I’m watching Goldmember right now

Just some simple nostril studs.
Solid 14kt White, Yellow and Rose Gold. Featuring Genuine VS 1 Grade G Diamonds.
All the bling.
Made with love from Bvla.
The master of Gold.

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so i was tagged by random-assassin to do this thingy so here goes

Name: Kendyl (dur)

Time and day: 10:24 pm January 24 

Average hours of sleep: how the hell do i know xD

Last thing I googled: Putin photoshopped (don’t judge i was facetiming my brother) 

Nicknames: Kenny is the main one

Birthday: March 24

Gender: potato

Sexual Orientation: also potato

Height: idkkk

Favorite color: idk purple and green?

One place that makes me happy: my back porch because it’s screened in and i can watch all the bugs wanting my food hehehe

Favorite movie: Austin Powers in Goldmember

What clothes am I wearing: clothes

Last book I’ve read: Warriant by Robison Wells

Tag people;

pshh idk lol ANYONE

Sorry for my absence. I’ve been very stressed & busy,  and after losing Peanut, Whisper, and Felix in one week I sort of lost interest and got a bit down about the blogging side of rats. I’ve also had very little time as I’ve been working 9-5 and my spare hours are spent with sleeping & doing dumb adult chores. 

Recent losses include Gandalf & Goldmember the mouse (he was a foster but I counted him as mine). Toshi and Badger (both will turn 2 in about May) are slowing down and getting very old and sleepy. I feel fairly miserable about that. I know they have short lifespans, but those two are just blah. Just the sweetest.

Remy has been very sick with resp. problems, but he’s been on meds for a week and a half now and hasn’t made any noises for the last half a week/week at least. He finishes his course in a few days and I’m very happy about his progress. Gary has started snuffling though, so I’ll have to start on him now D:

Between work and money problems and exhaustion and forcing a huge change to my sleeping habits I haven’t had much time for anything else, and the next six months are gonna be similar as I’ll be doing 2 classes at uni as well as working 2 jobs. Well, I’ll see how I go. 

I hope everyone & their pets are doing well, I’ll be around sometimes :)

Don’t we are open. Air con going a cool 24 degrees.
Let us bling you out.

Mik Cray Cray (@thatkaelerae13 ) showing off her Bvla Mini Moody Clicker and a Bvla The Rose

Solid 14kt Gold.

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At Bae’s…….Enjoying a Vènti Green Tea sweetened with Honey, also a Dreamy Marshmallow Square and got the Starbucks FREE Song of the Week from the Apple iTunes Stores ! And best believe I’ll be sure to get my FREE refills with my Starbucks Gold Card ! 😍☕️💳💕 #starbuck #starbucks #starbuckscanada #goldlevel #goldmember #seattlesbest #thebest #starbucksgoldcard #free #cafe #coffeeshop #whitechicksbelike #whitegirlproblems #gold #goldcard #bae #omg #honey #tea #greentea #marshmallow #yum #yummy #yummie @starbucks @starbuckscanada (at Starbucks Canada)

10 Women I Crushed On Growing Up

10. Rose from Titanic (until she let Jack drown)

9. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

8. Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality

7. Evelyn from The Mummy

6. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (honestly anything Angelina Jolie)

5. Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers: Goldmember

4. Alex from Charlie’s Angels

3. Letty from Fast and Furious (any movie really)

2. Hermione Granger from later Harry Potter Movies

1. Anna Valerious from Van Helsing

So that’s my list. What is yours?