Was inspired by a lot of those audio voice samples of the FNAF characters, so I decided to make a script of how my FNAF oc would speak… because I’m an idiot…

My oc/headcanon on pirate cove found here: http://tedizleader.tumblr.com/post/95249798767/sad-headcanon-time-there-used-to-be-an-ornament

Since Mary wasn’t around for the child murders and is kinda ‘dead’ for the time being, I made her ‘glitches’ sound more like cries for help since she was being taken apart. Based a little bit of Earthbound/Mother 2 boss Giygas… I apologize in advance for creepy factor.

Kinda wish I could do audio/voice acting… But I suck and I don’t have the talent to making my voice a mix between Foxxy Cleopatra(Austin Powers: Goldmember) and Jennifer Lewis (Aunt Helen from Fresh Prince).

possible Mary Audio (pretty heavy on 70’s and disco lingo due to the time of her creation) :

"Oooh yeahh~ Have we got a show for y’all tonight at Freddy’s Pizza! Mary’s my name and grooves are my game! Now who’s ready ta’ get down?! MmHmm~ Take it away, Foxy~"

"Let’s give it up for Freddy and the gang, y’all! Those were some of the sickedt jams I ever heard!"

(some quips between her and foxy)

"Yargh! I should sing solo!"

"Yeah, so-low we can’t hear ya! *giggle*"

"Why you crazy fishtailed lass!"

"Play that funky music, Cap’n~"

"Ye know I will, Mary!"

"Wooo! Welcome to Freddy’s Pizza; where you get an A-MAZING show with your dinner~ So why don’t y’all sit back and relax- (Wwwhhaaaatttt aaarrenyyyou ddoiiing?)- and enjoy the show!"

"Oooh yeah~ Have we got a-( No! No stop!) show for y’all tonight at Freddy’s pizza! M-m-mary’s my name- =screech=- And grooves are m-(it hurts! stop it! Foxy! Helllllllppp meeeeeeee-crackle*) Now who’s ready to get down?! Take- *audio scratching* (*pitch fluctuates* Ffffoooxxxxyyyyyy…. hhheeellllpppp meeee- *screech* Iiiiitttt hhhuuurrrtttssssss….. Fo-ffffoooxxxxyyyyyyyyy…..)

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Name: Rachel

Nickname: Rae

Birthday: October 3rd

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight—but I check out girls here & there lol

Height: 5’4

Time zone: Hawaiian-Aleutian

What time and date is it there: 11:40 PM August 29th

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 6-8 depending in my schedule

The last thing I googled was: “tmobile pearlridge”

The last thing I giggled at?: “eat my shorts” lmfao

First word that comes to mind: Goldmember lol

What I last said to a family member: “Goodnight, love you”

One place that makes me happy & why: lagoon st. Planes & the ocean & it’s relaxing

How many blankets do I sleep under: 1 plus sheets

Favorite beverage(s): lemonade, sweet yea & captain Morgan

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy

Three things I can’t live without: Internet, Chapstick & my bed

Something I plan on learning: how to swim lol

A piece of advice for all my followers: do you & do it well

You all have to listen to this song: Without - Sampha

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Gru, Max, and Dr. Evil are all chubby evil geniuses who wear jumpsuits. 

Lucy has red hair. Frau had red hair (in Goldmember at least).

Scarlett has red hair.

(It’s also worth mentioning they all love their little buddies: Gru with his adopted kids, Dr. Evil with Mini-me, and Max has babies)

We're Going With Goldmember

So I had this sketch idea.

We pitched on it for like five minutes, and a lot of laughs were had, but we all agreed to let this one go.

See, I think it would be so funny to have a guy sitting at his desk, and his boss comes in, and the boss says “Jeff, I’m sorry, but we’ve got to let you go.”

And Jeff can’t believe it. He’s one of - if not the - most productive official report filers in the the company. He’s exceeded his official report quota every week for the last ten years. But apparently times have changed, the industry’s evolving, and they’ve found themselves with a redundancy. They’ve got to let one of their two report filers go, and they’ve decided to keep Goldmember on instead of Jeff.

"Goldmember?" Jeff asks.
“Yeah, Goldmember. Higher ups decided we’re keeping him.”
“Like from Austin Powers?”
“Yeah, that’s the guy.”
“The guy that loves gold and eats his own dead skin.”
Yeah, Jeff. How many times are you going to say it?”
“Goldmember is real?”
“Jeff clear out your desk.”

"You can’t do this sketch unless you actually get Mike Myers, though," Kyle says.
“No no no no, that’s the whole idea. The whole joke is that we’re doing this with one of our actors. It’s like… ok like the meta idea is that New Money thinks doing a sketch with the character Goldmember is allowed. Like we think it would be perfectly ok to just do a Borat sketch with one of our actors-“
“Right but Goldmember is so much funnier than Borat. Goldmember is exactly the perfect choice for this idea,” says Dave.
“Nobody will understand that and also it’s bad, though,” says someone else.

There was also a lot of disagreement over the actual premise of the fake sketch this fictional New Money thought was good. See I’m positing that this is a world where Goldmember from Austin Powers in: Goldmember played himself. Outside of that gig, he works at this company, filing reports.

"Wait, no, no, it would be that Mike Myers played him, but in this sketch we meet the real guy that Goldmember was based on," Kyle or Dave or Aaron says.
“No no no, he played himself. But we have Echo play him in the sketch.”
“Hahahahaha god, that is exactly wrong.”
“Right, but I think that’s why it’s funny. “
“So Echo Kellum is playing a guy named Goldmember that played himself in Austin Powers in: Goldmember.”
“And he like does the voice and everything.”
“Yeah, like his best Goldmember.”

Everyone is laughing because obviously this is the WORST SKETCH, but there would be screams of laughter coming from the performer wings of the theatre, we think, while the rest of our audience is silent.

"So Mike Myers played everyone else. Doctor Evil and Fat Bastard and-"
“That’s an option, but we could also say that Austin Powers played everyone else.”
“Yeah, Austin Powers played himself, and Doctor Evil, and Fat Bastard.”
“But Goldmember played himself.”
“So who is Mike Myers?”
“Mike Myers is an actor that died in 1990 while shooting So I Married An Axe Murderer.
“Right, he was killed because he hired a real axe murderer.”
“No he died when a prop gun was accidentally loaded with real bullets.”

Anyway we’ll never do this sketch, and I think it may be my Pale King.

wtf this dog is scratching chunks of her fur off and then eating them im getting gross goosebumps and she reminds me of Goldmember

A very old well healed Surface Anchor we preformed years ago.
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