A Darkened Past

((This takes place approximately one year before Rose joined Verdune Village.))

Rose glowered out from under her cap at the miserable weather. Drizzling rain had dampened everything in sight for weeks now and her mood was beyond sour. She sneered and spat, reaching down to wring out her long black tail for the third time in ten minutes, tail ring safely stowed in her tent where it would not get in the way.

“Weather fuckin’ sucks,” she growled, smirking up at her superior officer. The man rolled his eyes – she had made this statement countless times this week and continued doing so purely for the amusement of seeing the Exile Human’s sour expression. She snickered, peering out into the field where their trenches had long since filled with water and were rendered useless. The dead lay where they had fallen, corpses bloating as the rain continued to fall heavily as it had when it began.

“Always th’ comedian,” The officer, Galen Warpwood, smirked at her through a close-cropped beard, revealing a few gold teeth, “If ye’d learn when t’shut up maybe ye’d already have gotten that field promotion.” Rose snorted, but he continued, “Until then ye’ll stay th’ field medic y’are.” She simply shrugged in response.

“Pff, s’good enough fer me, hon.” The man flinched at the inappropriate moniker and glared at her.

“Ye’ll call me ‘sir’ an’ that’s that. If not, jus’ stop talkin’.” He growled. Rose merely chuckled, turning to look back at camp.

“Shift switch soon, yeah?” She sighed, “Could use some grub righ’ about now. Maybe play a bit o’ poker…” She grinned mischievously at Warpwood, “Maybe you’ll win back all th’stuff I took from ya last time we played.”  The man scoffed, face belying the embarrassment he felt.

“Pff, I c’n take ya any day at any card game.” He laughed in earnest this time, “One more hour on watch duty ‘n I’ll show ya who’s boss.” Rose slapped her knee as she let out a loud guffaw.

“You got it, boss.” She nodded curtly.

Rose glanced up in alarm as sirens began to blare their warning calls and every soldier in the area leapt into action, “Dommies’re comin’!” She reached for her backpack, filled with essential medical gear, as well as her gun holsters. Not ten seconds later the air was filled with Dominion hovercraft dropping personnel before flying back to their position of safety in the mountains. They were overrun – but that didn’t mean they weren’t going to try their damnedest to take the bastards out.

Superior officers barked orders and shots rained down upon the Dominion soldiers. Rose leapt to and fro, alternating between aiming shots at enemy skulls and treating wounded Exiles. Many fell on both sides until finally only a few Dominion fighters remained. The largest of them, a Cassian male, had one of Rose’s colleagues by the neck with a gun to their head. The man’s panicked expression made it evident this was a last-ditch attempt to escape from a poorly planned attack on the Exile fortification. A low growl escaped Rose’s throat as she prowled toward them, taking care to hide behind tents and crates to avoid being seen. No one took note of the small Aurin female as negotiations for the safety of the Exile captive took place.

Rose scanned the crowd of surviving Exiles for Warpwood. Finding him, she caught his eye and jerked her head toward the Dominon soldier holding the Exile hostage and slowly drew her thumb across her throat. Her officer nodded curtly, returning his attention to the situation at hand.

Leaping from the shadows, Rose hooked an arm about the man’s neck, legs and tail secured about his waist and pistol pressed against his temple. He panicked and dropped his gun. Her short black hair came out of its queue and fell lank around her pale face. Fangs bared in a malicious grin, she barked at the remaining Dominion soldiers, “Weapons down ‘re yer boss gets it right in the face!” Their eyes widened and rifles were immediately dropped and hands raised.  The hostage quickly ran to hide behind the other Exile soldiers and the Dominion soldiers were promptly trussed and tossed in containment units.

Turning to Warpwood, Rose cocked her head to the side in a silent question. At his nod, she grinned and glanced sidelong at her captive.

“G’night, hon.” She pulled the trigger.


The Hobbit: AUJ filmmakers’ commentary:

Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens share some interesting facts about the movie

  • In case some didn’t know, the dwarf next to Thorin is Peter Jackson
  • The claw in Frodo’s hands ended up being too small to be Smaug’s (but we can still pretend it is)
  • The part about Glamdring not glowing was also because it didn’t glow in LOTR

I wanted to draw some elves and vomit some colors. Thank goodness this one is finally done. Now I can start drawing me some dwarves!

P.S. I’ve just realized that Legolas is drinking on the job. I don’t know what the alcohol policy is in Mirkwood but knowing Thranduil, I don’t think it’s even an issue.

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
The Hobbit (2012, 2013 Movie) © Warner Brothers/New Line Cinema/MGM
Art © ramida-r

The Hobbit, Version 1

The stairs seemed endless. Slowly, Legolas set one foot before the other, only thinking about getting home up in the tree again. When he could finally open the door, the warmth made him waver for a second, before he glid inside and let himself fall on the couch, not even caring to take his booths out.
"Edeneth?" he sighed. He should have sworn she was at home, but he didn’t see her. Perhaps she was in the bedroom-part.