Do not let yourself be the
body they seek to make
of you, you are so much
more than skin.

These same people will turn
your body into sand somewhere
inside of them, figuring your
body into a desert, vast and
empty, underneath a sun that
lends to its embrace no warmth,
only slow, insistent burn.

The things you once thought
to be sources of light,
reaching no hand to you in
all your darkness.

These same bodies will
desecrate your skin beneath
their tongues and spit it back
to you when you inevitably
refuse to swallow the name
they have forced upon you
under the guise of gift; you will
be called ungrateful, bask in
these accusations.

—  you will never be barren landscape, Emma Bleker

Meeting Andy! Part 1.

He was so beautiful. I met him last year as well but I didn’t actually get to look at him while waiting in line last year since he was in a separate room and not on the convention floor. But waiting in line for him this year and him just sitting there a few feet away, it was making me weak. GAH. Heart eyes everywhere, basically. When I walked up, he shook my hand, we greeted each other etc etc. He then pointed at my shirt and was like “I like that top” and it took me a second to even process what he said. I totally wasn’t expecting him to compliment my shirt, lmao. It wasn’t walking dead or anything, just a regular shirt :P 

I’d brought him a giant Hershey bar as a gift so after thanking him for the compliment, I pulled out the bar to give to him. He was like “Yeah!! Hershey’s!!” and raised it up in the air looking around at everyone else while doing it. You can see him in the middle of doing that in the bottom two pictures. Also hitting it up against his head apparently, hahaha. Part 2.

I'm calling it now....

Dr. Abraham Erskine was really one of the lost Blue Wizards, a member of the Istari who stayed behind when the Elves faded or finally took the journey over the Sea. 

He stayed for the ten thousand years of Gondor’s glory and its ruin.

He was there, along with the Handmaiden of Nienna, when Gondor fell, smuggling away the last Prince of the line of Elessar, the little boy who would be the uncrowned king.

Aeons later, he would wander the world, quietly watching over the race of Humankind, as they forgot the ancient histories, the tales, the Silmarils, the Shadow and the Ring. 

Aeons later, he would take on the guise of a kindly scientist, in the midst of a great war, seeking the one person who would be worthy of the gift of strength and power that would enable him to stand even against this new incarnation of Morgoth’s Shadow. 

He would find him in a tiny young man who would tell him that he didn’t want to kill Nazis. That he just hated bullies.  That he would stand up for the little guy, for the weak, even though he himself was physically weak. 

Dr. Abraham Erskine, once Pallando the Blue, would know that here was one worthy of his Gift. 

Of course it would be the uncrowned king, reborn again through so many lifetimes. 

Of course, it would be the Captain that men would follow even under the bloody shadow of the Red Skull. 

The Wizard smiled. 

- end -

Note:  So…. uh, remember that I made many references to Steve being the “uncrowned king?” Yeah, this was the reason why.

Also, I am firmly convinced that the god damn super soldier serum was magic.  ABSOLUTE MAGIC.  That’s the only reasonable explanation as to why only Zola got close with Bucky and then, since Bucky wasn’t going to be HYDRA’s happy soldier, had to brain-whammy that poor guy into following HYDRA’s orders.


Roidehiver and BeatusCineris recently celebrated their birthdays so I asked them what kind of gift they’d like. They were quick to wish for art and this post is the result of two creative requests.

This is the Tentaspy known as Cyril and Christian Brutal Sniper himself, who is hilarious for that matter. Mind his offensive name and look it up on YouTube. xD

Happy Birthday, Emma. Thank you for being such a good friend through everything that’s been happening. And thank you for helping me search for Anna. 


I made you a bracelet. For your birthday. 


You really didn’t need to do that, but it’s very beautiful so thank you. I think I would have to say it’s very cool. Thank you, and I’m just glad to be of some help with trying to find your sister. 

ooc: This is the last birthday message that I’ll be answering and the event is now ended. Thank you and Emma thanks everyone for all the wonderful birthday messages.

What are some good small gifts for a boyfriend?

I’m making a small gift package for my boyfriend as a “cheer up” thing, so I need to think of a bunch of little things I can put in it that don’t cost too much.

So far I have:

  • His favourite candy
  • A Tim Horton’s gift card
  • and a DIY coupon book

I would appreciate it so much if you could help me with suggestions, I’m so lost!

Happy birthday to one of the coolest, most genuine guys I have ever met. His music and lyrics have helped me through some of my darkest times, and they have brought me understanding, hope, and encouragement. I could never thank this guy enough for what he does, and I could never thank God enough for giving him the gifts that he has to touch so many lives. Love you, Jon!


20 Followers Gift

Because I now have 20 followers, I wanted to do something special for you! I never thought I’d get any followers much less twenty ~(^-^)~

What you see here is a base sim for you to use and abuse to your liking! She’s supposed to be a fairy but I don’t have supernatural T_T  so she’s just a teensy person. The pictures don’t really show her size well, I was going to take more but I exited to add more poses and Origin won’t open now and I don’t feel like restarting my computer to make it work so. You don’t get size comparison pics. You can kinda tell in the CAS shot, she’s pretty short. Her CC list is included in the download.

Make sure to read the CC list and grab all the sliders I used to make her, otherwise she’ll look really dumb!

Go get this tiny cutie here!

Demons Fighting Over an Animal Limb, late 17th century. India. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Doris Rubin, in memory of Harry Rubin, 1989 (1989.236.3) | In this painting, set in a fantastic landscape with rocks, trees and a cityscape in the distance, two fearsome demons are seen quarreling over the leg of an animal.