R.I.P. Betty Willis, graphic designer behind the famous “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas” sign

Designer Who Created the Iconic ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ Sign Has Died

Nevada graphic designer Betty Willis, who created the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign that became a globally recognized icon of hedonism, died Monday at age 91, according to the Neon Museum.

Her design, gifted to Las Vegas in 1959, is emblematic of Googiearchitecture, with its characteristic futuristic motifs. Although the sign is formally owned by the Young Electric Sign Co., its image remains perennially in the public domain, with reprints adorning all manner of Vegas memorabilia from coffee mugs to T-shirts.

Willis was brought up outside Las Vegas and worked at Western Neon in 1952, after attending school in Los Angeles in 1952. “We thought the town was fabulous, so we added the word,” she once said.”

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Typographic Universe

Look what flew into our post chest this weekend. A very nice book from Steven Heller and Gail Anderson called Typographic Universe. Published by Thames and Hudson we expected of course something great.

About the book:

The book showed us that quite everything could be typography. Type can be found everywhere and with a little help it could be turned into interesting moments and situations. Flora, Fauna, Food, everything could be used for creating a typography artwork. A celebration to letters with over 300 inspiring photos of different examples. From deliberate inventions aromatic alphabets made of spaghetti, soup or spices, or contorted typefaces styled out of human handprints to serendipitous and often short-lived discoveries letters formed by chemtrails in the sky, by negative spaces between trees branches and city buildings, or by cracks in plaster to fading ghost types painted on buildings in a pre-digital age.

We highly recommend this book to everyone experimenting with typography and willing to cross the usual frontiers of design thinking.

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lil rant I guess

On Instagram, I’m always seeing comments on the boys pictures that are just disgusting. On Liz’s page I see multiple comments saying “I wanna rape ur son” and things similar to that. Like that’s not funny to joke about because, well rape isn’t funny obviously. And these 12 year old girls are leaving awful comments about how they masturbate to their pictures and graphic things they would do to the boys. It’s NOT OK to say that just because they are famous, if they read that stuff they would probably be just as disturbed as a regular person. Yes we admire them, so we should leave respectful comments as a fam. (That was long sorry, but it’s bothersome)