I was tagged by rosyoreo! Let’s do it to it!

Name: Libbie, but I also accept Lib, Wolfe, L.C., Your Majesty, etc.

Date and Location: April 23, 12:11 am, in my dorm room

The last thing that I googled: The Lion King full movie

One place that makes me happy: Disney World

Favorite film: The Princess Bride, GalaxyQuest, The Great Mouse Detective, The Muppets, Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6, etc.

What am I wearing: Um…khakis? (She sounds hideous.) (Well, she’s a guy, so.) Sweatpants and a t-shirt my dad got me from Minnesota.

The last book I read: Warriors: Moonrise

Something I want to learn how to do: I’m always wanting to learn new sewing techniques/patterns, and someday I’d actually like to learn sign language

Almost missed all of April, but there was news about adaptations coming in. Here is your news round up. Sony Pictures to make live-action Robotech. Sony now has the rights to Robotech, via Harmony Gold, and is looking to use the series as the base of a franchise. Harmony Gold …