1. free spirit II 
  2. Chaos & Order - Field of Tulips 
  3. floating on light 
  4. warm wintEr glOw 
  5. how do you know? 
  6. one of these days - autumn mood 
  7. Leaves in Autumn 
  8. a shared daydream 
  9. desolation land 

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I think I have a little obsession with Evan Peters 👽😻🙊


Tales of Alethrion: Thug´s Life

Thug´s Life was our stretch goal, a comic, for our last Kickstarter for Tales of Alethrion. We will reveal a chapter everyday this week with a new chapter. It is about Mira who you saw in The Reward face Wilhelm in a deadly battle: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Cw7aAFS5oc ).

This is about her before she faced Wilhelm and how she turned into a thug. She started out wanting justice in the world and wanted to become a police guardian of Draloque. Enjoy! Return tomorrow and read chapter two!

Support our Kickstarter for Tales of Alethrion the animated series and watch the first two episodes The Reward and The First Hero HERE!


wildest dreams

You’re the light that keeps the darkness at bay.

New painting because I have a lot of feelings about Captain Swan living for each other and being each other’s light and helping each other stay on the right path.

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George Shelley is so cute omfg 😍❤️🙈


#it’s always easier to make someone smile when everything is fine#but what’s hard is to make someone smile when everything seems to be falling apart#and that’s exactly what killian does for emma#he makes her smile through the tears#he makes her smile when she’s had a really bad day#he even makes her smile when she’s constantly reminded of her darkness#when she has nothing to smile about#but he somehow gets her to even for a moment#and that so important to have someone like that in your life#that can somehow make you feel better#and give you hope#and comfort you#and make you believe even momentarily everything is going to be okay#and i’m glad emma has that in killian