The Barrel Aging Kit - Barrels of fun. Without the barrels.

The Barrel Aged Spirits Kit contains two honeycombed charred-oak barrel staves that allow home bartenders to rapidly age their favorite spirit, right in the bottle.

No costly and cumbersome barrel setup is needed, simply add the two handcrafted staves to a 750 ml bottle of spirits and watch the process unfold.

We’ve teamed up with @thepawwprints to make a Pointer Brothers greeting card. You can buy them in singles or packages. The link is in my profile 👆 I will be donating my part of the proceeds to GSP rescue. #GiftsThatGiveBack

6/20 reasons why you have to love Yoo Youngjae

Yongguk: (introducing in English) Hello everyone! What’s up Baby?
Himchan: (introducing in Japanese) Hajimemashite, douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu, bokutachi wa B.A.P desu. 
B.A.P: *silence*
Youngjae: … Nihao 


Delena | 5x17 Gone Girl

I don’t know what to say. Or do. Or think.
All I know is that right now I wanna rip your
clothes off right here in the middle of this hall
& throw you in one of these classrooms
& kiss every square inch of your body.
While a bunch of people who drive
minivans listen. Wishing they were us.


Real Button Cufflinks with Real Thread.

Made in America & 10% of our profits go to Charity.

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Pro Tip 1: When buying a guy a gift, be sure to make it a flask. Pro Tip 2: But not the flask every other guy has.

Perfect for treating yourself, or the stocking stuffer to end all stocking stuffers - this newly designed ceramic flask is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The brass and leather details make it as memorable as it is handsome.

Kind of like you.

Made in the USA.


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So high on life. Matt and I are SO blessed. Tonight involved sushi and that was the cherry on top.

Watching You’ve Got Mail and then sleeping in tomorrow with a workout at the gym after waking uo.

I’m sad Matt is gone but we are 6 days away from being husband and wife.

Happy Saturday night!

Shall we try again? GIFT EXCHANGE!

Hey Ladies! I know when we did Valentines Day it was rough for a few of us and I DO apologize for that, but what do you ladies say about trying again for the Holidays? We all know the holidays can be a little rough. Please like and reblog this for the wifey community to see. I want to be more organized this time so please email me directly at kristenrosekidd@gmail.com (not through Tumblr) if you’re interested! PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR TUMBLR NAME IN THE EMAIL! It will be the same as before, a $10 maximum spent on the gift or we could even go lower just to see who can get creative! How about $5? HAPPY HOLIDAYS MY LOVELY LADIES 💙 #pwgifts2014