicity kiss gifs are opened on different tags on my browser so i can stare at them till October 8th! I repeat i’m on a holiday… also 35 and single. Thank you Arrow writers for ruining my life.

So when i see the promo…. I was like this


It took me like 15 minutes to form a word.


I mean look at THIS!


The way he cups her face with both hands… the way she graps his arm… The smile on her face that says “finally”… It’s so perfect!!!


Btw are they in a hospital? Wtf?

Maybe they are there to see Dig and Lyla’s baby? Oh damn! I can smell all the great fanfictions being written while i’m typing this!


Ok so before i end this ridicilous post lets take a look at the kiss in black and white…


So freaking perfect!

Is it October yet?

P.s: Not my gifs… But I am super thankful to all the amazing gif makers for making this post happen. LOL

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skimmons hunger game AU because no ship is complete without a hunger games AU. thanks~

okay well this is more of a catching fire au honestly. and haha okay i was going to write a longer thing, but i never did and this is the beginning of what it wouldve been.. probably. 


That was what Coulson had said, that she was supposed to make allies for when she went back into the area.

Except every time she thought of having an ally all Skye could see was the ones she’d already lost.

 Miles his lips red with blood as he struggled to speak to her one last time, his dirty fingers grapping onto hers to keep her there to force her to watch as the last light faded from his eyes.  

And then there was Ace, who nearly made it, she would have taken her own life so he could return to his family, but somebody has rigged the game, set bombs up under the ground, he hadn’t even known what hit him until it was too late, she remembers how he laughed looking over his shoulder to tell Skye that they’d almost made it, and then she remembered the explosion that ended it all.

No, she would not be making allies in this game.

She had told as much to the other victor – or well tribute now, from her district, but he had been too far gone on morphling to even care. The tragic curse of being a District Six victor that only Coulson and (technically) Skye had managed to avoid.

Her eyes flickered around the training center sizing the competition up.

This was different from last year, no longer was she surrounded by innocent kids, but instead her opponents were experienced killers.

Maybe actually getting started on her training instead of staring around at her opponents would be a better idea, she scans the room one last time for any part of the training center that is unused, but finds that most of the weapons areas are busy and the other things with hardly anybody there are the places that teach how to make shelter or start fires or other simple things like that.

Still, Skye ends up settling down at the station for tying knots since the only other person there seems very intent on the knot she’s working on and doesn’t even look up when Skye settles down into the seat opposite her.

She spends about five minutes working with the rope trying to tie in into something decent before she just about gives up and reasons that if she didn’t need to know how to tie a slip knot in the last games she probably won’t need to this time either.

Thoroughly discouraged she goes to toss the rope down, only to find soft almost delicate hands slipping over her own, leading her fingers into the right position to make the knot and then retreating.

Before Skye can properly thank her for the help, the other tribute speaks up in an almost anxious rush, “I’m sorry- I shouldn’t have- but you were just doing it so completely wrong.”

She’s flushing now, fingers gripping her own piece of rope tighter, but there’s a hint of a nervous smile there when she looks up at Skye, and Skye can’t help but be hit by the overwhelming realization that this woman is very beautiful.

“Thanks,” Skye offers, and that seems to be the right answer because she smiles back at her.

“You’re welcome, if you ever need help with other knots, just ask,” she nods once, before going back to her work.

For some reason Skye can’t just let the conversation end there, even if it would probably be for the best, instead she asks, “Aren’t you from District Three?

“Does that mean that I shouldn’t be able to tie knots?”


Hey Friends. Pals. Bro-honchos.

If you like Story-telling podcasts, and if you are seeing in in the tags than you probably do, here is a list of some of the other podcasts I am following right now you might enjoy.

I restricted it to just the more story-oriented ones, and hovering over the name will show my little descriptors. 

If you have any recommendations about other podcasts like these, I would love to hear them!

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cap 2 came out on dvd today and i've got this day marked for 3 months or so. so this morning i didn't even take a shower nor put on any make-up - i just ran straight to the "news"-aisle in the dvd shop, grapped the dvd, clutched it to my chest and ran to the cash register (only 8$! i would have even payed 80$ for it :D) and now i've been sitting at home all day long watching the movie over and over again and falling in love with chris over and over again <3 can't wait for aou!

this part on repeat?


Listening to Majima’s (Ryuuji’s va) drama CD and damn this man is a good voice actor! Usually the kissing is acted as “hey I’m eating soup here SLURRRPING” or “Imma grap a bite from you NOMNOM”, but Majima manages to act kissing as kissing. Not slurping, not nomming,  Jut plain, realistic kisses, which are seemingly hard to voice act alone.  

Majima definitely should do more drama CDs. I guess he’s not “famous” enough to get that many gigs in the drama industry…