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Do Kyungsoo expressed his disbelief often. To be able to work with renowned writers and directors and great seniors of the industry, to be called a ‘morning star of the Korean film industry’ - all were ‘unbelievable’ circumstances. In luck and skill, he is a youth with potential hard to see the end of. Even as a member of EXO, which has popularity to pierce the sky! Forgoing his stage name of D.O, he started acting under his given name of Do Kyungsoo, and met his first audience in the drama ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’ as a fragment of the lead, Jang Jaeyeol (Jo Insung). Though these are times when acting idols are no longer out of the ordinary, he has skill outstanding enough to draw and hold the eyes of those uninterested in idols at all. Though on one entertainment program, one MC praises him by asking ‘did SM change its acting teacher?’, the truth is that he is a member who never received formal lessons from the company. In ‘Cart,’ the student worker Taeyoung inspires even more empathy for a movie that deals with the struggles of temporary workers. Squeezing through the packed schedule of popular idols, finally he faced us neatly, with a pure gaze, speaking in a calm and low voice. Even the scene of getting hit by the store owner roughly enough to draw concerned cries from fans was, he says with a smile, “interesting to film, to be a part of it all.” Watching the way he talks of these new experiences and knowledge like some a storybook protagonist, one sees the reason why these renowned writers and directors chose Do Kyungsoo as their drawing paper.

Is there a VIP premiere for “Cart” tonight? Have you seen the finished version of the movie?

I did, at the outdoor theater of the Busan film festival in October. It was my first time so I didn’t know, but it was really gratifying to watch this kind of film with the audience. It was something not everyone is allowed to experience, even if they wish for it.

What points of the movie really drew you in?

Truthfully, I only saw my seniors. During filming, because I mostly stayed by Yeom Jungah senior, who had the role of my mother, I couldn’t watch anyone else act. Everyone gave it their all and made the film great with their amazing acting. In contrast, I found my own regretful and lacking.

You say Cart was the first time you auditioned for acting.

Though I never told anyone and kept quiet about it, I had big dreams about acting since I was little. That’s why when this sudden opportunity found me, I was startled but also very happy. When I met with the director for reading, I was so nervous, I don’t even remember how I did. Enough to have my hands shaking.

Did you receive special training from director Bu Jiyoung?

They weren’t separate acting lessons, but I shared a lot of talks with her. Though everything was a first, making the motions was especially hard. From lifting the pot’s lid to opening the refrigerator, she taught me detail by detail. The first shooting was for a scene where I’m looking up at my friend Sookyung at school. Even though there’s no dialogue, we shot it about 16 times. The director had a very clear vision.

Did Taeyoung, who is an adolescent growing up in a hard world, feel too different from you?

Even though I’m a part of EXO now, I don’t think I was too different from Taeyoung when I was just an ordinary student. I worked part time to make money, and although I don’t have a younger sister like Taeyoung, I grew up with an older brother. It’s just that I wasn’t a rebellious student like in the movie. The hardest scene was getting angry at my mother and fleeing. I had never yelled that loudly or angrily in my life.

You must have been a good son.

Although I may have liked fooling around, I didn’t make trouble. I wasn’t the kind of son to stress my parents like that.

You were cast in the drama ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’ after the movie’s filming.

I was less nervous for this second audition than the first. Initially Kangwoo was a really timid and weak character, but after meeting me, the writer changed him to someone more playful. She said it would fit me more. I only found out that Kangwoo was a character imagined by Jaeyeol after my casting was confirmed. And even though I knew, the reveal of Kangwoo’s identity at the ending of episode four still gave me goosebumps when I read the script.

To act as an imaginary character can’t have been easy.

Writer Noh Heekyung helped me a lot. One night, we took a walk in a park near the studio and had a long conversation. She gave me great amounts of insight into life, and it all helped me understand Kangwoo better. 

At what moment did you most immerse yourself in the character of Kangwoo?

In the last episode, the scene where Jaeyeol washes Kangwoo’s feet and sends him off. I don’t cry very easily, but as we filmed that scene the tears just fell. It was amazing. It felt like I really was Kangwoo, and that before, I had acted without really understanding. Now I feel regretful for him, like with Taeyoung.

Your impressions on working with actor Jo Insung?

I can only be thankful that he received my clumsy acting so well. I learned a lot at his side. Not just acting, but also human qualities - how to treat people well.

You seem like a fast learner, and mature for your age.

I did hear often that I don’t seem to be one of the youngest. Mostly, I think this growth is from work in society. I’ve learned a lot just from living and enduring with the members. And I’ve had the great fortune of meeting good people here - writers, directors, and managers.

Do you have moments of instinct over reason? When you let what’s inside all out.

Try coming to one of EXO’s concerts (laughter). The fans’ spirit you feel onstage, that energy makes something in my chest explode. My stress disappears.

What do you during downtime?

Watching movies was a hobby before I even got into acting. I used to like only action and hero movies, but lately I’m searching through a variety of genres. I’ve become more attentive to camera angles and the actor’s expressions and voices.

You are a main vocal and a rising rookie actor. Are there any other abilities you would like to have?

Dancing skill? I enjoyed and pursued singing since I was little, but I only started learning to dance after entering the company. I can follow EXO’s choreography reasonably, but I can’t really, truly dance like Chris Brown or our team member Kai. Even if I’m short, I want to be able to dance well enough to command the stage.

For both D.O and Do Kyungsoo, what is your driving force in the entertainment industry?

I feel it is ‘something I have to do.’ I don’t know how it would be if I didn’t sing or act. But I feel something apparent, though I can’t express it in words, for what I do now. That’s why I don’t stress easily. I forget difficult times quickly. I want to keep going forward with the members who are by me, having fun and caring for each other.

The most meaningful part of the year to you?

That I could start acting. At the after party of “It’s Okay, It’s Love”, for the first time I choked on tears while exchanging goodbyes with writer Noh Heekyung. We are the two people in this world who know Kangwoo best, after all. I didn’t realize but I started crying while bidding her farewell. I want to keep experiencing and feeling new things, whatever they might be.

I feel like Bryke did the best they could with the circumstances they were given, and although I’m still not a huge fan of clip episodes, that was super funny and wonderful and I’m SO grateful I still get to experience this! Thank you Bryke! 

"I went to NSS last year dressed as one of my favorite characters, Doctor Facilier. When I met him, I gave him Mardi Gras beads and flirted with him. It was a desolate point in my life, and when he flirted back and called me a princess, it was so meaningful that I was given new confidence. This year I went back and saw Mix-and-Mingle again, but was disappointed that there was no more meet-and-greet. So wherever you are, Facilier, thank you! That new confidence helped me find the love of my life!"

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the fact that nick couldn’t see lok’s true potential angers me to no end

honestly they should have given any of their other shows - any show but lok - the cutback (lok is the most quality show they have at the moment, imo)

but i know it doesn’t make a difference no matter how much i vent; it’s useless - nick will continue profiting from the show, even after it ends, and it will continue to exist without giving a flying fuck for the fans 

[Funny or Die’s spoof of “Big”] stars Evan Rachel Wood as a young woman who magically becomes an adult, falls in love with a guy (Darren Criss), and then a whole bunch of other stuff happens. When she decides to tell him the truth … well, let’s just say that the video takes a very big turn in a very surprising direction.

This is probably one of the funniest performances we’ve seen the “Glee” star deliver, since Criss completely has a meltdown as he starts to fret over almost his entire future. The video comes to a close not too long after that.

For those wondering, this looks like it was shot over the summer during Darren’s time off from the show, given that this is the look that he tends to sport when he is not at working playing Blaine with the ridiculous amounts of hair gel. That is almost one of the benefits for him getting to play this character; he looks different enough in it that he can go and do other things afterwards, and nobody is really going to associate him directly with that one-time Warbler and longtime love interest for Chris Colfer’s Kurt.
So over Dullena pushing its way into Bamon moments.

And fuck Elena at this point.

She has got to be the shittiest friend on this entire show. Bonnie has literally given her life for her, showing time and time again that she cares about her and values their friendship, while Elena has really done nothing for her in return. And now that she found out that Bonnie is alive, she says she wants to bring her back so that she can ask her for relationship advice? 


I know the writers didn’t intend for her to sound like the most selfish whore on the planet when they wrote that line, but that’s seriously what it sounded like. Goddamn Elena is so conceited!

And about Delena showing up where it’s not wanted (in Bamon moments). Does Julie Plague really expect us to believe that all Damon and Bonnie talked about for four fucking months was Elena? I mean … there’s bullshit, and then there’s bullshit.

And girl bye to Elena for asking Damon to find Bonnie with her, as if he wasn’t doing that in the first place, and as if he would be doing it as a favor to her. Bitch, what the fuck do you think he’s been doing this entire episode? Why the fuck do you think he ditched Friendsgiving? Not everything is about you Elena. Have a stadium full of seats and sit your self-centered ass down somewhere. Fuck outta here.


I really hope that when Bonnie comes back, she realizes that these people don’t give a damn about her except for Jeremy (to an extent - he hasn’t lifted a finger to look for her, he just used her death as an excuse to act like a douchebag, but that’s a topic for another day) and now Damon. She should realize this and decide to look out for herself more and stop sacrificing herself for people who wouldn’t do the same for her. It’ll be positive character development on her part.

Sorry for the rant Bamily. I just wasn’t here for the ending of that scene. I went from smiling at Damon lighting up when he was reminiscing about he and Bonnie’s time together in 1994 to raging at Elena. This show brings out so many feels, negative and positive.

Let it just be said that Canada, Liberal America's favorite place, has NEVER granted amnesty to illegal immigrants.

I would actually venture to say we have some of the strictest immigration laws in the western world. Even anchor babies are sooner given to the state than their parents’ immigration claim expedited

Even the NDP, the ideological equivalent to the Socialist Party, has decried mass amnesty for illegals because it knows that the first amnesty would just give way to the second, and then the third, forever more.

If Government is willing to legislate forgiveness for those unwilling to follow the first and foremost rules of existing in the country they’d like to, there is absolutely no expectation that they will follow any of the other rules of being a citizen. Throwing some paper documentation at them won’t change a single thing.

Not to mention the fact that this mandated-forgiveness of criminal activity essentially undermines the efforts of all those legal immigrants who fought and struggled to make their American dream come true.

no but Danny being super ridiculously tight lipped about Freakshow’s staff and his alternate future around other superheroes

because he damn well fucking KNOWS how powerful he is and how much of a threat he could be, so far the other supers are largely unworried since he’s given all signs that he’s a good guy but what the fuck would they think if they found out he not only had the potential to go bad but in one timeline he actually DID

not only is it possible for someone to control him but one time someone managed to DO IT

how worried would he be about how the other heroes - who already act wary around this ridiculously overpowered teenager - would react upon finding out he not only COULD BE a horrendously dangerous threat but ALREADY HAD BEEN TWICE BEFOREHAND

imagine how much he so would NOT want to have to explain how in another timeline he had murdered every single one of them within the span of ten years, SINGLEHANDEDLY

gobiden asked:

What are we supposed to make of Varys wanting to restore a Targaryen to the throne "for the realm" if the Targaryens have been on balance not so great for the realm?

Indeed the Targaryens have been not so great for the realm. But this would be Varys’s personal Targaryen, which would make a huge difference as far as Varys is concerned (less so, most likely, for the realm).

To be less glib about it, Varys has raised “Aegon” to be a Great King from the jump, an experiment in jerry-rigging an enlightened despotism which is not entirely unreasonable given the successes of those few Targaryens who could reasonably be considered enlightened despots. Far less reasonable — criminal, in fact — is deliberately helping to plunge the realm into ruin in order to create the conditions necessary for the completion of the experiment. Also unreasonable: conducting the experiment in furtherance of the claims of the Blackfyre pretenders, which is what I personally believe to be going on.

It’s important, though, to note that however you slice this, it allows for Varys to perform genuine good deeds along with terrible crimes. I think he really was looking out for Ned Stark, for example. 

[NEWS] BOBBY & HI SUHYUN achieve triple crown on Gaon for week 2014.11.09 - 2014.11.15




In terms of Gaon, Triple Crown refers to a particular song holding first place on their digital, download, and BGM chart of the week, and HI SUHYUN has completely blown up all three charts for the week of November 9th through the 15th.

“I’m Different” has been enjoying an astounding amount of success from the moment it was released, dominating not only Gaon Charts, but seven other major music streaming sites, including Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh, Genie, Soribada, Daum Music and Naver Music. This serves as proof of the ever-rising popularity of the duo, but, of course, credit must also be given to the witty rapping of featuring guest star Bobby of YG Entertainment’s upcoming boy group iKON.


anonymous asked:

I was so excited to see your Izzy-and-DJ fic and even more excited for your Izzy-DJ-and-Lucy fic, and then you had an Izzy-and-Stark fic, and now I can only imagine the absolute insanity that the group of them could get up to. And the epic sibling rivalry between DJ and Stark. Because Tony Stark is incapable of having normal children. Obviously.

Well, obvs. I don’t speak for DJ since he’s Sci’s, but I don’t think they’d really have a rivalry per se — DJ is essentially sweet-natured and doesn’t seem terribly competitive, and I think Tony would take drastic steps to prevent his children from feeling as if he loved anything more than them, given his own father. 

Plus, Stark is a mischief maker and an extrovert and can be kind of a dick, but he is essentially a superhero and he is absolutely Tony Stark’s son. I think he would be fiercely protective of DJ. Especially since, regardless of who was older, Stark would have known DJ as Dummy since birth — even if DJ was younger than Stark in boy form, Dummy’s been around since Tony was a teenager. I think if Stark, even as a young child, were presented with this brilliant little boy who spends a lot of his time lost and confused at first, he would bond with him hardcore. 

The trouble they would get up to together, now, that would be something else to see. :D But Stark would always make sure DJ is safe whether DJ wants him to or not, and no matter how much trouble they got into, he’d never hang his little brother out to dry. 

I don’t know if Stark and DJ would understand each other very well, always, but I think they would always look out for each other.