Aetius Galen Caius, 17 years old and son of the local crime boss, walked into his new high school with a mission on his mind. To get through it as quickly as he good. As he walked others gave him a wide berth, not that he minded. He and his “associates” made quick work of navigating the hallway.

His father ran a mob empire that spanned several cities, which instilled fear into most of the citizens. As heir, he was expected to take his place one day and maintain the family empire. He himself was considered dangerous, he had been in more than his fair share of fights and ended up on top, with the other party often worse off for foolishly picking on him.

His crimson eyes scanned the perimeter as he found a suitable table for him and his comrades. Hushed whispers echoed throughout the commons as the students stared at the party. Finding a table next to a blonde girl, he sat down with his associates and began discussing business.


     —She had just returned inside to be with her friends once again before the other sat down with his own group of ‘friends’. Suddenly the entire schools eyes were on him, watching and making up even more rumors. Tilting her head to the side she couldn’t help but watch him, she had this urge to learn more about him. Standing up finally she gathered her purse and slung it over her shoulder before approaching his table. She ignored her friends telling her to stay away.

    Forcing a smile upon her features high heels clacked against the tile floor as she approached him. Plopping down at his table in between his friends she placed her purse on the table, "How are you liking school so far? I’m Tsunade."Her voice was light and airy as she spoke trying to be as friendly as possible. Tilting her head to the side she waited for him to answer. The air was intimidating and she felt like she had just walked in on something she wasn’t supposed to.

    What she thinking? She had every right to be here just like they did. Though she was clueless to who this boy actually was and just what type of family he belonged to, she wouldn’t feel unwelcome in the school she typically dominated. 

Crusade: The Well of Forever

All this new stuff about telepaths and their integration is super cool, even though we didn’t get to see how it all came to be

"Never gamble with a thief" I love you Dureena




Awwwwwwww Galen let me give you a hug bb

All this is just making me wish the plot could have been finished. WHYYYYYYY

Overall definitely an enjoyable episode! Probably my favorite so far


The Hobbit: AUJ filmmakers’ commentary:

Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens share some interesting facts about the movie

  • In case some didn’t know, the dwarf next to Thorin is Peter Jackson
  • The claw in Frodo’s hands ended up being too small to be Smaug’s (but we can still pretend it is)
  • The part about Glamdring not glowing was also because it didn’t glow in LOTR

I wanted to draw some elves and vomit some colors. Thank goodness this one is finally done. Now I can start drawing me some dwarves!

P.S. I’ve just realized that Legolas is drinking on the job. I don’t know what the alcohol policy is in Mirkwood but knowing Thranduil, I don’t think it’s even an issue.

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
The Hobbit (2012, 2013 Movie) © Warner Brothers/New Line Cinema/MGM

The Hobbit, Version 1

The stairs seemed endless. Slowly, Legolas set one foot before the other, only thinking about getting home up in the tree again. When he could finally open the door, the warmth made him waver for a second, before he glid inside and let himself fall on the couch, not even caring to take his booths out.
"Edeneth?" he sighed. He should have sworn she was at home, but he didn’t see her. Perhaps she was in the bedroom-part.

Lord of the Rings

Tiredly, Legolas pulled of his slender boots and threw them away carelessly, not bothering he would most likely not find them again in the morning. He didn’t even feel like taking of his shirt, but he knew Edeneth would not like it if he slept fully clothed and he did not had the energy for a fight. The well-worn tunic quickly followed the boots on their journey through the chamber of Rivendell. Now he had stripped sufficiently - to his taste at least - the prince let himself fall back, his eyes already closed.

It had been a long day. Ever since that disastrous evening on which they discovered Gollum’s escape and the slaughter of his elves - they paid for an act of mercy of their prince with their lives - Legolas had had no time to halt. He flew from the grief of the funerals into the guilt, and then the order of his father had sent him to the stables, to fetch a horse, to pack it, to race to Imladris to deliver this shameful news - news of the failure of the Mirkwood elves.

Ai Valar, what would Estel say? It had been him who had captured the creature and brought him to the realm of the Nandor. The Ranger had told him about the horrible time he had spent with Gollum. He had been so glad when he could hand it over to the elves - not knowing that soon afterwards, they would betray his trust and allowed the creature to escape!

Now Legolas was the one who had to tell him of their disgrace, and with good reason, for he had allowed Gollum to be taken to the tree to play, and to be left there when he didn’t want to come down anymore. Alas! A foolish mistake. And not one he would be able to confess silently, privately, no! He would have to speak out of their failure in front of a council, consisting of all free people of Middle-Earth, even a race that had been little known until recently, the periannath.

There was only one ray of light in this whole situation. Tomorrow, after months, he would see Edeneth again. She had gone to Staddle to visit Poppy and Rossiel and had stayed there to help them with their gardens. There, she had met four hobbits, and in a short letter, she had calmly informed him of her intent to escort them to Rivendell, even when the Ringwraiths were closing in on them! How he had cursed her for seeking such dangerous, and how he had prayed to Estel and the Valar to keep her safe!

They had heard his prayers. Tomorrow, she would be present on the council. With one last thought of her beautiful face, and a heart full of longing, he finally allowed himself to slip into sleep.