Sit, Stay, Feel anniversary

It’s Throwback Thursday, right? Just about a year ago (yesterday to be exact), I began posting this little CS AU dog story. It might be the best thing I’ve ever written or will ever write. It also brought me great friends, which was a benefit of writing fic I did not remotely expect. There is nothing about this universe I don’t love. I had hoped to have one more installment written for you today, but I’ve been busy spreading Light Magic to the four corners of the world, and just haven’t had much time to write. Hopefully before the next hiatus is over I will have shown you all at least one more last major milestone in the lives of Emma, Killian, Gale, and Zen. 

In the meantime, here’s the full story and the fillers and prompts I’ve written to date. Thanks to all of you who loved this story and told me from the start, and maybe some more people will come across it and enjoy it, too. Thanks, as always, for reading.

Chapter 1: Sick As A Dog: Emma Swan is the owner of Pet Saviors — a dog training/walking/sitting service. Killian Jones, and his dog Gale, are her clients. It’s been a year since Emma started taking care of Gale and she’s never met her owner…until today. (AO3/FF.net)

Chapter 2: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Killian wakes up the next day wondering if meeting Emma Swan was a post sickness hallucination, and an important date looms on the horizon. (AO3/FF.net)

Chapter 3: Old Dog, New Trick: Killian invites Emma out on his boat as a thank you for helping him out. (AO3/FF.net)

Chapter 4: Dog Eared: Emma, Killian, and Gale finish their boat ride and Killian shares one piece of his past with Emma. (AO3/FF.net)

Chapter 5: Dog and Pony Show: Killian helps Emma out during her puppy kindergarten class and she talks about her past over dinner. (AO3/FF.net)

Chapter 6: Dog With Two Bones: Killian asks Emma to watch Gale while he goes out of town on a fool’s errand. But not before she lets him know how thankful she is for his kindness. (AO3/FF.net)

Chapter 7: Every Dog Has Its Day: Emma misses Gale (and Killian), has a chat with David, and finds out just what Killian was doing at the prison and why. Gale has a trick up her own paw to bring them back together. (AO3/FF.net)

Epilogue: Dog Days: Killian, Emma, and Gale one year after Killian and Emma finally get together. (AO3/FF.net)

Filler: Doggone It: This was requested for an angst meme with the line request being “Shit! Are you BLEEDING!?” and the pairing Captain Swan specifically in this AU. Takes place during chapter 6 from Killian’s POV. He invites Emma over for dinner before he goes on his trip. Prompt from epiplectic-bicycle (FF.net/AO3)

Filler: Lie Down With Dogs: This was also part of an angst meme with the line requested “Please, put it DOWN.” to be used with Emma and Gale. This takes place during chapter 6 and is from Emma’s POV before, during, and after Dr. Hopper calls looking for Killian. Prompt from epiplectic-bicycle (FF.net/AO3)

Filler: Doggie Bag: Takes place before epilogue. Killian and Emma go to a sushi restaurant for their anniversary and run into Eric and Ariel. Prompt request from hookslovelyswan (FF.net/AO3)

Filler: Lucky Dog: Post-epilogue fluff. Killian pops the question to Emma with some not-quite-help from Gale. Requested by damn near everyone. (AO3/FF.net)

Filler: Who Let The Dogs Out?: Post epilogue fluff. Killian and Emma dog/babysit for David and Mary Margaret for the day. For two people who have no experience with kids, the day is filled with all kinds of crap…literal and figurative. (AO3/FF.net) Also covers dialogue prompt requests for something light from epiplectic-bicycle and iamanneenigma (“Give me a hand,” and “Hey, have you seen the…oh.”)

Filler: Puppy Dog Eyes (post chapter 7 for a writing meme prompt: Mamihlapinatapei: The look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move.) (AO3/FF.net)

Filler: Pick of the Litter: Prequel to main story, or When Killian Met Galene (AO3/FF.net)

Filler: Dog Treats (A Christmas Story) (AO3/FF.net)

And the lovely nightships made this awesome picture set of my story, which was probably the greatest thing ever. 

So, the piece I have started is called Working Dog. I hope to share it with you sooner rather than too much later. I know when I originally finished the main story, people sent me several prompts. I still have them written down and I might just get to them one day. 

Again, thanks for everything. :)

ultra-thunderstruck asked:

I've noticed that whenever you talk about serial killers, you always bring Albert Fish. Why is that? Do you have some weird fascination with him?

Definitely. He was both a kindly old grandpa who was apparently very likable and friendly, and an insane sadomasochistic cannibal.

I find that dichotomy interesting. I think my real fascination began when my friend Galen observed that Fish could never really be punished for his crimes. When he learned he was to be executed, he found it a turn on.

You know how people always talk about the tortures they’d love to visit on villainous people, especially child-killers? Well, Fish used to hit himself with pieces of wood with nails in them. For fun. Good luck torturing that.

Even if there was a Hell, Fish would be sporting a big boner at all it’s torments–if demons haven’t gnawed it off yet.

And I’m very fascinated by cannibals, since I find it exciting to think of someone eating me, which is not as rare of a fetish as people might think.

So, I find him very fascinating. I mean, by what metric is he not fascinating? Even if he may be shocking and evil, he’s definitely compelling. I’m honestly surprised he’s not one of the more famous serial killers.

And if you’re a fan of the macabre, and you’re not too sensitive, you should check out the letter he wrote to the mother of one of his victims. The victim was Grace Budd, I don’t remember the mother’s name. It’s such a dark letter when you really consider that a mother was learning about the death of her daughter from the perspective of the killer confessing it to her–and not because he felt remorse for his actions, but because it excited him to confess what he’d done. He was bragging.

One other interesting thing to note it’s that Fish was devoutly Christian and believed his cruelty was divine, that inflicting and receiving suffering was sacred.

Closed starter (dark!verse) /daughteroferynlasgalen/

Legolas woke slowly, wincing at the light on his face–by Morgoth, why was it light? Last he remembered he was in his Master’s torture chambers still…He slowly opened his eyes, looked around him with eyes narrowed in pain from the bright sunlight, streaming in through the–were those windows?

He looked to the side of the bed, where a redheaded maiden who looked vaguely familiar sat. Tauriel. So the elves had come for him. It was sad how late they were, and he smiled a little at the thought of the destruction that he and his Master could bring upon them. He wore the smile as he watched her, not saying anything.


“A new bill in the Missouri House would restrict public access to police body camera footage.

In a vote Wednesday, the House gave initial approval to House Bill 762, sponsored by Rep. Galen Higdon, R-St. Joseph. The bill would exempt camera footage from the state’s open records law, also known as the Sunshine Law. That means people would have to get a court order to access the footage.”

princeoflenster answered:

Though he didn’t know the face of the person speaking to him, he was wary as soon as he recognized that the man had a mount. It was easy to assume all Thracians were his enemy, and that was more or less how he viewed the Dragon Knights of Thracia. Perhaps not everyone, but certainly that group in particular. It was likely because of his bias against their king, but then, all of those people followed that very person, and most were just as ruthless. Being appraoched so casually by one made him back away instantly, aggression being his first answer.

“Who the hell are you? Don’t get so close to me!” Did he recognize Leaf? Now really wouldn’t be a good time for that, and he hadn’t been prepared at all for a fight. It was possible this person was not here for a fight, and may have merely been scouting or something… but stumbling upon the enemy prince wasn’t a good thing for said prince. He had no idea how the people from that country thought of him, and if it wasn’t good, he would probably be in trouble right now. Most of his weapons needed repairing, and the ones that didn’t he’d had to leave in the storage…

This was amusing, enough to draw a laugh from the dragon knight at how aggressive the young man seemed to be in response to his very presence. It was cute, in a way.

“Peace. I’m merely patrolling, nothing to concern yourself over citizen.” Actually, was the boy a citizen to be responding so harshly? It was harder to tell these days what with the people’s dissatisfaction growing greater by the day. All the boy seemed to have with him was some beaten equipment and to see him travelling alone had been the cause of Galen’s decision to investigate.

Thracia was on the verge of crisis and even if he was generally lazy and a slacker he understood the importance of relations with the common folk. It was fortunate for Leaf that due to this laid back attitude Galen had absolutely no idea who he was speaking to.

“Name’s Galen, I just came down to see if you were in need of any assistance or a lift home. It’s dangerous out in these parts alone, especially for a kid like you. Bandits and rebels have been causing trouble lately, ugly stuff. You don’t wanna get caught up in it.”